Nobel Prize Virologist Calls Current Policy Of Mass Vaccination “A Serious Mistake”…”Medical Error”

UPDATE: my TWITTER account has now been blocked by Dorsey & Co. for violating their rules. My offence: “Calling the COVID vaccines “experimental”. Not kidding!

At Boris Reitschuster’s site, Christian Euler reports on virologist, 2008 Nobel laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier, who recently called the current policy of mass vaccination “a serious mistake” and “a scientific and medical error” – adding that it is also “unacceptable.”

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Potentially dangerous vaccine

In an interview with the RAIR Foundation USA portal, Montagnier stated that we were dealing with something potentially dangerous: “a vaccination that creates the virus variants” in a phenomenon known as “antibody-dependent enhancement” (ADE). He also warns that epidemiologists are keeping “silent about it”.

“…manifesting themselves around the world”

According to Montagnier, physicians and scientists have reported “a spike in Corona outbreaks in nursing homes in late February, shortly after residents had received their COVID vaccinations.” and that “the problems with vaccines are manifesting themselves around the world.

“You see it in every country; it’s the same everywhere: The curve of vaccinations is followed by the curve of deaths,” said Montagnier.


Vaccines to blame for deaths

“In the interview, the 2008 Nobel Prize winner also blames the vaccines for the rising death rates among young people, which he attributes primarily to the increased risk of thrombosis,” reports Reitschuster.

Citing the World health Organization (WHO), charts show that new infections have “exploded along with the number of deaths after vaccinations began in January.”

Vaccines creating vaccine-resistant variants?

The Nobel Prize winner is reportedly currently conducting his own studies with patients who contracted Corona after the vaccination. Montagnier is confident the results will prove him right: “I’m going to show you that they’re creating the variants that are resistant to the vaccine.”

Figures add support to Montagnier

Montagnier’s fears are also backed up by figures from the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS). For example, Dr . Verner Wheelock tweeted that there has been an about a 100-fold increase in deaths per million resulting from the COVID vaccines compared to flu shots:

36 responses to “Nobel Prize Virologist Calls Current Policy Of Mass Vaccination “A Serious Mistake”…”Medical Error””

  1. Ric Werme

    Is Montagnier still claiming that part of the HIV genome was inserted into SARS-CoV-2?

    Curiously, it’s also been found in Corona viruses that cause common colds and predate SARS-CoV-2. See

    BTW, IIRC, any increase in Covid-19 in US longterm care facilities in February was preceded by the increase in the general population due to all the travel over our Thanksgiving in late November and Christmas in late December.

  2. Richard Greene

    Due diligence: Due to a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine as a child, I have not had any vaccines in at least 60 years. Not even smallpox, on doctor’s orders. But I am not going to take the new COVID medicine for more than that reason. I’ve considered the reported adverse side effect counts, that are unprecedented (HUGE), and the long term effects are completely unknown.

    I never discourage anyone else, except to ask the wife to read articles censored by Facebook, YouTube, etc. I believe in the freedom to make a personal choice. I don’t believe in the censorship of negative, contradictory information, and we have certainly had that.

    mRNA for COVID is new medicine developed in an unprecedented nine months.

    People in stage two trials were unusually young and healthy — ages 18 to 55 only, even though manufacturers knew that seniors were most at risk from COVID. This type of selection is common in double blind drug trials.

    Placebo injection patients reported very few COVID like symptoms over the next two months so the absolute risk reduction was tiny, versus the injected group:

    From article at link near end of this comment:
    Patients Reporting Severe COVID Symptoms
    Pfizer = 0.005%
    placebo = 0.04%

    Moderna = zero
    placebo = 0.22%

    No one died of COVID during the testing, placebo or vaccinated.

    COVID mRNA was designed to significantly reduce symptoms, not prevent all infections.

    Stage two post vaccine, or post placebo, respiratory symptoms reported could have been symptoms of a cold, non-COVID-influenze, allergies, etc.

    Stage three trials are using hundreds of millions of “volunteers”.

    That is unprecedented.

    mRNA technology had previously failed in animal tests, for other diseases, in the past.

    So no animal tests this time !

    Completely unknown long term adverse effects.

    The worst flu ever, in 1918 to 1920, had one small death spike, two large death spikes, and one more small death spike. It obviously mutated to a milder variant, and people at the time would consider it to have gone away. With no vaccines, and no medicines, to treat it.

