Robert Koch Institute Latest Data: One Third Of Recent Age 60+ COVID Deaths In Germany Were Fully Vaccinated!

Russian state German language RT news site here looks at just how effective the COVID vaccines have been in Germany over the last 4 weeks, citing data from official institutes, and finds the German government is misleading the public. 

Alarming number of COVID deaths in Germany are fully vaccinated persons. Cropped from RT here.

False promises

When Germans watch their ARD/ZDF German state public television networks, they are “informed” that the vaccines distributed in Germany are really effective and that the only people ending up in the hospitals with serious cases of COVID are the unvaccinated, who have become the latest misfits of society. Today the unvaccinated are being blamed for the country’s problems.

Politicians and leading media warned of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and that intensive care units were seeing more and more “younger unvaccinated people.”

Robert Koch Institute: Many sick and dying are fully vaccinated

But of course the data show the reality is very different. The vaccines in Germany are not working out to be anything at all like originally promised just a half year ago. A number of people are seeing serious COVID vaccine side effects. More and more “fully vaccinated” people are occupying hospital beds and a dying of COVID. Germany’s Robert Koch Institute (RKI) data confirm this.

In Europe, the vaccine situation has become so dismal, in fact, that Sweden, Iceland and Denmark have recently pulled certain vaccines off the market for certain age groups because of unacceptably high risks.

Rapidly rising breakthrough cases

Now Russian RT German-language news site reports on Germany: “One in three ‘COVID deaths’ in last four weeks was fully vaccinated.

In the latest RKI weekly report published on Thursday, all the way down the report on page 23, it is stated that over the past four weeks — from September 13 to October 10– there has been a “much higher proportion of so-called vaccination breakthroughs – with an upward trend,” RT reports. “55.4 percent, i.e. more than half of the symptomatically ill Corona patients in the over-60 age group had already been vaccinated twice.”

More than half fully vaccinated age 60 and up

“Among younger adults, the rate of “vaccination breakthroughs” recorded in this way was 31.6 percent. Overall, therefore, 35,079 of 100,039 COVID-19 patients with symptoms had been vaccinated twice in the past four weeks, or about 35 percent, or more than one-third,” reports the RT.

40% hospitalized are vaccine breakthroughs, age 60+

The recent figures fly in the face of claims made by media and government that the vaccines protect people against serious infections. “In the 60-plus age group, the federal institute counted nearly 40 percent of hospitalized Corona patients as “vaccine breakthroughs,” while among younger adults it put their share at 15.3 percent. […] One-third of Corona deaths were fully vaccinated.”

RT notes that the RKI itself debunks claims of “almost only unvaccinated” are in the intensive care units.  141 of 490 intensive care patients over age 60 were “vaccine breakthroughs” in the four weeks between mid-September and mid-October.

1/3 of deceased fully vaccinated

The RT goes on to note that “a total of 155 out of 480 deceased persons were fully vaccinated, i.e. 32.3 percent, or almost one third. In the 60-plus age group, in which the vast majority died, the proportion of ‘vaccination breakthroughs’ among the dead was as high as almost 35 percent.”

The RT also suggests that Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health is not playing honest with the figures it presents to the public, claiming the German Ministry of Health “is still propagating the figures from the first studies with which the vaccine manufacturers received approval at the end of 2020” and continues “to attribute 95 percent efficacy to Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines” although today this is clearly not the case.

20 responses to “Robert Koch Institute Latest Data: One Third Of Recent Age 60+ COVID Deaths In Germany Were Fully Vaccinated!”

  1. Adam Gallon

    Yes, so what percentage of over-60s in Germany are vaccinated?

    78% of the population are fully vaccinated.
    So, how many of those were over 60?
    The figures show conclusively, that if you aren’t vaccinated, your risk of death is much higher, than if you aren’t.

    1. Richard Greene

      You make a broad claim
      not supported by the data
      in your comment.

      I don’t have data for Germany,
      can’t read German,
      but do have some
      similar data for the US and UK:

      Maybe tu can find information for Germany
      for age 60+, or ge 65_
      — NOT the 78% number you used.

      COVID Deaths are almost always
      among age 60 and older

      As of October 7, our CDC reported that
      84% of US adults 65+
      had been fully vaccinated
      and 11% had been
      partially vaccinated
      (which covers a
      five week period)

      That’s 95%

      Of the other 5%,
      some have natural

      A UK report for the latest week estimated
      that 98% of UK adults had COVID antibodies
      from injections, or natural antibodies.

      If the vaccines worked as promised,
      with such a high percentage of the elderly
      vaccinated, or having natural antibodies,
      there should be very few deaths in a nation,
      since COVID deaths are typically the elderly.

      The actual results
      are far from what was
      promised for the vaccines …
      and the vaccine side effects
      are the worst, by far,
      in the history of vaccines
      in the United States.

