Doomsday Vaccine? German Physician: “Corona ‘Vaccines’: A Programmed Self-Destruction Of The Body”

German doctor warns Corona vaccines are toxic…each booster become increasingly dangerous…tantamount to self-destruction

Image: CDC.

When you ask COVID vaccine proponents how these mRNA type vaccines work, most either don’t know, or give you the wrong answer. Very few really understand how the spike protein interacts with the immunes system and thus accept the vaccine based on faith.

German site “Lawyers for Fundamental Rights” has a post by Dr. Christian Fiala, a general practitioner, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, with training in tropical medicine, presents very clearly how the mRNA type “vaccine” works and its very real risk.

Corona ‘Vaccines’: A Programmed Self-Destruction Of The Body

Dr. Christian Fiala

First our immune system is highly complex and it recognizes a pathogen or foreign cell on the basis of the cell surface and destroys the cell that carries these antigens. This principle is used in vaccinations. For this purpose, a pathogen is usually or killed so that it can no longer cause an infection.

An essential feature of the immune system is the strict differentiation between one’s own cells and foreign cells. Only in this way is a healthy life possible at all. It is precisely this fundamental distinction and basis of life that is being challenged with what is currently known as the
jab, and being propagated as a corona “vaccination”. The much-cited spike proteins are a recognition feature of the Corona virus, an antigen.

Friendly fire

When the Corona virus enters the body, the immune system recognizes the invader on the basis of the spike protein antigen and destroys the virus or the cells that have already been infected by the virus.

With the mRNA corona “vaccination”, body cells are for the first time in history deliberately and genetically programmed by means of the mRNA to produce the spike protein as a (foreign) antigen on the cell surface, although they are completely healthy and not infected with the virus.

The mechanism of action of the corona “vaccination” is to falsely mark healthy cells as foreign.

As a consequence, the immune system reacts immediately; it recognizes the antigen as foreign, forms antibodies against it and destroys the spike protein by destroying the cell that carries this spike protein. [1,2]

This means that the corona “vaccination” fools our immune system and tricks it into attacking and destroying our own healthy cells. In the military it is this is called ‘friendly fire’ when soldiers attack their own troops. This represents a fundamental danger not only for our health but also to our survival. We know this situation with the rarely occurring autoimmune diseases. These are usually severe and can even be fatal.

The dose makes the poison

To better assess the danger of the Corona “vaccination”, it is important to know how much mRNA is administered with one dose of the vaccine, i.e. how many body cells are stimulated to produce the spike protein and thus released to be destroyed by the
immune system. Unfortunately, this important information is also not mentioned in the approval studies. There is only a scientific estimate of the number of particles in which the mRNA is transported by the so-called lipid nanoparticles: about 2 trillion particles.

Not every particle reaches a healthy cell and some cells in the body are affected by more than one particle. Moreover, not all particles may be fully functional. Nevertheless, the number of particles is extremely relevant when one considers that the human body consists of approximately 37 trillion cells.

Which organs does the Corona “vaccination” damage?

The corona “vaccination” is programmed in such a way that the immune system destroys the body’s own cells that have produced the spike protein on its surface. Could this happen on vital organs?

The answer to this question can be found, among others, in animal experiments by the vaccine manufacturer BionTech/Pfizer. The spike protein blueprint is found in a gene segment, the so-called mRNA, and is embedded in very small spheres of fat, the so-called lipid nanoparticles. After 1 hour, half of them were already distributed throughout the body. The lipid nano-particles were detected in all organs in the above-mentioned animal experiment, especially in the liver.

They were also detected in the brain, which proves they were able to cross the  blood-brain barrier. They were also detected in the ovaries and testes. This means the body’s cells form the spike protein in the respective organs, which probably explains why the very numerous side effects and vaccine damage are also found randomly distributed in many organs. [6,7,8]

Since the lipid nanoparticles are distributed in the blood, especially the so-called endothelial cells get affected.[9] This explains the numerous blood clots (thromboses or embolisms) observed as a result of the Corona “vaccination”. These also occur in the brain, among other places, and lead to partially irreversible damage. This is particularly worrying because it shows that even those organs that are separated from the immune system by a special barrier are now vulnerable.

Booster “vaccination” – enough is not enough

The Corona “vaccination” is designed to be given at short intervals. Thus the vaccination expires after 6 or 9 months and the vaccinated persons will then be considered unvaccinated.[10] Many governments have already ordered tens of millions of doses to be given in the coming years. In Israel, a large part of the population has already been vaccinated for the 3rd time.[13]

The key question becomes: what effect does a repeated injection have on the body?

Our immune system is capable of learning. When a pathogen enters the body for the first time, it is recognized as foreign, but it takes a few days for the immune system to kick in. During this time, the pathogen has the upper hand for a short time. Only after a few days is the immune system strong enough to destroy the pathogen and we become healthy.

