Fridays For Israel-Free Future! Climate Activists “Spread Anti-Israel-Propaganda”…Greta Silent “On Hail Of Rockets”

Emerging leftist hate…international climate activist group Fridays for Future joins Greta Thunberg in spreading anti-Israel sentiments.

Germany’s most popular daily, among many others, Bild here reports that after climate Greta Thunberg icon shared an anti-Israel message from Canadian Israel boycotter Naomi Klein (51) to her 5 million followers, Fridays for Future also has joined in.

The anti-Israel activist Klein accuses Israel of “one war crime after another.”

Klein is a follower of the BDS campaign (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), which is considered anti-Semitic by numerous Jewish organizations and other critics. The German Bundestag even condemned the BDS campaign in 2019 by a large majority.

Thunberg silent on Hamas rain of rockets

But that doesn’t seem to sway Thunberg, who has come out showing no concerns over the safety of Israelis as hundreds of rockets fired by Hamas rained down on them.

“Not a word on the rocket-error climate gets mentioned by Greta,” Bild wrote. “Greta Thunberg (18) joins the Middle East debate – and refuses to show solidarity with Israeli civilians in a hail of rockets!”

FFF joins in on anti-Israel propaganda

Now also the climate activist organization “Fridays For Future“ has joined Greta – spreading anti-Israeli propaganda by Paliroots.

Dies verbreitete der internationale Ableger von „Fridays for Future“

Fridays for Israeli-Feee Future? 

“The representatives of the international ‘Fridays for Future’ organization shared a series of Instagram content, all of which referred to Palestinian propaganda portals inciting hatred against Israel,” Bild reports. ‘The ‘Palestinian Youth Movement’ page features a map declaring the entire territory of Israel to be Palestine – denying the Jewish state’s right to exist: ‘This is Palestinian land.'”

Germany’s Fridays for Future organization remained mostly silent on the anti-Semitic outbursts from its sister organization, failing to condemn the hostile rhetoric.

German Islamism expert Ahmad Mansour (44) has accused FFF of sympathizing “with the underdog here out of naivety” and adds this  demonstrates “how quickly this one-sided view could reproduce anti-Semitic images.”

15 responses to “Fridays For Israel-Free Future! Climate Activists “Spread Anti-Israel-Propaganda”…Greta Silent “On Hail Of Rockets””

  1. Richard Greene

    I thought I was at the wrong website for a moment.

    But this article reminded me that my previous list of the American people that US Democrats seem to hate missed one item: Americans who support Israel.

    Here is the actual list I sent to a leftist (leftist relative, not a friend)who sent me a nasty New York Times opinion piece spewing hatred toward Trump, and all Trump supporters … knowing I voted for Trump in 2020, after 40 year of only voting for the Libertarian candidate):

    “Democrats are perpetually unhappy about:
    — A mild, harmless global warming in progress for the past 45 years,
    — All Republicans (approximately half the people in the country)
    — All Black Americans who are not Democrats
    — All policemen — claimed to be racists (even Black policemen)
    — All white Americans — claimed to be racists (critical race theory)
    — The U.S. Constitution, intended to limit the power of the central government, because the authors were not perfect people.

    That adds up to “apocalyptic pessimism”, in my opinion.”

    1. Yonason

      Some facts for any who might not be aware of them…

      More here…

      Clearly, as Richard Greene mentions, the enemies of Israel are the very same enemies of Western Civilization.

  2. pochas94

    I blame COVID. It has made millions of people stupid.

    1. Luigi

      Covid has only uncovered a sad truth

      1. Yonason

        I agree, Luigi.

        It’s important to not confuse what exposes a phenomena with what causes it,

  3. Zoe Phin

    The left likes to portray “Palestinians” as a minority under Jewish oppressive rule. The fact that “Palestinians” use the Hashemite Jordan flag is completely lost on them. The Hashemites ruled Mecca for centuries, and they are an oppressive minority in Jordan, also installed by the west. The left hates the west, but only very selectively, obviously.

    Archeologists keep uncovering Jewish artefacts, but not “Palestinian” artefacts. I wonder why that is?

    The conquerors get conquered and are even treated well, and the left cheers for more injustice after justice restored. Tells you a lot.

  4. RoHa
    1. Yonason

      That article claims that Israel expelled those Arabs. That is false.

      They left at the behest of the surrounding Arab nations, so they wouldn’t be mistaken for the Jews they all wanted to murder, and still do.

      A rather important distinction.

      1. Yonason

        NOTE – the YouTube link I posted above mentions a rather candid admission by a PLO leader back in 1977. Here’s more on that.

  5. Lasse

    It has been to cold to complain about warming.
    But middle east is always hot topic.

  6. Luigi

    I think the puppet masters behind the small autistic child have eventually done the right thing: keep silence.
    They should continue with this strategy for the rest of their life instead of spread lies to convince people to buy their false “ecologic” products and politics…

  7. bonbon

    Have a look at
    for what is going on.
    Greta et. al. probably cannot read.
    Al Aqsa is always a hot button issue.

    1. AlexS

      Haaretz!? an extreme leftist Israeli paper.
      They spent the the 2000-2010 period saying that rockets were not a danger.

      1. Yonason
  8. Climate Activists, Greta Thunberg ‘Spread Anti-Israel-Propaganda’ – Menopausal Mother Nature

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