“Beating Climate Change Into Our Heads”…Swiss Office Issues Heat Warnings For Days Averaging 25°C!

“Another hot day in the forecast for Bern, Switzerland, today. Meteorologists have issued another heat warning as temperatures are expected to average 25°C in Bern today. Authorities advise people to stay indoors and to drink plenty of fluids.”

This is what weather forecasts in Switzerland may sound like very soon as the country goes full Orwellian.


25°C is dangerous heat, Swiss authorities say. People in Bern need to be careful today as the temperature has reached 25°C. Image cropped from accuweather.com

A daily average of 25°C, i.e. about room temperature, is now considered in Switzerland high enough to issue a “heat warning”.

Alex Baur at Weltwoche here reports that the Swiss government “has lowered the minimum temperature” for issuing “heat alerts”.

“The ‘Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology‘ now issues a heat warning as soon as the daily average temperature reaches 25 degrees,” reports Baur. “The daily alert is meant to remind us of climate change.”

Danger: you may have to put on shorts and a t-shirt

Applying the new Swiss standard, Baur notes sarcastically that traveling to the Mediterranean this summer, where the thermometer regularly rises above 30 degrees, now means putting your “health at risk”, never mind people living in the tropics are “in a death zone”.

Cold far more dangerous

Though cold kills far more people than heat does, authorities would never get the idea to issue a cold warning for a daily mean of 5°C.

It seems that in their minds, hikers would be in far greater danger getting lost in the shade of a forest at 25°C than they would at a temperature of 5°C in the rain.

The Swiss move sounds all a bit preposterous.

“Beating climate change into our heads”

“According to a Lancet study, the cold kills ten times more people worldwide than the heat, so it is much more threatening. But of course that’s not a topic in the news, Baur writes. “After all, it’s all about beating climate change into our heads.”

Bigger demand for red ink

Granted that a high of 31°C and a low of 20°C is a warm day (average 25.5°C), it seems absurd to declare it a health risk – especially when we know a majority of the world’s population lives under such conditions because they feel it is ideal to do so.

18 responses to ““Beating Climate Change Into Our Heads”…Swiss Office Issues Heat Warnings For Days Averaging 25°C!”

  1. “Beating Climate Change Into Our Heads”…Swiss Office Issues Heat Warnings For Days Averaging 25°C! – Climate- Science.press
  2. Petit_Barde

    All those chicken little climate clowns must receive a big pie in the face each time they open their mouth everywhere they are.

  3. Shoki Kaneda

    A lot of folks in the US moved to locations warmer than that in Summer because they wanted to live in a warmer climate. I guess they haven’t gotten the message that they are in extreme danger.

  4. John Hultquist

    Our small airport claimed 82°F (~28°C) today.
    I worked in the shade.
    It is almost summer when we may exceed 100 (~38).
    That’s sitting in the shade time.

  5. B. Lyapunov

    The Swiss population voted to reject the so-called “CO2-law” on Sunday 13th.
    That was unexpected and a huge blow to the government and the green party.
    The Swiss know there is no climate emergency.

    1. bonbon

      It was expected – the reason is the EU intruding on sovereignty, again. Brussels expected constitutional changes, and if anyone ever lived in Confederation Helvetique, that’s a red line.
      So the EU negotiations were abruptly stopped a few days ago, ongoing since 2014.
      So it is a huge blow to Brussels – let other members note!

      1. stewartpid

        The commie climate clowns in Brussels need more huge blows … huge blows repeatedly to their heads.
        The EU was a good deal done in by the commie gnomes of Brussels and their insane desire to rule on every aspect of folks lives.

  6. drumphish



    99, you’ll limit your exposure to the sun’s rays, it is going to be hot, hotter than you can take after a couple of hours outside in the open. You’ll need some water, some shade, stop what you are doing.

    Sun, surf and sand day at 99.

    77 you can stand for a fair amount of time, won’t really damage your brain all that much.

    There is a difference, 99 F, you’ll be in danger of sunstroke, you have to be careful.

    Swiss climate policy is like Swiss cheese, full of holes. lol

    Some historical perspective:


    USSR launches the first satellite called Sputnik I.

    About 37,000 Hungarian refugees arrive in Canada after the USSR quashes the Hungarian uprising for freedom.

    The Malayan Federation is formed.

    The Asian Flu pandemic claimed 4 million lives world wide.”


    The population worldwide in 1957 was at 2.8 billion.

    Nobody was panicking and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Billions of useless masks making their way to dumpsters from here to Machu Picchu is just obscene.

    Australians get beat on. Who wants to put up with nonsense like that?

    This pandemic madness has to stop.

    The Swiss want to foment more climate madness, go figure.

    1. drumphish

      Can’t add, somebody always makes a mistake.

      Not 99 F, 95 degrees Fahrenheit at 35 C. 37.5 will be 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

      So sotty.

    2. Yonason

      But the Swiss are the sane ones of Europe,…

      …or not.

    3. Yonason
  7. MGJ

    Safe to assume that nobody in the media challenged them to tell us what the “correct” weather should have been.

    In the UK, every time it rains a bit more than usual or it gets a bit windy, they give it some stupid name to scare the proles: “Storm” Alison or “Quite big cloud” Adrian.

    The range of weather conditions deemed safe is ever shrinking.

  8. yarpos

    Pity the poor folks in Singapore where its 30 something C all year round pretty much

  9. tom0mason

    Listening to ‘nanny state’ government advisories appears to be the biggest threat to health and wealth for the affected populations.

  10. Peter

    I guess the Swiss authorities had to do something to make the weather look scarier after a majority of Swiss voters rejected key climate measures in a referendum.

  11. Diogenese10

    102 deg here yesterday in TX heading for 110 by the weekend 77 deg is balmy weather here .

    1. Yonason

      High in Tucson, AZ today is 113 deg F, which is a bit on the low side for summers there. 95-100 is balmy there.

      I have a friend whose lived there all his life, and who tells me you never get used to it.

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