Spike Protein From “Vaccines” Is A Toxin That’s Dangerous To Human Organs, Says Pathologist

Today I have 2 videos that are worth the time watching. It’s important to stand firm against these so-called “vaccines”.

Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole says in a talk that the COVID vaccines are dangerous to human organs and that the science surrounding Corona and the vaccines is being suppressed.

I won’t be posting this at Twitter because it’ll only result in my account getting suspended.

In another video, an outspoken Canadian activist explains why he has a solid legal case against lockdowns:

It’ll be interesting to see how this all turns out.

44 responses to “Spike Protein From “Vaccines” Is A Toxin That’s Dangerous To Human Organs, Says Pathologist”

  1. Richard Greene

    The COVID vaccines:

    Unprecedented adverse short term side effects
    compared to every other US vaccine in history.

    Unknown long term adverse side effects.

    With knowledge of the adverse short term side effects,
    expecting mild long term side effects would be wishful thinking.

    The vaccine induced antibodies are short term.
    Israel is already asking senior citizens
    to take a booster shot after only six months.

    Effectiveness of against Delta variant
    is said to be typical of past flu vaccines (40 to 60%)

    NOTE: I don’t see how these Delta variant
    claims can be accurate.

    There is no specific test
    for the “Delta variant”,
    whose symptoms are the same
    as many other respiratory diseases.

    The PCR test for COVID 19 is very inaccurate,
    with a high percentage of false positives
    for people with no symptoms.

    So it is a mystery to me how someone could be
    declared to have the “Delta variant”.

    The COVID vaccines after six months
    seem mediocre at best,
    just like all prior flu vaccines
    (that were made with
    old fashioned technology).

    There are potential benefits for the elderly.
    Unknown long term risks.
    Known short term risks
    And for a disease that 99.8% of people
    outside of a nursing home will survive.

    Some chose the vaccine.
    I chose a 10,000IU vitamin D supplement per day.

    We will see what happens in the Fall
    when the colder weather sends people indoors,
    closer together, and with lower levels
    of vitamin D from getting less sunlight exposure.

    The horrible 1918 to 1920 flu epidemic
    had two large “death spikes” and faded away
    (mutated into a milder flu) with NO vaccines
    and no medicines to cure it.

    We’ve already had two death spikes from COVID,
    so if that’s it, the politicians will claim
    the vaccines worked, whether that’s true or not.

  2. raqaq
  3. CK_

    Episode #228 (Sea of Lies) of the High-Wire is a MUST-SEE, especially the interview with Catherine Austin Fitts (start watching at 1:18 for the intro to the interview), in which she explains the Great Reset.


    One bombshell is where she says that vaccines are deliberately being used to shorten lives. (The average lifespan for an autistic person is supposedly only 36.)

    She says 1995 was a major turning point because it was the final attempt to balance the US budget. After it failed, the global bankers, who have the true power decided to take over. Isn’t that also the time when USELESS vaccines like the Hep B shot became mandatory? She says one thing we can do to fight the GR is use CASH more often. And of course, resist the vaccines and the Vaccine Passports.

    COVID-19 was a PLAN-demic and an utter distraction to enable the Great Reset. I even question if there’s a virus at all- Graphene Oxide poisoning and 5G could be the real culprit.


  4. John F Hultquist

    There are going to be a lot of damaged organs:
    31.1% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 23.4% is fully vaccinated.
    4.66 billion doses have been administered globally, and 35.85 million are now administered each day.

  5. Yonason

    Robert Malone talk.
    The further you get into it, the more informative it gets.

  6. pochas94

    Medical technology is in large part responsible for the exploding population of the earth. But it does offer the opportunity for dumb looking wise guys to spout about things whereof they know nothing.

  7. Sceptical Sam

    pochas94 says:

    “it does offer the opportunity for dumb looking wise guys to spout about things whereof they know nothing.”

    Especially ones who wear useless pieces of cloth in the form of lab coats when giving a public lecture. Does he think his jacket might get stained from the upwelling of audience ignorance?