    We have had two death spikes with COVID — who can say there would have been another death spike even if there was no vaccine?

    Any flu virus will mutate, so it’s very unlikely one shot will be enough for a lifetime. If you’ve had COVID, you should have much stronger antibodies than would be developed from a shot, and you definitely don’t need a shot.

    Some of the many COVID medicines have not been so effective with COVID variants so far. Pfizer and Moderna seem to be working best.

    Humans used to live with about 219 viruses that cause medical problems. My guess is COVID, in some mutated form, will be number 220.

    Most important is that there are many COVID, and COVID medicine, questions, but not that many answers so far.

    Kind of like predicting the climate 100 years from know. Lot’s of self-proclaimed “experts”, but few people saying “we don’t know”

    Of the 100+ COVID articles I’ve read in the past year, this one from February 2021 is most recommended:

    My final thought:
    What could possibly go wrong with the experimental vaccine? A lot COULD go wrong, but no matter what happens, politicians will claim it would have been worse WITHOUT the vaccines!

  3. Yonason

    “My offence: “Calling the COVID vaccines “experimental”. Not kidding!”

    Fauci’s NIH calls the vaccine “experimental.” No kidding!

    Of course it also calls it “highly effective,” but at what, we don’t yet know.

    1. Curious George

      Time to block Dr. Fauci and the NIH. I concur.

      1. Yonason

        Mhm – 😁👍

        Works for me.

  4. Yonason

    Earlier today I was talking with a neighbor and he mentioned that his wife was in bed with a fever after getting the second dose of the vaccine. I do hope she has a good outcome. They have two lovely children.

    1. John Hultquist

      Quite a few people have a reaction after the second dose.
      Many have no reaction (me, for instance).
      But, I never have a reaction to the shots I’ve gotten.
      That’s why I agreed to these.

    2. Luigi

      I had in my family 5 covid cases.
      2 of them (78 and 77 y.old) are likely (happened in January 2020 and those people, my parents have never been tested): Fever (39°C) and lung problems forced them in bed for 1 week. No hospitalisation, no medicaments apart form those to sink fever.
      In 3 other cases (37, 59 and 84 y. old) the test was carried out.
      the 59y.old woman had average flu symptoms and also passed the period at home.
      The other two did not have any symptom.
      Of the two, the 84y.old aunt, despite her age, had not been aware of the illness if she had not been tested.
      The husbands of the 37y.old and 59y.old never got infected.

      In th family I also have 1 who got the vaccine and was brought in hospital with severe side effects.

  5. Richard Greene

    PG: This website has become the best climate science website I know of in 2021. And this COVID article added to the variety of science here. Of course with COVID there are no experts, but a lot of people who claim to be.

    Concerning Twitter’s “freedom of speech” policy: To be fair, it is perfectly okay with Twitter if you compare Donald Trump with Hitler. No account block for that. In fact, you get extra credit. Maybe if you said that before typing the word “experimental:, they would have offset each other?

    As a libertarian since 1973 (minimum government, maximum freedom), I’m very unhappy with censorship of news contradicting the leftist party line.

    The frequent ads on US TV over-promoting the experimental COVID medicines are another reason to not trust them.

    In the old days, scientists had uncertainty and said “I don’t know” once in a while. With today’s junk science, there is too much “certainty” and too many “science denier” character attacks on people not part of the “consensus”.

    Censoring non-consensus thinking and data is not real science. This is an expansion of the old “climate denier” character attacks.

    They are not really COVID vaccines, by the usual definition of “vaccine”. They are medicines that are injected. EXPERIMENTAL medicines. Those getting the jabs are part of the experiment, and I thank them for volunteering.

    I’m proud to say I’ve never once used Facebook or Twitter, and never will. And I made that decision long before they were found to be pro-leftist censorship machines.
    Richard Greene
    Bingham Farms, Michigan

  6. toorightmate

    Tony Heller appears to have been expelled by Google et al.
    HardNoxandFriends has also been expelled.
    Pierre – you may be next.
    This is no different to the burning of books.
    The left leaning folk of the world have taken over, aided and abetted by the MSM

  7. CK

    The Mainstream Media has largely failed the American People and is now spewing out Big Pharma/Bill Gates propaganda. But I have to give Tucker Carlson at Fox News big credit for reporting that 4000 deaths have been linked to the COVID-19 vaccines. (As one of the previous comments says, the actual number may be 10x higher!)