Fortunately, the second time, the immune system remembers the “appearance” of the pathogen and it is activated much faster and
much more powerfully. This strong defense protects us and we do not fall ill again; we are immune.

This vital mechanism also takes place with every further corona “vaccination”, but the massive reaction of the immune system with each further injection is not directed against a pathogen but against our own healthy body cells that have once again been marked with the spike protein. Viewed as a pathogen, this otherwise healthy cell is targeted to be destroyed. The effectiveness and ferocity of this destruction of healthy cells is increased with each injection. This means that the healthy “spiked cells” in the body are destroyed even more efficiently than in the first injection.

Thus, this memory capacity of the immune system becomes a dangerous weapon against ourselves.

Instead of making foreign pathogens harmless, the immune system now destroys the body’s own cells which were instructed to produce the spike protein. Every further injection of a Corona “vaccine” consequently poses a great risk. This corresponds to the observation that more and stronger vaccination complications occur with the second vaccination.

The same applies to people who have had a Corona infection in the past, have recovered and still get a Corona “vaccination”. [14,15,16,17]

Fortunately people who have already been vaccinated can opt out of the vaccination cycle at any time, and are thus very likely to avoid further risks to their health.


With the mRNA Corona “vaccination”, an unimaginably large number of healthy endogenous cells are marked as foreign with the spike protein and thus given the green light for destruction by the body’s immune system. the immune system has been tricked into destroying billions of healthy cells.


The processes described are basic medical knowledge and are well known. It is therefore all the more worrying that these important aspects are practically absent from the scientific and public discourse. Further information on Corona “vaccination” is summarized in the following article: 10 reasons against vaccination:

Read original German article here.

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24 responses to “Doomsday Vaccine? German Physician: “Corona ‘Vaccines’: A Programmed Self-Destruction Of The Body””

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  2. pochas94

    If vaccination causes normal cells to exhibit the spike proteins, as mooted by this ob gyn doctor, then why is vaccination not universally fatal.

    1. mwhite

      Death by a thousand cuts.

    2. JuergenK

      These vaccines where intended to stay in place in the muscle tissue and not roam inside the blood stream. But they do roam around occasionally and that’s where trouble starts.
      Als long as the described mechanism takes place in the muscle tissue only, only some of the tissue would be damaged but the positive effect would be universal throughout the body.

      1. Yonason

        “… the positive effect would be universal throughout the body.” – JK

        There is no net “universal” “positive effect,” neither individually nor collectively.

      2. pochas94

        Well I don’t want to sound like a Pollyanna, but I felt great after my two shots of Moderna, I even feel like I had some virus present before the shots and the vaccine took care of it. I can run up the hill just as fast as I could before. Only problem is I run out of gas quicker than the kids, but that’s just age. But if you’re the fearful type skip the shots, as long as you have a good hospital handy.

        1. Mantaray

          I suspect the batches of “vaccine’ to be only a % full strength, and another % of lesser strength, and the rest placebo (saline solution?). it’s entirely random who gets what….

          thus the small 5 seriously harmed first-time around becomes a larger number second-time around….a few get two full-strength doses too = lotsa people are “unharmed” or only moderately harmed. All OK, except that the ongoing boosters make it but a matter of time until even YOU get the real thing.

          Same idea as playing roulette at the casino. only some get wiped out first time. but if you play LONG ENOUGH you will be worn down. You WILL lose if you do not get away from the table.

          BTW: This methodology is exactly what a double-blind randomised control trial is like. At the moment YOU are in the control group, but for how long/

    3. Yonason

      The toxicity of any poison is not the same for every victim. Frequently toxicity of a drug is characterized by its LD50, which is the “Lethal Dose” for 50% of a uniformly dosed group, where half survive and half die.

      2 doses of the COVID death shot only kill a small number of those dosed, so we aren’t even close to an LD50 for it. But since the spike is the toxin, and since it doesn’t remain where injected, after enough boosters (you don’t think they’ll stop at one, do you?) every shot will cause more damage and kill more people.

      And did you know that the spike gets into the nucleus of the cell, and inhibits DNA repair?! Watch this before it’s taken down.

      The shots don’t prevent infection.
      The shots don’t stop the spread.
      The shots weaken your immune system overall.
      The shots are responsible for more infective variants.
      The shots can, via ADE, make your infection worse.
      The shots themselves can kill or maim you.
      There’s more, but isn’t that sufficient to just say “NO!”?

      The only positive effect they have is if you get infected when the antibody titer is high (from shortly after infection and for a few month’s after), it might reduce symptoms and it might prevent death in some cases. It’s a medical Russian Roulette on an international scale. Only difference is that all the chambers are loaded with something harmful.

    4. stewartpid

      Reread the article … the answer to your question is the last sentence in the first paragraph.
      ie traditional vaccines using a dead pathogen vs the mRNA causing spike proteins to form on otherwise healthy cells.

