Climate Issue Hardly Matters Anymore…. Austria, Germany, Europe Race Towards Medical Tyranny

The climate issue has become the least of my worries lately. I’ve found over the last couple weeks that blogging about climate is feeling more and more like a trivial use of time.

What’s really worrying is the exploding medical tyranny in Europe, which is spreading like an Australian bushfire on a windy day. The panic is complete and the hysteria has reached what to me has become a shocking level like I’ve never seen before in my life.

Widespread irrationality, hysteria

Facts and real data don’t matter anymore. Even people ,who I once thought were highly educated, have become hysterical and impervious to even rudimentary reasoning. They’re convinced (brainwashed) the unvaccinated are the biggest threat to public safety and that they are occupying all hospital beds and overwhelming the ICUs. Increasingly unvaccinated people are being viewed as the source of all of society’s ills and the sole obstacle preventing life from returning to normal.

Though the numbers tell us that the average person has a 98% chance of recovering once infected, the majority of Europeans act as if it’s the other way around: 98% death rate and only a 2% survival rate. And it’s all the fault of the unvaccinated, who make up about 30% of Germany’s population.

Making life unbearable

Germany is now getting set to lockdown the unvaccinated once and for all. The plan is to make life for them unbearable to the point they’ll succumb and allow themselves to be injected regularly with the medically adventurous nanotech dope.

And whenever shimmers of hope appear that governments might concede their strategies and the vaccines are failures, they instead double down and become even more draconian. Ignoring and bypassing Constitutional law is usual.

Life in Germany and Austria has become extremely depressed and suppressed. People walk around with faces covered by masks and keeping distance from one another. Distrust is everywhere, everyone is being viewed as a potential lethal pathogen. The paranoia here is surreal.

Returning back to America?

I’m beginning to wonder for the first time if it may be time to move back to USA after more than 30 years of life here. Two years ago that thought would not have ever occurred. But everything has since has changed dramatically.

Today in neighboring Austria, conservative Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg is reported to impose a general lockdown from Monday (November 22) and that the vaccination will become compulsory from February 1st, 2022. That comes just a few days after the country implemented a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated, which came into force last Monday (November 15). So heightened is the sense of panic and hysteria.

Military-like occupation

Right now people 12 years and older are only permitted to go outside for essential activities such as work, attending classes, grocery shopping. Military-like police have a presence as if the country is under military occupation. Any unvaccinated person breaking the rules can be fined up to €1,450. Beatings by on the streets by the police take place routinely. No one seems to care about police brutality anymore.

Opinion polls show that the majority vaccinated think it’s okay for the minority unvaccinated to be severely oppressed and coerced into medical submission. In their view, the filth is finally off the streets and the place feels safer now. Compulsory vaccination is the final solution. The Nuremberg Code and its raison d’être today are just a faded memory.

We’ve gone from “2 weeks to flatten the curve” to being doped with nanotech every 6 months and martial law.

21 responses to “Climate Issue Hardly Matters Anymore…. Austria, Germany, Europe Race Towards Medical Tyranny”

  1. Pat Swords

    It’s similar here in Ireland, but not yet as organised and brutal as in the Germanic countries. We are coming up to Christmas, which was once a Christian feast. There is nothing Christian going on any more around here and I really don’t feel like celebrating it with Irish society, which has discriminated against me for several months, as I made an informed choice about medical treatment I don’t really need. For starters I will be returning Christmas Cards to those who send them to me, pointing this out, and as regards a Happy New Year, Irish society really needs to undergo radical change for the better, if I am going to stick around.

    Last winter I walked out and went to Sweden before and after Christmas, while my fellow countrymen dined on a diet of ‘fear porn’ and self flagellated themselves into several months of house arrest.

  2. Ben Vorlich

    The majority in these nations, and almost every other, have accepted these restrictions without a murmur of protest.

    There’s no reason to suppose that they won’t be extended to save us from climate change

    1. dm

      Lack of protest can be blamed, in part, on lack of thinking critically.

      Let’s think about vaccinating EVERYONE and punishing those who refuse. No good reaso–NOT EVEN ONE–exists for such a requirement or treatment. In contrast, MANY GOOD REASONS exist for those under age 55 or so and lacking comorbidities to forego the C19 vax. Thus, forcing–even encouraging–all to be vaxxed and locking down plus stigmatizing the unvaxxed must be motivated by bad–perhaps evil–intentions.

      Let’s also think about climate change. Why do school books and “news” programming omit the following? History shows the earth, fauna, flora and civilizations repeatedly THRIVED during periods warmer than forecast for thru 2100. Also, why do the same omit the fact every doomsday climate-related forecast since the 1960s has been wrong? The answer is simple. Climate alarmists seek to tell people what to think, rather than to inspire them to think critically.