    Carlson also reported that effective treatment for COVID-19 has been censored in order to justify the “emergency authorization” of lucrative COVID-19 vaccines:

    Another big lie about COVID-19 is the number of cases and deaths. There are numerous articles that point out that the tests (antibody and PCR) are ridiculously inaccurate and are ~90% false positive. From day 1, the WHO and CDC have been manipulating the PCR cycle counts in order to maximize the number of cases and deaths. Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 within 30 days of death is counted as a fatality regardless of how they actually died! The WHO finally lowered the number of PCR cycle counts on the day Biden was inaugurated, which is why cases/deaths suddenly plunged. The CDC is now using 28 cycle counts for vaccinated people (so the vaccines appear to work) and 35 cycle counts for vaccinated people!

    Bayesian conditional probability is also being completely ignored. Let’s say a COVID-19 test is 90% accurate and 1 out of 100 people have COVID-19. You test positive for COVID-19, what’s the chance the test is correct? 100-1=99 people don’t have COVID-19 but 99×10%= ~10 will falsely test positive. The probability that you actually have COVID-19 is only 1/(1+10)= ~9%. ~90% of positive cases/deaths are FALSE!

    1. Richard Greene

      I think it is time for us to stop using the term “mainstream media”.

      It seems that 95% of the US media is leftist-biased.

      That’s the dominant position, so “mainstream” is technically correct.

      But “leftist media” is a more accurate description, IMHO.

    2. Richard Greene

      Here is the anti-science biased COVID propaganda to make the disease look worse, and make the vaccine look better:
      2019 – Have no flu symptoms = never diagnosed as a “flu case”
      2020 – Have no flu symptoms, but have positive PCR test
      = diagnosed as a COVID flu case
      2019 – Person with heart disease in nursing home dies with flu:
      — Primary cause of death: Heart disease
      —- Contributory cause of death = flu (if mentioned at all)

      2020 – Person with heart disease in nursing home dies with COVID, based on positive PCR test, or doctor’s judgement about respiratory symptoms
      — Primary cause of death: COVID flu
      —- Contributory cause of death = heart disease
      2020 Person dies within one month, or two months (varies by nation), of positive COVID PCR test = COVID flu death

      2021 Person dies more than 20 minutes after COVID vaccine = must be unrelated to the COVID vaccine (I’m exaggerating here, but you get the idea)
      2021 PCR test for people who did NOT have vaccine = 35 cycles, or more
      2021 PCR test for people who had vaccine = 28 cycles, or less
      (CT of 28 should have far fewer false positives)

      As of May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring all reported vaccine “breakthrough” cases to focus on identifying and investigating ONLY hospitalized or fatal cases due to any cause.

      No bias.
      Nothing to see here!

      1. Curious George

        Wasn’t Astra Zeneca vaccine suspended when a blood clotting happened in seven cases out of one million? Maybe the numbers are more reliable than we think.

        1. Yonason
        2. CK

          The MSM is reporting deaths from the AZ and the J+J vaccines, which are adenovirus-based. They are censoring deaths from the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna)- WHY? The conspiracy theorists think there’s something else in the vaccines, not just synthetic RNA.

  8. bonbon

    Montagnier, famous for identifying HIV viral particles, is even more famous for his wave experiments. He was forced to go to work in China after a massive barrage of French academic attacks. He questioned the entire Big Pharma lobby. For sure he has major enemies.
    He accused the WIV researchers as being sorcerer’s apprentices.
    His approach is entirely different, and proposes a real cheap wave treatment which will deal will deal with any oncoming ¨variants¨.
    What he is really saying is his research program should be funded immediately. Meanwhile Big Pharma relentlessly go the molecular route, while the mob flails, gets ill, and terrorized. This research has been delayed for decades, exactly like fusion. The bill has come in!

    Much better to follow Montagnier´s work :

    1. bonbon

      Quopte ¨The existence of a harmonic signal emanating from DNA can help to resolve long-standing questions about cell development, for example how the embryo is able to make its manifold transformations, as if guided by an external field. If DNA can communicate its essential information to water by radio frequency, then non-material structures will exist within the watery environment of the living organism, some of them hiding disease signals and others involved in the healthy development of the organism.”