      The decline of
      vaccine effectiveness
      appears to be the fastest decline
      of any vaccine in the history
      of vaccines in the US.

      I can’t speak for Germany,
      but here in the US, COVID deaths
      are higher WITH the vaccines in 2021
      than they were WITHOUT the vaccine
      in 2020. How is that success ?

      1. Frits

        It’s 65% fully vaccinated in Germany based on the latest numbers available:

  2. Richard Greene

    Several issues I find with nearly all
    COVID articles are what is not said:

    If a person is hospitalized, or dies,
    soon after a vaccine, is that person
    considered “vaccinated”, or not ?

    In the US, with the
    two shot vaccines,
    there is
    a five week period
    between the first jab,
    and two weeks after
    the second jab,
    as your antibodies
    are increasing …
    but you are considered
    to be unvaccinated.

    Almost all adverse
    vaccine side effects
    happen in that period.

    Once you are “fully vaccinated”,
    vaccine the effectiveness
    seems quite high for a few months
    … but much lower
    after 4 to 6 months.

    Think of Israel,
    declaring COVID victory …
    for a few months.

    Then you have the “case” count.
    The vaccines don’t
    prevent COVID cases
    so you can’t expect fewer cases.

    In fact, the vaccines encourage
    less social distancing
    and more travel
    = probably more cases.

    For the vaxxed,
    their COVID cases
    should be milder
    than for the unvaxxed,
    with far fewer COVID
    hospitalizations and deaths.

    Since the people
    most likely to die
    from COVID are the elderly,
    and the elderly have few
    unvaccinated among them,
    a nation’s COVID deaths
    should significantly
    decline from the vaccines.

    But here in the US:
    — We had more COVID deaths
    in the first nine months of 2021
    than in all of 2020 ?

    That’s evidence the vaccines
    are not working as promised.

    You can’t blame that
    on the unvaxxed.

    The unvaxxed in 2021
    are younger and
    healthier than
    the unvaxxed in 2020
    (everyone in 2020).

    And Delta COVID in 2021
    seems less deadly
    than Alpha COVID
    was in 2020.

    So there must be
    lots of vaxxed people
    dying from COVID,
    and some are dying
    from the vaccines too !

    The percentage of people
    dying from COVID who are vaxxed,
    is growing as vaccine effectiveness
    (antibody count) declines over time.

    This seems simple to me.
    But I’m not rocket scientist.

    1. Scissor

      Yes, release and treatment of data are manipulated and skewed to support the narrative. Where have we heard that before?

  3. Joe Chang

    for those not aware of this obscure stat, death rate is higher for those over 60 – not far off for me – as Jon Snow word to Melisandre before the battle of the bastard: if I die, don’t bring me back

  4. John Hultquist

    I’m in the usa (washington state), much older than 60
    state officials were clueless from the start
    nationally clueless, misinformed, and lying fill media

    I still find the material unsatisfactory,
    and reports from other countries
    is impossible to evaluate.
    I’ve now had 3 shots with Zero reaction,
    and a bee sting.
    The bee is dead.
    The hurt goes on.

  5. Petit_Barde

    According to the RT article, from september 13 to october 10, among the 60+ who died from (or with) covid, 32.3% were fully vaccinated, in a population where as of october 16, 84.8% of the 60+ are fully vaccinated (and where 86.5 – 84.8 = 1.7% are partially vaccinated) :

    84.8% data is as of october 16, thus, not exactly during the analyzed deaths period (between september 13 and october 10). But since the priority was to vaccinate asap the elderly, I assume that most of the 60+ fully vaccinated were already vaccinated before september 13, but the actual fully vaccinated % between september 13 and october 10 may be somewhat less than 84.8%.

    With this assumption, not fully vaccinated represent 67.7% of the deaths among 15,2% of the 60+ population,
    and fully vaccinated 32.3% of the deaths among 84.8% of the 60+ population.

    Thus, for the 60+ age group, the vaccine death risk reduction 60+DRR is therefore :

    1 – (32.3/84.8)/(67.7/15.2) = 91.4%

    The actual 60+DRR may be less than that, maybe between 60% and 80% or so, and may decrease this winter as the vaccine effect fades with time, thus not as advertised, but still rather convincing : time will tell.

    On the other hand, stating that the hospitalized are “almost only unvaccinated” is clearly not true (same BS claimed in France) and in the same vein, vaccines do not prevent infection nor propagation.

    1. pochas94

      Thanks for doing the calculation. I needed help.

    2. pochas94

      Of course a confounding factor is that something’s changed, as for example a new strain has appeared which the previous vaccine does not protect against.

    3. Richard Greene

      Remember that “partially vaccinated”
      people are called unvaccinated,
      a period of up to five weeks.