    I’m surprised he didn’t have a stethoscope dangling around his shoulders as well – in true Hollywood style.

    1. Yonason

      Do you have anything other than an ad hominem attack on Dr Cole? I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess your answer to that is “no.”

      1. Sceptical Sam

        Firstly, Yonason, your guess is wrong.

        Secondly, it’s not ad hominem when it’s true.

        Cole is a highly qualified hypocrite and publicity seeker.

        If he is so concerned about the long-term affects of the vaccines then one would expect that he would not have been vaccinated himself.

        Yet he has been vaccinated. And, he’s also had his children vaccinated. That is on the record. Did you not know?

        He claims to not be an anti-vaxxer, yet he adds to the fear and the uncertainty that the anti-vaxxers promote. The result is seen in the mortality rates. The unvaccinated have a much higher mortality rate than the vaccinated. Did you not know that either?

        He wants to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds. He loves the publicity, but doesn’t see or care about his hypocrisy.

        1. Yonason

          “…it’s not ad hominem when it’s true.” – Skeptical Sam

          LOL I know that, and have myself had to tell people that on numerous occasions, but when I do I give references to back it up.

          You make a number of claims that seem to support what you say, and then ask …

          “Did you not know that”

          “Did you not know that”

          “Did you not know that”

          No, I did not. And I still don’t, because you provide no proof. Now, back up your mockery of him with facts, and I’ll withdraw the ad hom assertion. Otherwise it stands.

          Also, and more importantly, even if he is the putz you claim him to be, that would just make him a hypocrite, but it wouldn’t necessarily make him wrong about the shot or the way it’s being used (see the links I’ve already supplied to this article – more to follow, time permitting).

          If he’s a jerk AND he’s wrong, why are you just focusing on convincing us he’s a jerk, when that alone doesn’t make him wrong about what’s important here? Wouldn’t it be sufficient for you to just prove him wrong, and then maybe if you wanted to add insult to injury, then add parenthetically “oh, and by the way he’s a jerk, as well.”?

          1. Sceptical Sam

            Yonason, you say:

            “Now, back up your mockery of him with facts…”

            Firstly, don’t try the verbal me like some out of control copper. I did not say he’s a “jerk”. But if you wish, I’ll add that to the list.

            He’s certainly a hypocrite and a publicity seeker. What more proof do you need to convince you of that? I’m not in the game of responding to fishing expeditions, so you need to specify the standard of proof you seek.

            However, this might help. It’s his letter in response to Dr Souza’s proper critique of his speculations:


            You’ll need to scroll down a bit to get to it.

            As I already pointed out, he has been vaccinated and he has had his children vaccinated – yet he fear-mongers about the vaccine and allows that to be used by the anti-vaxxers. What does that make him, if not a hypocrite? A naive hypocrite? That’s even worse.

            I can understand that he might get vaccinated himself – in the interest of “science” – but to hold the views he holds and then to have his children vaccinated tells us all we need to know about him.

            He’s a publicity seeker who is all over the web telling everybody how experienced and important he is. What does that make him, if not a publicity seeker? Don’t believe? Do a Duchduckgo and have a look for yourself.

          2. Yonason

            Looks like a reading comprehension issue, Sam.

            He said…

            “I am absolutely not in the Anti-Vax camp… I have been vaccinated. All of my children have been vaccinated.”

            In other words, he and his family have had what are normally considered safe vaccines. He doesn’t appear to be saying that they had the COVID inoculation. He’s against that specific “vaccine,” not all of them.

            Thanks, though, for sharing how you arrived at your conclusion. It’s not like I’ve never misread something. (I hate it when I do that!)


          3. Sceptical Sam

            Ah Yonason, you say:

            “He doesn’t appear to be saying that they had the COVID inoculation. He’s against that specific “vaccine,” not all of them.”

            Now you’re verballing him as well. Is that a general behaviour of yours?

