Japan’s Canon Institute For Global Studies (CIGS) Presents New Working Paper On Climate Science Data Inconsistencies

Statistical data alterations, huge data gaps and dissenting experts are among the problems plaguing climate science, new Japanese CIGS working paper highlights. 

In November 2019, the Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) released a working paper noting that natural factors are also very much at work when it comes to climate change.

Now CIGS has added another.

New working paper

A new working paper has been released, in Japanese – authored by KiryeNet – and it reports that climate change goes well beyond one trace gas running the climate show and that there are a number of data inconsistencies and sloppiness in climate science and computing trends.

The latest 28-page document (below) cites a number of sources, including NoTricksZone and many other leading critical sites and dissenting scientists.

Canon Institute for Global Studies’ working paper looks at some of the great data inconsistencies of climate science. 

NASA GISS data alterations

For example, the recent CIGS paper looks at how NASA GISS has tampered with the historical datasets so that trends that were once flat or even cooling now end up showing warming instead:

Image: Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS), cropped here.

Another example of NASA fudging data to produce warming trends cited in the CIGS paper was one published by NoTricksZone:

Image: cropped here.

Cooling – not warming

The new CIGS publication also shows how Japan’s mean winter temperature has in fact cooled over the past 30 years, and not warmed like many have been falsely led to believe:

Image: cropped here.

NASA researcher: data before 1980 not reliable

The working paper also talks about Japanese climatologist and former NASA researcher Mototaka Nakamura, who points out that changes in the average temperature on the Earth’s surface before 1980 are unreliable – as discussed here at NoTricksZone’s article.

Much of the globe’s surface indeed was never measured in the past, with stations mainly located only in USA and Europe, NASA shows:

Image: Real Science.

Moreover, NASA at times calculates annual averages for years even when up to five months of data are missing, for example:Marquette, Michigan.

Image: cropped here.

The Canon Institute for Global Studies aims to play an active role in shaping the future by precisely plotting out future directions and visions, disseminating information, providing roadmaps, and serving as a venue for outstanding human resources with the sophistication and sensibility to substantively improve the world.

12 responses to “Japan’s Canon Institute For Global Studies (CIGS) Presents New Working Paper On Climate Science Data Inconsistencies”

  1. Henry

    Good to see that other countries are more intelligent than ours.

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  3. tom0mason

    Well done CIGS!
    True weather/climate science relies on rational and logical thinking about what can be observed, measured and verified, and correctly described.
    Anti-science is the irrational belief in the mysterious, unmeasured effects of a rare and minor atmospheric gas from an unverified hypothesis (guesswork) about how CO2 operates in the open atmosphere of this planet.

  4. Richard Greene

    I have a Gif version of the chart you used that compares January 1880 with August 2020. It shows the poor land surface coverage in 1880 and not such great coverage in 2020. I invite you to steal my 1880 versus 2020 gif to replace your 1880 png version.

    “My chart” is here:


    Since that chart only covers land surfaces, it is followed by a “Perfesser” Scott Adams cartoon that demonstrates the proper way to measure sea surface temperatures.

  5. Richard Greene

    Billions of people have been living with mild and harmless global warming, for up to 45 years, since the mid-1970s.

    We are told the global warming in the past 100 years was roughly equivalent to the temperature rise in the first hour after sunrise on a typical day … but spread out over 100 years.

    During every year of the past 45 years, climate alarmists predicted rapid, dangerous global warming, that never showed up.

    If those facts do not convince people that global warming is mild and harmless, and not even close to being dangerous, then we have a lot of gullible people in the world.

    They dismiss their own personal experience with global warming.

    And experience with rising atmospheric CO2 levels for their entire lives.

    Yet they are willing to believe scary climate predictions, that have been wrong for 64 years in a row (I trace them back to 1957, with oceanographer Roger Revelle) ?

    To Mr. Revelle’s credit, he acted like a real scientist, not hysterical about a coming climate emergency, and had uncertainty about the danger of rising CO2, up to his death in 1991.


  6. Kevin a
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  9. John McLean

    My 2018 audit of the HadCRUT4 temperature dataset revealed more than 70 issues. Some impacted as few as a single data value but others impacted a very large proportion of the data that was used.

    I recently checked the weather station data that’s downloadable from the website of the UK’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), one of the two partners in producing the HadCRUT4 dataset. Many of the issues that I identified in 2018 are still in that data and in all probability have been carried forward and used in the forthcoming IPCC 6AR.

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