    2. Tony

      There are and have been protests in Italy,France,Austria,Australia,Belgium,Holland,Belarus,Germany,Ireland,Hong Kong,Bulgaria,Serbia and lots more,and i have been a part of many of them in my own country.And they will continue to happen here and allover the world.Where do you live,under a rock? Or do you only watch mainstream news? We are pissed off and won’t stop,and things have been getting physical the longer they try to restrict us.The dictators are going to be in a world of hurt fast.

  3. richard
  4. richard

    it’s a power agenda. Gibraltar is 100% vaxxed with an increase of cases. There have been no deaths but is going into a semi lockdown with shops shut till after Christmas.

  5. William Astley

    This is a problem in ‘ethics’ not science. We scientifically know that Ivermectin stops covid as would also correcting the population’s Vit D deficiency. Why are the governments and the media hiding the Ivermectin data?

    It does not matter what is the stupid, evil, political/commercial reason/motivation for hiding the Ivermectin cure. There is no political justification for mass murder and incarceration/freedom restrictions.

    Ivermectin has reduced the daily new covid cases in Indonesia (Population: 277 million) from a peak of 56,000 new daily cases to 364 cases now.

    36% of the Indonesian population have received two vaccinations and 48% have received one. i.e. The reason for the drop in Indonesian covid cases is the use of Ivermectin, not the vaccinations.

    Ivermectin is a perfect scientific alternative to vaccinations. Ivermectin kills/stops covid irrespective of the person’s immune systems.

    The covid vaccinations will fail and are failing, in people who are severely Vit D deficient, after about 6 months.

    Ministers are set to require three vaccinations from those eligible for booster jabs in order to qualify as being fully vaccinated in areas where people must prove their status, such as travel or avoiding mandatory isolation.

    1. Luigi

      governments are hiding all data about any effective medicament against covid, because they have signed contracts forcing them to do so. The developer of the vaccine shall be the only winner. German government itself has shares of Bionthec and has interests in selling vaccines. Von der Leyen has signed another contract to 1,8 further billions of vaccines. How much bribe or promises to become consultant etc. has been payed or have been done, it’s a mistery.

  6. C. Paul Barreira

    Taking William Astley’s comment a little further consider the astonishing example of Uttar Pradesh, one of the great stories of public health. What is increasingly clear is the political and scientific obduracy of”developed” nations in prohibiting residents access to Ivermectin—well beyond “do not recommend”. This has evolved into a matter of negligence.

    South Australia, my place of abode, is about to open borders after many, many months of (successfully) acting as an island. It has no strategies for individuals, let alone households (the more important identification) with which to combat the virus apart from bullying the population into vaccination. No medicine kits, a la Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere in India, no home testing kits. Authorities have only had concern for hospitals (which are already full). But no alternative strategies are permitted consideration.

    The situation now, as throughout the West (to the extent that still exists), is one that reveals a massive failure of intellect. Had I not seen it first hand I would have difficulty comprehending it. And even being a contemporary I find it impossible to understand. The breadth and depth of this refusal to learn from experience is unbelievable.

  7. Timothy E. Harris

    Like other pandemics, this one will only really be over once enough people have been exposed to the virus to gain natural immunity – and it currently appears that these temporary (<6 month effectiveness) vaccines impede rather than advance the formation of that immunity.
    Given that, we really should be focusing on the various treatments rather than vaccination. The Ivermectin protocol is good, as is the HCQ protocol if given early. Monoclonal antibodies, though expensive, work exceedingly well for more advanced cases.
    Fauci's 40 year long monomania for vaccines has infected the rest of the world to the point where they ignore useful treatments.

  8. LarsDane

    Who would have thought just a few months ago that the madness of Australia, New Zealand and Canada would be convincingly trumped by Austria? Indeed, who would 2 years ago have thought these countries would descend into such dystopian collective madness in such short time? And now we fear that the same totalitarian policy will hit Germany. And we fear that it will also hit us living north of Germany. Just yesterday our minister of health was on television stating “the vaccines work, now go and have your 3rd shot – and for those who are not vaccinated: Get I done, we don’t want to bring in stricter measures”. We keep hearing these veiled threats while we are watching all cause excess deaths go up all over Europe.

    Have the Europeans learned nothing from history?

    My grandparents housed fugitives during the occupation of Denmark in 1940 to 1945. Just 3 days ago my wife and I discussed the possibility of whether it would now be our turn to do the same. Who would ever have thought it would come to this in our lifetime? We were actually thinking of internal refugees from a possible repressive local regime but now it seems that we may initially have to open our homes to Austrian and possibly also German refugees. In the meantime, we must keep up hope that enlightenment will break through though I agree with Pierre that it is difficult not to despair. And I have also almost given up on reading about climate change or the lack thereof. We are indeed facing a far greater threat right now.