            If what you say he is saying is true, then that further demonstrates what a flaky individual he is. That is: he’s happy to mislead the world as to his Covid-19 vaccination status – and you think that’s OK? He’s happy to tell half-truths. And that’s OK?

            If so, then you can add “misleading spiv” to the list as well.

            You’ve just damned Dr Cole with your verballing.

            But now Yonason, to save your own credibility, you need to give all of us the benefit of your proof. Have you any? Or, like so many of the anti-vaxxers, do you think you are above providing anything other than bald speculation?

          4. Yonason


            I have to look that one up …

            “ The putting of damaging remarks into the mouths of suspects during police interrogation.”

            My interpretation of those specific remarks was how any normal person would interpret it, and it was benign (does him no damage). Your twisted interpretation is the oddball one, with which you then impugn him. Guess which take on it closest fits the definition. (Hint – it’s not yours).

            It’s pretty obvious you aren’t serious about this, and are only here to cause trouble.

          5. Sceptical Sam

            Thats not proof Yonason. That’s just you doubling down on your defence of the indefencible.

          6. Yonason

            Sam writes…

            If he is so concerned about the long-term affects of the vaccines then one would expect that he would not have been vaccinated himself.

            Yet he has been vaccinated. And, he’s also had his children vaccinated.”

            Why do you keep insisting that’s proof hypocrisy? Obviously he takes the vaccines that work, and not the fake ones that don’t, like COVID. There’s nothing indefensible about someone discriminating between good and bad. What is indefensible is your mocking his rational behavior.

            But you’re right about one thing – as long as you keep refusing to ‘get it’, there’s no sense my repeating it. Goes for you, as well, though. If you have no valid criticism of his work, please keeyitbto yourself.

        2. Yonason

          “ The unvaccinated have a much higher mortality rate than the vaccinated.” – Skeptical Sam

          False – see here:

          That was only true prior to the “vaccine” (actually just an immunization against the toxic spike protein of one of the original variants of the virus), which doesn’t prevent infection, but, optimally, may prevent symptoms.

          Among the down sides of the “vaccine” are it’s own toxicity, creating a selective pressure for creating new variants, and making vaccinees’ next infection worse by ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement); not to mention giving them a false sense of security, when they may actually be in even greater danger than had they not gotten it.

          Good reasons to pause the inoculations and take stock of where we are, before we create more damage than we already have.

          1. Sceptical Sam

            He makes that claim without providing his analysis. The article was published way back in February 2021, Yonason. Since then? Crickets.


            Seems like an out-of-date pseudo-science beat-up, to anybody who knows what science is.

          2. Sceptical Sam

            I’m in moderation.

            Does this mean we don’t allow disagreement on this site?

          3. Yonason

            Oh, please, Sam. Not the “you do know what science is” shtick!

            “On Aug. 5, Dr. Kobi Haviv, medical director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, said in a Channel 13 TV News interview, “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated.” Furthermore, “85-90% of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people”
            Note the date. It isn’t going away, and it’s getting worse.

            Similar for 3 of the other 4 highly inoculated countries.

            And that is what the sources I’ve been referencing, like Robert Malone, Geert Vanden Bossche just to name 2, have been saying – that new resistant variants arise from the “vaccinated” population, because that’s what happens with non-sterilizing immunizations.

            See here

            …and here…

            It’s been known for decades, from both human and veterinary medicine, It is “the science.” How so many have been fooled, I can’t explain. But fooled they have been.

          4. John Brown

            Thanks Yonason,

            seems Sceptical Sam is not to sceptical of his own abilities to comprehend.

            It is quite easy to understand that someone can be properly vaccinated but still does not want to be injected.

          5. Sceptical Sam

            Yonason quotes:

            “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated.” Furthermore, “85-90% of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people”

            Do you know what would have happened to them if they hadn’t been vaccinated?


            Take a guess.

          6. Yonason

            Vaccines are supposed to protect. If they aren’t protected, they aren’t vaccines.

