Germans Jabbing In The Dark With The Delusional Hopes Something Works. Making It Up As They Go

Here’s how the COVID government policy is working in Germany: They’re just jabbing in the dark with the delusional hope something will work, praying not too much carnage will result.

Just take the vax, it’ll protect you – maybe for decades, the media promised a lockdown-weary population early this year. You’ll be protected and things will get right back to normal. Get the jab!

Try the J&J – just one little prick! Oops, that didn’t work out so well. No worries, just top it off with an injection of the safer BioNTech instead. Take two shots if you started with it, and you’ll see 95% protection! That lockdown will end soon.

If you started with Astra Zeneca and didn’t die of a blood clot, yet had a rough time – well, sorry about that. Maybe better to avoid it later, so take the Moderna! Oh, that’s not quite working out, either, too many “very rare” adverse effects. Just top it off with BioNTech too, and then again 6 months later, and then again.

But that looks like it’s not gonna work out either, and so (if you haven’t died by now) you just got to keep taking more boosters. Meanwhile you’ll get to enjoy a few special privileges during the long lockdowns, which do occasionally get interrupted by brief spells of freedom.

And if you’ve become a bit concerned about safety and wish for something a little less dodgy, then not to fear! There’s another new soon-to be-approved vaccine that promises to be “even safer”. You see, it employs an old technology – hence the name Novavax! Here tiny particles are made from a laboratory-grown version of the spike protein of the coronavirus and act to coax the production of antibodies and T cells. Great chance it’ll offer years of protection and a return to the good old times. So give it a try when your next jab is due! If that doesn’t work at first, don’t give up – surely the following boosters will.

If you have already had COVID, then just wait six months and follow all the above.

So by now you might be asking: “Gee, how long will it take before we know for sure what works? No one knows! But c’mon, we can’t know unless we give it a try. Just keep trying, don’t give up! We’ll get there. Just throw it all in, trust the experts! Follow the science!

This is how it’s going. They’re just making it up as they go. Welcome to German public immunology.

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  2. Ozonebust

    It is not just a German response, it is a western world response, and anyone else they can include.

    There is some very good information at and

  3. Petit_Barde

    Actually, the most efficient and safest vaccine is the Omicron variant and it’s spreading very fast.

    According to the South Africa public health, it has induced no hospitalization and caused at most 1-2 days of tiredness among thousands of infected.

    A very bad news for all the psychopaths in charge all over the occident so I presume they are trying to cover this.

  4. Tom0mason

    Yes jab, jab, jab!
    We must jab more, and the saviors of humanity (aka big pharma) can train everyone’s immune system to rage against versions of COVID and it’s spike protein. Rage against the spike protein parts even if they have become of the human’s genome because of these mRNA injections.

    Jab, jab, jab is needed because our inherent immune systems have until now only protected us from viruses, bacteria, and nasty microbes in general.
    Remember our immune systems have adapted and reorganized for every initial infection that it encounters, even if that initial infection has NEVER been encountered before!

  5. pochas94

    After my two Moderna jabs I am swearing them off. I’m planning on getting sick instead.

  6. CK_
    1. Richard Greene

      That’s scary more than it’s funny

  7. drumphish

    So far there are 5.23 million deaths from Covid-19, in total, worldwide.

    5,230,000/7,600,000,000 = 523/760,000=5.23/7600 = 0.00068815789 x 100 = 0.068815789 percent of the total human population died of Covid-19 to date.

    99.93 percent of the population has survived the pandemic at the moment.

    A 99 percent survival rate means one percent die, 0.01 x 7,600,000,000 = 76,000,000. 76,000,000 x 0.0688 = 5,228,800, the math work check is correct.

    After two years of death counts totaling 76,000,000, you might want to seriously consider avoiding close contact with others, the asymptomatic spreaders will be out there. It will look like a pandemic then. A little paranoia won’t hurt by the time the next scariant rolls into town.

    Four weeks ago a neighbor died of Covid, was in his 70’s, diabetic, overweight. Visited for a brief conversation back in August, two months later, gone. Was not vaccinated and opposed the vaccine mandate. Refused to comply. His wife has had the Covid and refuses to be vaccinated, she considers herself immune.

