Gross Energy Mismanagement: Energy Expert Warns Of Europe Power Blackouts, “Numerous Deaths”

The danger of blackouts in Europe is increasing, warns a German energy export. The result could be “numerous deaths “.  Also, $10 a gallon not far off…

In a recent interview with independent journalist Boris Reitschuster, German energy expert Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt warns that the risk of as power blackout in Europe is increasing as baseload power gets decommissioned and more unstable renewable energies are fed in.

Larger blackouts would mean “numerous deaths” and that Germany’s neighbors would be “dragged into the abyss.” Particularly Holland, Belgium, the north of France and above all Austria would be affected.

Wind and sun are flopping

Vahrenholt describes Europe’s recent energy supply development, which is increasingly focused on weather-dependent sources such as wind and sun, as “dramatic”.

Currently grid operators are struggling to “keep the system running to the bitter end,” says Vahrenholt. Already aluminum and steel plants are being shut down. As energy supplies tighten, there’s a risk that cities will blackouts. Policymakers are “underestimating the problem”.

Worse, the seriousness of the situation is not recognized in politics and the media, so that there will be real impacts in the next one to two years, says Vahrenholt. He warns people will not put up with this much longer. “They told us otherwise,” they will say.

Energy shortages will fuel inflation

“They aren’t concerned about the climate at all, it’s about breaking away from being a highly developed industrialized country.” says Vahrenholt.

Ten dollars a gallon not far off

The energy shortages will also lead to considerable inflation, as is already evident at the petrol stations: “Two euros per liter of gasoline is not the end of the end of it,” warns Vahrenholt.

He warns energy is becoming more expensive and unreliable in Germany. “We will have to get used to power cuts.” And if Nordstream 2 doesn’t come: “the lights will go out in Germany.”

Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt was Managing Director of RWE Innogy GmbH — the renewable energy sector — from 2008 to 2012. Until 2019, he was the sole director of the German Wildlife Foundation. Vahrenholt, who holds a doctorate in chemistry, has been an honorary professor at the University of Hamburg .


10 responses to “Gross Energy Mismanagement: Energy Expert Warns Of Europe Power Blackouts, “Numerous Deaths””

  1. Billy

    It is really amazing that Germany’s grid has fuctioned for this long.
    The activists seem bent on not having year-round electrical service for the lower classes. Climate justice.

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  3. posa

    “He warns people will not put up with this much longer. ”

    Oh please. There was just an election in Germany and the vast majority voted for Green Genocide Policies. The status quo is what the majority really want. Now they’ll soon get a good dose of “Freeze in the Dark” pedagogy. So brainwashed is the population however, that they’ll ask for more.

    1. bonbon

      They voted for a government that still is not ready. And they destroyed all establishment parties which have gangrene.
      People are not putting up, nor shutting up.

  4. Josh

    That is unfortunately true. The German government screws the people and the people say ‘More!’

  5. dodgy geezer

    People will put up with anything.

    So long as they are told to do so in an authoritative voice.

    Milgram pointed this out years ago….

  6. Tom0mason

    Not so much a “Black Friday”, more a “Blackout Winter”!

  7. bonbon

    The NordStream 2 suspension is obviously a transatlantic geopolitical play with the greens ¨in sync¨ , not in Germany’s interests. As Trump often said getting along with Russia is a good thing, while his admin tried to kill NordStream 2.
    A case of tail wagging the dog. A tale of 2 US administrations making a dogs dinner out of every single policy they sniff at. The EU poodle is part of the pack. To top the lot FLOP26 was a howler that ended with Sharma’s tears…
    And we are told wolves were domesticated 40,000BP !

  8. bonbon

    Big surprise – German Greens slam new NordStream 2 sanctions as even for them unacceptable.
    “The new US sanctions are unacceptable even for the opponents of Nord Stream 2,” Omid Nouripour told Reuters on Tuesday.

    Synced or not? Amazing what the portmonae does!

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