      1. Yonason

        ”… traditional vaccines using a dead pathogen vs the mRNA causing spike proteins to form on otherwise healthy cells.” – stewartpid

        Slight correction. The best traditional vaccines are “live attenuated” which appear to convey a net benefit to the organism vaccinated. Next come the dead vaccines, which, while very beneficial in the short term, appear to have long disadvantages.

        As I understand it, mRNA vaccines have failed in every animal ever attempted.

        Not disagreeing in principle, just adding an important detail. Sadly, because live attenuated vaccines are more expensive to produce, big pharma is looking to ditch them in favor of the less healthy but more profitable dead vax, or even the yet more profitable mRNA shots. Just

        1. richard

          the pfizer test was tested on rats but not on primates that is the usual protocol.

          This is a scathing report on the trials.

          1. Yonason

            Wow! That paper should be the death knell for the shots. While I’m already aware of most of that from following this guy…
            …it’s nice to see that information is potentially more widely available.

            NICE FIND! Thx.

            In this interview of Dr Malone, he touches on some of the above. As to the rat studies, he eviscerates them.

            Like JJ Couey, this fellow also appears to be a good source of cutting edge information on COVID and the phony shot.

            That last indicates that genetic toxicity studies of the spike must be done!

    5. AT

      Only mRNA vaccines work that way. The article does not imply that vaccines in general are harmful.

    6. Timothy Gage

      Strategically placed placebos. Have us looking like we’re screaming “the sky is falling ” to discredit us.

  3. Richard Greene

    I don’t appreciate the “Doomsday Jab” headline.

    In my careful analysis of vaccine risks and benefits,
    I have chosen to avoid the vaccine.

    Before my analysis, my common sense told me
    that a disease where 99.8% of those under age 70
    survived, was not a deadly disease.

    I understand the risk of spike proteins in my body.
    If they get there, it will NOT be from me voluntarily
    taking a vaccine.

    Especially the highest risk vaccine in US history,
    with a short period of effectiveness,
    that does not prevent infection or spread, AND
    there are unknown long term adverse side effects.

    Viruses tend to mutate into less deadly variants.
    Happened with the 1918 swine flu.
    It is already happening with COVID.
    Swine flu still exists.
    COVID is also not likely disappear.

    The most interesting data I found recently:

    In a study of people for “long COVID” side effects,
    the researchers used a COVID antibody test to know
    if the subjects really had COVID infections.

    Almost 60% of people with COVID antibodies
    had no idea they had ever been COVID infected.

    Over 50% who had “long COVID” symptoms (almost
    every health symptom imaginable was on the list !)
    were found to have no COVID antibodies, meaning they were
    never infected with COVID.

    Study summary, including the link to original study, is here:

  4. Bill Francis

    As I understand it, covid-19 vaccines have little or nothing to do with the virus covid-19 (or Sars-Cov-2), as nobody has actually produced or analysed a discrete sample of the pathogen. So the ‘vaccine’ is based on specifications given to the manufacturers to achieve the desired results. Superficially, those results of protection against contraction and transmission of covid are being constantly modified as its effectiveness against the illness proves worthless, but the underlying intended result of death, injury and infertility remains successfully constant. And, if as suggested in the article, the greater the number of vaccinations, the greater harm one is doing to oneself. It is like watching suicide in slow motion.

  5. richard

    “ResultsThe global side effect profile of the COVID-19 vaccines in the EudraVigilance database is more comprehensive and differentiated compared to the German safety reports. Those vaccinated were predominantly between the ages of 18-64 years (66-81.6%). Among them, 67%-74% were women and 24%-31% men. From a total of 525,907 individual cases (approximately 0.2% of all vaccinations reported up to June 5, 2021) for all four vaccines associated with any suspected side effects, 13,867 were fatalities (2.64%) (Table 1).On average, 1.1% of vaccinated persons with ADRs in Germany and 2.64% of Europeans died in connection with ADRs. The high number of individual cases with adverse reactions and related deaths, especially in connection with Vaxzevria®, is atypical for any vaccine. Compared to the 2014 annual total number of side effects of all vaccinations in Germany [9] (3,720 cases; 10.2/day with a total of only three deaths in adults and 9 in children; 0.03 cases/day) and to the average annual rate in Germany (3.8 reports/day and 0.028 deaths/day for adults), there was a 50-133 fold increase in reported side effects in temporal relation to COVID-19 vaccinations and a 187-200 fold increase in vaccination ADR-related fatalities[10].When reviewing the 27 reaction groups in the EudraVigilance database, many cardiac and heart-circulatory ADRs as well as CNS and peripheral cardiovascular reactions were noticed. That had not previously been the focus of attention. Suspected cardiovascular reactions and blood coagulation-related laboratory values are presented for Tozinameran/Comirnaty® and the vaccine from AstraZeneca (Tables 2-4). The search terms within the reaction groups are mentioned in Tables 2-4”

  6. Richard

    What to you think of this article

  7. Richard

    What do you think of this?

  8. mwhite
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  10. Yonason
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