    I have not received the vaccine and have no intention of taking it or any of them.

    I’m too old to worry about what might happen and will take my chances.

    Worried about what the vaccines might do, that’s for sure. I can’t worry too much about Covid-19 and the fake pandemic, seems as though all of that makes things worse than what they were already.

    Quite obvious that lockdowns are just plain stupid.

    1. Cocoa

      These numbers represent people who died with COVID, and not people who died of COVID, and this distinction is important, beacuse over 90% of these people had between 1 and 4 co-morbidities, ranging from cancer to severe cardiovascular diseases, severe deficiency in vitamin D, etc.
      What all these co-morbities have in common is that they are highly correlated with old age and/or with obesity, which is why most people who died with COVID are old and/or obese, and this population is the most vulnerable to upper respiratory diseases, such as the flu, which kills many of them every winter.
      But since 2020, medical bureaucrats have pretty much canceled the flu, and these deaths are now attributed to COVID.

  8. tarred & feathered

    Delusions and lies, worldwide, and both governments and corporate media who jointly terrorize the population, which is often looking for something to fear, and someone to hate, or merely dislike…
    The whole thing is going from bad to worse – a dead end with an awful outcome, except for the vaccine manufacturers, although they may end up in prison.

    More Than 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions:

    Here in the US, we have an independent court system that through multiple rulings, has curtailed Biden’s attempts to mandate “vaccination”, and other unconstitutional measures.

    The Republicans, led by powerful and far-sighted governors and senators, is mounting a major political attack on the Biden administration, Fauci, the CDC, FDA, and most of the official COVID-19 narrative. They sense that most of the public is getting tired of the COVID BS, and they plan to use the administration’s failures and extensive use of unpopular and ineffective measures to gain more seats in the coming midterm elections, next year.

  9. Gerald the Mole

    Does any body know what the chances of dieing from Covid are if you are not obese, or diabetic, or have no serious health problems? The numbers for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated would be interesting.

    1. Scissor

      The CDC estimated that about 6% of COVID deaths were from those not suffering from comorbidites, i.e. 94% of COVID deaths were from unhealthy people.

      Using drumpish’s calculation of global mortality of 0,07% and assume that pandemic is only 1/3 over, then odds of survival for the healthy = 100%-0,013 or ~ 99,99%.

      Of course, our long term survival is 0%. (This is probably conservative because the pandemic is likely more than half over as defined by number of actual individual infections.}

      For me personally, I have a greater chance of dying from skiing, yet I purchased an annual ski pass in September.

      1. bonbon

        Off piste and the rescue bill could cause a heart attack in case of accident.
        I think they will use this model for un-vaccinated.

    2. richard

      If you take the MRNA vaccine you increase your chances of heart disease by 14%.

    3. Richard Greene

      A person with a healthy immune system will survive COVID, especially the 2021 variants, which seem to be less deadly than COVID was in 2020.

      Worry more about a car acciden, if you have to worry about something.

      There have been studies showing 94% of COVID deaths had comorbidities and 6% didn’t. That was n misinterpreted. Most of the 6% may have had yet to be discovered comorbidities. Example: There are some middle aged men whose first symptom of heart disease is a fatal heart attack. I lost a 50-something friend that way.

      Stress can affect your immune system. So worrying about COVID is not a good idea. A 70-something friend in good physical condition caught COVID in 2020 (positive PCR test) and his ONLY symptom was a loss of his sense of smell. The same as some of the 20-something children of our friends.

  10. bonbon

    For those interested in the science of new vaccines, a very readable explanations here :

    Moderna’s Next Act Is Using mRNA vs. Flu, Zika, HIV, and Cancer

    Trials already underway.

    1. Scissor

      Hopefully, COVID has not set the precedent in which unsafe medicines are rolled out without proper safety study.

      1. bonbon

        The competition were caught napping, and are in a mad dash to catch up. Well, this will opens the door to tackling diseases that were thought incurable.

    2. Yonason

      Old news, bonbon. They’ve been saying that’s what they want to do for a long while now.

