Austria: New Law Against Vaccine Opponents Foresees 1 Year Imprisonment For Vaccine Critics!

Austria: Law amendment foresees up to one year in prison for vaccine critics

Austria’s online here reports on the law against vaccination opponents, set to go into force in early 2022.

The fine for not complying to the vaccine mandate has been reduced to €2000 instead of €7200. That is quite a bit softer, but the new law has a new amendment against vaccination opponents, which the Express reports “is explosive in terms of democratic politics: in future, vaccination critics in Austria will be threatened with one year’s imprisonment.”

The Express adds: “The amendment has already passed the parliamentary committee. The vaccination critics will have their own detention rooms, and the costs for meals will be charged to ‘the obligated’.”

Holy moly! The politicians in Austria have gone totally bonkers.

Vaccine deaths surge 100 fold

Meanwhile, Germany’s Paul Ehrlich Institute data shows that vaccine related deaths in the country have exploded some 100-fold in 2021:

Original data from the Paul Ehrlich Institute, source: Marc Friedrich (ca. 44:00)

In most years, less than a dozen vaccine deaths occurred. But in 2009, 40 deaths linked to the swine flu vaccine occurred. As a result, the vaccine was immediately suspended that year. In 2021, a whopping 1450 deaths were reported as of August. But the vaccine continues to be vigorously encouraged and in some countries mandates are planned with boosters possibly every year if not semiannually!

That’s a scandal.

Yet in Austria, you could go to jail for a year for expressing such facts. Europe is going down the path of insanity at warp speed.

16 responses to “Austria: New Law Against Vaccine Opponents Foresees 1 Year Imprisonment For Vaccine Critics!”

  1. DocSiders

    Europeans appear to be natural Authortarian Tyrants.

    Been down this road twice last century with over 80 million innocents murdered by these very types of evil people.. Leftists cannot not jerk people around once they gain any power.

    Suppression of speech is a proven evil. This evil will be punished…eventually …by reality.

    Therapeutics have Covid on the ropes (or would if these tyrants cared about the lives of people and would promote their use) with properly administered vaccines (only Aspiration Injections) and with Fully Human Antibodies (Regeneron) and with Viral Mutability enhancers.

    Fatality rates in the West are no longer at Epidemic Levels (even allowing for the 40% over-attribution of Covid as the cause of death).

    The Leftists will hang on to the last vestiges of Covid with both hands and their eye teeth. They LOVE abusing power.

    1. RobB

      Dont blame the Europeans, they’re just copying the Australians.

      The brainwashing of politicians is complete. Somehow they think covid is an extremely dangerous disease, when its IFR is only 2 or 3 times as bad as the flu, and somehow they think that the only way to deal with covid is lockdowns and vaccines. As if there is no other way.

      Its like they have turned off their brains for 2 years. Then they reinforce their own ignorance by stifling all dissent. How different is this to blaming witches in the middle ages?

  2. Climate Heretic

    The question remains what is going to be done about this new law.

    Climate Heretic

  3. Tom0mason

    Pierre it may soon get worse …
    Christian the guy at Ice Age Farmer is reporting that the ‘U.N. Taking Down Private Websites – Domain Level Censorship’ .
    Basically he says that the United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (UNCTED) is requiring Domain Name holders to take down sites UNCTED say is spreading misinformation, conspiracy theories, and ‘harmful narratives’ over networks. Misinformation, theories, and narratives that prey on those who are so hopeless and fearful they are easily influenced and therefore must be protected.
    Here is his bitchute video

  4. drumphish

    Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetence. Now we have both. Malicious intent is criminal, has to be punished.

    Nobody has the right to remain among the non-vaccinated.

    You will be vaccinated, it is the law! har

    If you refuse to be jabbed, you’ll be a pariah, shunned, shipped off to a gulag out there in The Pale. No vaccine passport for you, which is really a passport to allow you to not be a no good filthy swine of a despicable horrible Covid-19 vaccine-free human being.

    You must join the clot shot cult, there is no escape, there is no way out, you will comply, you will be assimilated, there will be no subverting the dominant paradigm. It is Planet Gulag. Resistance is futile.

    You might as well be a leper in a leper colony.

    Then again, you might be one of the lucky ones who were forcibly removed from the vaccinated who inevitably begin to die off one by one.

    Has to all remain a mystery, of biblical proportions to boot.

    Ain’t nobody getting out of here alive, the elite included. It’s just a matter of time.

    Time to drink.

  5. bonbon

    As has become public, the most famous anti-vaxxer is a Kennedy family wealthy scion whose sister is one of the very deep pockets funding Extinction Rebellion.
    Very curious indeed.
    So we have Extinction Rebellion and Vaccine Rebellion all in a family. As Tweedle Dum told Alice, some families have 1, they have 2.

    Could it be Governments are slowly cottoning on?

    1. Richard Greene

      Robert Kennedy Jr. is a deluded leftist.
      Possibly insane.
      No one with sense would listen to him.

      Kennedy is against all vaccinations
      He just happens to be right,
      for the first time,
      about the COVID vaccines,
      which are very risky
      and not very effective.

      On COVID vaccines, Kennedy is just like
      a broken watch, appearing to be “right”
      twice a day.

      Kennedy is strongly anti-CO2,
      the staff of life on our planet.
      He has called for laws to punish people
      who do not agree with his vision of
      a coming climate catastrophe.

      Kennedy is a non-scientific
      dingbat on most subjects.

      But he has also uncovered many details
      about Grouchy Fauci,
      showing he is the worst bureaucrat i
      for worthless medical experiments.

  6. Luigi

    dear Pierre,
    let me please comment on that: I am curious to see 3 million Austrians put in jail. Yes I am really curious to see how the government would solve that materially.
    I’d like to see the same concerning 8 million Italians, 26 million Germans and so on.
    I just want to point out I belong to those that should go to jail.

  7. pochas94

    About the only statistic you can believe is deaths for all causes. All else is garbage.

    1. Richard Greene


  8. Richard Greene

    Fascism has returned as “COVID Nazis”

  9. Fold

    Vaccinating a person under threat, or duress, or even while withholding from them information about potential adverse side effects of this vaccine, consists of a crime against humanity, according to the Nuremberg Code, on which Austria is a signatory.
    These crimes can be prosecuted at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague.

    Some Austrian lawyers and members of parliament in that country know about this, so why is no one doing anything against this insane government?

    Here in the US, the state and federal courts have practically stopped Biden’s vaccine mandates initiative, and now the Republicans are aiming at defunding it.

  10. David Reich

    What is going largely unreported are all the deaths of star athletes after getting the jab.

  11. pochas94

    The real worry is that if they can mandate vaccines, then what other drugs are they going to feed us?

  12. Pretzel

    Poland’s Nuremberg 2.0 Project Has Been Launched –

    It seems like many politicians, officials, journalists and doctors who try to impose forced vaccination, or other forced medical treatments, are unaware of the fact that they are breaking the law, and that they may be prosecuted individually for their crimes against humanity.
    Since the Nuremberg trials in 1946, the defense argument of “I just followed orders” is not acceptable in case of crimes against humanity.
    From the NIH website –
    However, due to biased (criminal?) media coverage, the majority of people are unaware of this too, and millions of them believe, falsely, that the authorities of the emerging medical-fascist global state can do whatever they want.

  13. Prop

    It’s time to ask whether the authorities in Austria are totally crazy, because such folly cannot be attributed solely to stupidity, and to corruption driven by economic interests of “vaccine” manufacturers –
    “WHO/CDC: Zero Omicron Deaths In The World, Only 1 Hospitalized Across 22 States In US”

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