    Christiaan Alting von Geusau has very good analysis of the situation:

  9. bonbon

    Some comfortable reading during lockdown, again,
    Edgar Poe : The Masque of the Red Death
    Have a look at what Rome’s Justinian did :

    Justinianic Plague was nothing like flu and may have struck England before it reached Constantinople, new study suggests

    Dante’s Divine Comedy war written during a plague :

    Where is Dante when we need him?

  10. mwhite
  11. bonbon

    To understand what is going on – see Edgar Poe’s Masque of the Red Death, and Dante’s Divine Comedy, both set in plagues rampaging through society, that had no concept of healthcare.

    Since the bank collapse of 2008, with massive bailouts, healthcare basically was left to rot. Then nature strikes, hard.

    Today’s Divine Comedy started with a bank collapse, exactly like the Bardi-Peruzzi collapse (See Tuchman’s Distant Mirror), followed by the COP circus and a plague. Nature struck, hard, decimating Europe.

    Learn from experience folks!

  12. bonbon

    Healthcare in the EU is still functioning, unlike in the gutted US economy. Look at what happened with the infamous Obamacare!

    Problem is, the EU Commission will likely push an Obamacare, just like they pushed an Enron Retread of energy spot-pricing – look at that fiasco for a taste of what’s to come!

  13. richard

    It’s a cozy world- › article › factcheck-coronavirus-usa-idUSL1N2R00KP
    They added that the claim 150,000 people have died in the United States as a result of COVID-19 vaccines is not accurate and is based on data from VAERS that was not properly interpreted.

    Pfizer appoints Reuters boss to board of directors
    [Search domain] › news › 801732662 › pfizer-appoints-reuters-boss-to-board-of-directors
    Pfizer has appointed Jim Smith, chief executive officer of Thomson Reuters, to its board of directors.

    he joined Pfizer in 2020.

    Thomson Reuters Foundation | Thomson Reuters
    [Search domain] › en › about-us › thomson-reuters-foundation.html
    Thomson Reuters Foundation. We are the corporate foundation of Thomson Reuters, the global news and information services company.

  14. Sean

    The problem is the vaccine is temporary protection while actually catching the disease and recovery provides a more durable immunity. The more traditional AZ and the JJ vaccines seem good for only 2-3 months while the mRNA seems to last 4-6 months.

    Germany seemed to do a good job early at isolating the infection but once it became endemic, another strategy was needed. I believe the vaccines do provide protection and are what I would call a selfish solution in that you do it to and for yourself. However, government seem to treat the vaccines as a way to achieve herd immunity which will likely be impossible to achieve with such a short protection period for many of the vaccines in use and the delays in getting approvals for booster shots.

    The health agencies need to be completely honest which what the vaccines can and cannot do with regard to protection and side effects. They need to treat the citizens as intelligent people who can make the proper risk tradeoffs to vaccinate or not. The vaccines should not be a social obligation to achieve herd immunity. They should be taken or not taken for “selfish” reasons, weighing the risks based upon personal situations.

  15. cavia

    Governments around the world keep applying extremely dangerous public health policies, and we’re starting to sea the results across the board.
    New example:

  16. richard
  17. Tonyb

    From here in England it is barely credible to believe what is happening in Europe.

    Although he did lots wrong, Boris unlocked early in the summer despite the howls of protests and we have been functioning pretty normally since. No vaccine passports, no legally obligatory masks, although some still wear them, holidays were taken ,restaurants and shopping centres very busy.

    The Experts say we shouldn’t have the same experience as Europe as so many here have been infected or vaccinated. I hope so as I certainly do not want another lockdown or the dystopian compulsory vaccination being enacted in so many countries, which is an affront to democracy

  18. Tom0mason

    These injectable potions offer only very limited initial protection from the virus, offers no protection from being reinfection (from either the same or a mutated version), and allows the spike protein and/or the virus to be shed from the injected person.

    Even with ignoring the usual range of inaccuracies within government figures and taking them at face value, it is noted that these injectable potions have caused, and continue to cause, more deaths and adverse reactions than all the real vaccines have ever caused.
    Also consider nobody knows what the long term effects of these injections are because no long term study was ever performed before they were approved for use. People who have been injected ARE the test population for short and long term effects. Remember that over 97% of all people contracting this infection have/will recover with little or no medical intervention and their immune system will be better primed for the same and mutated variants.

    WHO and governments around the world, are now being completely irrational/illogical with their current responses to this ‘pandemic’.
    These injected potions are not ‘vaccines’ in the normal (and to the WHO old fashioned) description of what a vaccine should be and be able to do, the world is being conned by big pharma with these dangerous gene manipulating ‘medications’.

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