      “Trials already underway.”

      Hard to believe when they didn’t really perform any real trials on their COVID scam vax. Maybe they’re just going through the motions to appear to be satisfying drug efficacy and safety requirements, without actually doing anything that would show how useless their innovations are.

  11. Tomcat

    Spanish Investigation Finds Vaccine Passports Have No Impact On Infection Rates –

    We are experiencing a pandemic of a new strain of fascism. This new type of fascism is different, it is globalist, “woke”, and “green”.
    20th century fascism was not about the good of people that the state continuously terrorized, imprisoned, and killed, in the name of public safety and national interest. It was all about the ultra-rich owners of big corporations who joined forces with corrupt and power hungry politicians, to consolidate their power, and prevent anyone else from having it.
    Fear was the main tool that 20th century fascist regimes used. Without fear there is no way to make people stop thinking for themselves, and no way to make them blindly trust their government. Without fear there is no way to coerce people into doing things that make no sense for them, and are against their own interest.
    Fear is the main instrument of manipulation that governments in Europe, the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US have been using during this new World War that we’re seeing now. Scaring people out of their mind has worked quite well for these governments, so far, except for the US, where the political and government system is both more robust and more sophisticated than elsewhere, and it can deal successfully with government overreach and power grab. Our courts system is more independent and more powerful than in other western countries, and our parliamentary system more tuned to what citizens have to say.
    We have globalist-fascists here too, and ironically, they call themselves “Liberals”, although they are anything but. They are fighting tooth and claw to implement their medical fascism, but the resistance to their effort is strong, it’s growing, and it is successful, both in the courts and in various states where local politicians are more rational, broad minded, and far sighted.

    Hate is another important instrument in the toolbox of authoritarian regimes. If there is no ethnic, religious, or political minority to focus the population’s fear and hate on, the government and its media allies create one –
    In this new World war, this minority is the “non-vaccinated” who are vilified, accused of “selfishness”, and persecuted, against everything the Nuremberg code ordains. This puts politicians, doctors and their allies in a situation whee arguably, they are committing crimes against humanity, or helping criminals commit such crimes.
    But since an authoritarian / fascist regime is by definition not for the people, ostracizing and persecuting the minority isn’t enough, and eventually, the authoritarian government locks ordinary people in prison, as we can observe in Australia and Canada, where ironically, “fully-vaxxed” citizens who are infected with COVID, or just suspected of being infected, find themselves locked against their will in special prison camps, for limited periods of time, for now.

    International organizations such as the WHO and WEF serve the new global fascist ideology and the governments that adhere to it in multiple ways. But needless to say that these organizations serve mainly the ultra-rich and powerful individuals who control them.

    The big question is whether some politicians in Germany, the UK, etc, will see the opportunity to develop a meaningful political resistance to this “medical” and global form of fascism.
    WWII brought about what was previously unthinkable, namely a full cooperation between the communist USSR and capitalist US and UK. Such unlikely thing may happen again, in the form of conservative politicians joining left wing politicians across Europe, and working together to fight the nascent fascist state. Stranger things have happened, and besides, no one seems to like or trust the ultra-rich who run this show for their own benefit.

  12. Bran Flakes

    A recent win for human rights in the fight against medical tyranny in the UK:

    1. Yonason


      I was excited to read it, until I did. But, hey, maybe it’s a start.

  13. richard

    “Ursula Van Der Leyen, the head of the EU commission, told the press on Wednesday that she is in favour of scrapping the long-standing Nuremburg Code and forcing people to get vaccinated against COVID”


    “The US is one of the most vaccinated countries and also has one of the highest COVID-19 death rates in the world”
    Africa has the least vaccinated and least deaths.The rule of thumb is covid effects countries the most where gobs of money can be made. That covid virus is a sneaky bugger.


    Belgium courts ruled vaccine passports illegal.

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  15. Saighdear

    Well, the brits bought into it a long time ago… remember ” Vorsprung durch Technik ” . and who are the Four now ? no prizes for guessing.

  16. Gerald the Mole

    Scissor4 et al. Many thanks for your comments.

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