    2. bonbon

      Montagnier’s friend and collaborator Marc Henry a professor of Chemistry and Quantum Mechanics at the University of Strasbourg stated:

      “If we treat with frequencies and not with medicines it becomes extremely cost effective regarding the amount of money spent. We spend a lot of money to find the frequencies, but once they have been found, it costs nothing to treat.”

      See why Big Pharma is agitated?

  9. Luigi

    You don’t know how fascism/Nazism was possible 80 years ago?
    Then watch now what’s happening.

    Modern western democracy is based on the election of people who shall represents the voters. When these elected are cheating so much and so many to such an extent like it has happened during this “pandemic”, then we know that democracy is dead.

    It’s checkmate: in Germany we have 3 parties at the government since 14 years and the voters cannot vote an opposition because they’ve been convinced that the opposition is nazi. And the wound is so deep in German people, that they believe it.

    In Italy electors are so split that no party has the power to govern and then all take part at the government, but the one who leads it takes orders from abroad: the EU and IMF.
    So again another country led by foreign lobbies.

    In Poland the extremely right and nationalistic party at the power (PIS), is so nationalistic, that as soon as it smell some money form the recovery fund, it agreed to introduce the most severe measures in all Europe, killing the already extremely weak health system of the country.

    So, helped by the propaganda army, all regimes of this world have operated against their people:

    They’ve sold the lie that 81-83 year old and already severely ill people would have died of covid.
    They’ve sold the lie that a person can be ill without symptoms
    They’ve sold the lie that the vaccine is not dangerous and, to do that, they’ve convinced hospitals and practitioners to classify as covid dead those who died after the vaccine. In Germany it is full of stories concerning people who got infected after having taken the first vaccine dose (what a strange joke of the destiny!).

    But the very sad fact is that people in the western world believe the most unbelievable lies despite their level of instruction should allow them to understand it’s just a lie.

    And that happens because the west has become lazy: thinking takes too much effort and responsibility. it’s better to do what the power wants us to do. So the cycle is coming to and end and a new beginning: tomorrow if the power says that Jews bring Ebola, we’ll believe it and go to burn the Jews.
    We’re not far form that. And those who hold the power are not far from stating such nonsenses: they’ve already had the face to force people to take the magic injection regardless of the side effects.
    They have kept silence on the fact that for people age below 60 the vaccine is more dangerous than covid.

  10. Richard Greene

    Luigi wrote”
    “for people age below 60 the vaccine is more dangerous than covid”

    I’m not sure if 60 is the right number, maybe 40 or 50 make more sense. For people overweight, diabetic and with high blood pressure, which are a common combination, the ‘right’ age should be lower.

    But the idea makes a lot of sense.

    For younger, healthy people, COVID is less dangerous than conventional influenza. If they get infected, they should develop stronger, and much longer lasting antibodies, than they would have developed from a vaccine.

  11. mwhite

    The PCR epidemic

    Dr Brooke Herndon gets suspected Whooping cough

    PCR test suggests epidemic starting in hospital luckily there a real diagnostic test.

  12. mwhite

    What happens if you cough into the face of a healthy volunteer when you have the Spanish Flu?

    1. Richard Greene

      I rarely watch videos, which tend to be light on data, and rarely recommend them, but this was an interesting video worth watching.

      Dr. Sam Bailey is from New Zealand, now practicing in Scottsdale Arizona. I looked her up first — she got a lot of flak for criticizing the accuracy of PCR tests, but she was correct, so I watched.

      The only problem I had was the New Zealand accent, even with excellent diction, forcing me to concentrate. But it was hard to concentrate on the words, because the doctor looks like a model, and I kept forgetting to concentrate on the words. So I only listened, and didn’t watch her face, whenever that was possible. She is worth listening to. Thanks for the tip.

  13. tom0mason

    So who here would volunteer to eat a diet of experimental GMO foods?
    These injections are experimental GMO products designed to make you into an experimental GMO product!

  14. Laureát Nobelovy ceny za virologii nazývá současnou politiku plošných očkování za závažnou chybu a lékařské pochybení -
  15. Yonason

    I don’t know if anyone has posted this yet, so here it is…

    It is illegal in the USA to require people to be treated with an experimental drug.

  16. Yonason

    Maybe some will benefit from the vaccine, but there are some who probably shouldn’t get it.

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