            And I don’t have to guess. Non-sterilizing immunizations drag out the illness, and result in greater harm in the long run.
            I don’t know what the rest of that site is like, but that’s a pretty good article on why everywhere they are forcing mass immunization to a toxic protein that is rapidly mutating, the final outcome will be failure.

          7. Sceptical Sam

            So mortality rates have nothing to do with it?

            You’d best check your facts.

            The unvaccinated to vaccinated death rates are running at 99 to 1.

            That’s protection in anybody’s language.

            But, just to be clear, name a vaccine that provides 100% protection.

            Be careful Yonason, and think hard before you shoot from the hip.

          8. Yonason

            I’ve given plenty of facts, with references. Sam offers conjecture and propaganda, with no references; and says I am “shooting from the hip.”

            I repeat – “Late July, Israel’s top health official …, says that “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated. 85-90% of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people.” …., “We are opening more and more COVID wards. The effectiveness of the vaccine is waning/fading out.

            It’s NOT a vaccine. It is an inoculation of a toxic substance to induce short lived antibodies to a toxic protein. Only those most at risk should be offered it on a voluntary basis.

            Now, Sam, stop the distractions and making bald faces assertions that are not supported by facts. True, the deaths are, so far, not mounting in the inoculated, but if we stay on the track we are on, based on every we know about non-sterilizing immunization, that will change.

  8. oebele bruinsma

    History will judge this medical malpractice (not using proven medication but experimental gene therapy) very harshly. It unfortunately is all about money…..

    1. Yonason

      Yes, indeed. Also…

      Knut Witkowsky, Epidemiologist, says…

      Lockdowns make the disease worse, and drag it out longer.

      Robert Malone, Vaccinologist, says

      Vaccinating everyone makes the disease worse for everyone.

    2. Yonason

      Oops. The Dr. Malone was a repeat posted link. (see above). I’ll swap it out for this video of Knut Wittkowski.

      The responses of most countries turned a difficult but manageable disease into a disaster. And now that what they did before didn’t work, they want a repeat of all their failed policies. Pure criminal insanity!

  9. Kevin a

    CDC considers 12 of the 13 most vaccinated countries a travel risk

    The study demonstrated that Delta infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people, said CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.


    In Britain the average age of death from Covid is currently 82.4. And that’s in a country where the average life expectancy is 81.

    1. pochas94

      So Covid makes you live longer? Or is it that to live long enough to die from Covid you have to take better care of yourself?

  10. Kevin a

    VERY important videos!

    CDC Updates COVID Stats, 6% Died Of COVID Alone, 94% Had Comorbidity, Twitter Is CENSORING This

    CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths

  11. Billy

    Pat King is not a lawyer. He is an earnest man and believes what he is saying, but he is misinterpeting the court documents and legal jargon.
    The province is only saying that they have no evidence relavant to the circumstances of his fine, therefore his subpeona is void. Nothing more is stated or implied.

  12. Yonason

    LOL – Twitter censoring the CDC??? Seriously? If so, they are some really nervy twits.

    Thanks, Kevin

  13. Yonason

    Another source I’ve seen referenced by those I trust is Wolfgang Wodarg. Here’s a short video with English translation.

    Here’s a longer video of his in German.

    Here’s an article about him in Gates Of Vienna blog.

    One day soon we hopefully will see those who perpetrated this crime being held accountable.

  14. Matz Ström

    Here is the full genetic sequence of 2019-nCoV, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/?term=2019-nCoV

  15. Kevin a
  16. Yonason

    A little something about how not all vaccines are the same.


    And pretend “vaccines” like the current injections for COVID are, in the long term, among the worst.

    Evidently Sam doesn’t know any of that, but the worst part is that he appears not to want to know it. And then he claims that he cares about saving people from dying, but if he really cared, he’d be advocating for early treatment with effective antivirals like HCQ/Zinc or Ivermectin as well as not inoculating those in least danger of dying, but most likely to be harmed by the “clot shot.”

  17. Yonason

    Another video of Dr Cole.

    It contains orders of magnitude more information than anything Fauci ever says.

  18. Kevin a


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