      And that category will include
      nearly all vaccine side effects,
      which do include hospitalizations
      and deaths.

      In addition to vaccines,
      other “unvaccinated” elderly
      have natural antibodies.

      In the UK officials claim
      that adds up to 98% of people
      age 60+ with antibodies,
      at least for alpha COVID.

      Over 60 is the main category for COVID deaths.

      So there should be few COVID deaths
      of those age 60+ if the vaccines and
      natural immunity work as claimed.

      Which means there should be
      few COVID deaths
      for the rest of 2021 …

      Let’s see what happens.

      Based solely on COVID deaths in the US,
      the vaccines in 2021 were not a success.

      The fast call for booster shots made that obvious.

      I’m not interested in the usual speculation
      that “it would have been worse without the vaccines”.

      We know US COVID deaths
      for all of 2020
      and for 2021,
      through September.

      Deaths were higher in 2021 WITH the vaccines.

      That is a fact.

      And that is a very disappointing fact.

  6. cattle

    The COVID19 “vaccines” do not provide immunity from this virus, and any discussion about their efficacy or lack thereof must include the numbers of deaths following adverse reactions to the “vaccine” products, and these numbers, when revealed, are alarming –
    In Taiwan, a country where COVID19 deaths were not artificially inflated and vaccine related deaths are systematically accounted for, the total number of deaths caused by the vaccines (I.E. adverse reactions) already exceeds the number of deaths from the virus itself:

    Ironically, here in the US, if a “vaccinated” person dies from an adverse reaction to a COVID19 “vaccine” product within 2 weeks from the date they were injected with it, their death is not counted as an adverse reaction.
    This distorted, counterfactual approach seems to follow the CDC’s policies from day one, namely to create and propagate disinformation across the board, in order to implement a political agenda that would greatly benefit big pharma, and shield these companies from proper scrutiny and criticism.
    Both the CDC and its evil twin the FDA are challenged by multiple lawsuits.

    BTW, have you noticed that the Nordic countries have already started phasing out their COVID19 panic policies, including the use of “vaccines”?

  7. Ben Vorlich

    What are India doing that other nations aren’t? A couple of months ago the headlines were about CV19 Delta variant causing a huge number of cases and deaths. The country was being overwhelmed and the health service was unable to cope, they were running out of wood for cremations, bodies floating in the Ganges, etc, etc, etc.

    Yesterday they had fewer cases than the UK, a third, fewer deaths. But the proportion of the population with a single jag far less two must miniscule. Social distancing you must be joking, masks likewise.

    So what are they doing, the BBC isn’t telling us.

    1. Adam Gallon

      Is India counting the number of Covid cases, in the same way the UK is?
      Is India counting the number of Covid deaths in the same way the UK is?
      Is India even counting the number of deaths due to Covid accurately anyway?

  8. Donald Trump

    I will continue to get my medical advice from my doctor not some wingnut propaganda-laden website like this one

    1. Richard Greene

      Based on your comment,Mr. “Trump 17”,
      you will need a lot more education
      just to reach the level of “wingnut”.

  9. Richard Greene

    You know the answer is Ivermectin !
    Indonesia too.

  10. CK_

    The CDC does not consider you “fully vaccinated” until 14 days AFTER your 2nd shot! If you die 13 days after your 2nd shot, then you’re considered an unvaccinated death! The bigger lie is that “breakthrough” COVID is being used to cover up deaths, which are really due to the vaccines, NOT “COVID”.

    I should also mention an alternative theory of COVID-19, which says that COVID is really due to the effects of 5G and Graphene Oxide (GO) poisoning, NOT a virus. It’s also been widely reported that all of the vaccines contain GO. In this narrative, it makes perfect sense that being vaccinated will cause COVID-19, if GO is the actual cause of COVID! More scientists are also saying that some of the vaccines are placebos and some contain bizarre nanotech. Here’s a Stew Peters segment in which a Polish scientist says that 2 out of 5 Pfizer shots are placebos; 1 contains GO only and 2 have synthetic parasites + GO.

    John O’Looney, a British funeral director, believes that most of the vaccines in the initial roll-out were placebos in order to create a large number of “safe and effective” vaccine advocates. But he warns that all of the booster shots will be real shots!

    Steve Kirsch, who is NOT a conspiracy theorist, testified last month to the FDA that at least 150,000 Americans have died from the shots. No one at the FDA cared and the Mainstream Media censored his remarks.

    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko says the world wide death toll is now in the millions!

    1. Yonason


      The “Scientists” in your first link need to…
      1. Work on their sterile technique, and…
      2. Learn a little (a lot of) biology.

  11. tom0mason

    This is a joke version of history by Monty Python but it is not that far from the history (I would say).

    These days ‘science’ and belief in absolutes indicates that if you protest “I’m not dead yet” means you have not had enough injections.

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