Thanks To Readers For Donations: As Europe Enters a Long, Drawn-Out Winter With Potential Blackouts

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Last year at this time, I had hopes that 2021 would be a better year in terms of policymaking, economy, COVID and democracy. Now that 2021 is coming to an end, what disappointment it’s been! Especially shocking are the mass hysteria and recent erosion of our fundamental rights – to the point that we are now teetering on a dictatorship. Who could have imagined?

It was all brought upon us with fear and the phony promises the vaccine would return us to normal. Now we’ve all got one foot in a medical dictatorship.

Climate fraud has not disappeared, either. Though it pales in comparison to the COVID issue, it will continue to be used as a weapon to promote further fear and restrictive policies. It truly is shocking.

Could be a very rough winter

The challenges next year for Germany and Europe will be the energy supply.

  1. Russia and Ukraine might shut off the gas supply.
  2. Germany will shut down nuclear plants at the end of 2021
  3. Germany will shut down the remaining nuclear plants in 2022.
  4. Experts warn of blackouts this winter.
  5. German energy prices are soaring, highest in the world.

Growing distrust

But there are some glimmers of hope:

In addition to a large number of people who resent having been coerced into being vaccinated, there’s a hardcore minority (20%) who are standing up to the medical apartheid and there’s a very strong undercurrent of general dissatisfaction among the broader population. We can hope this will blossom when spring finally arrives.

Once the lies surrounding COVID become more apparent, more people will come to distrust the governments and start questioning the fantasy-based climate and energy policies.

We just have to keep at it with our efforts.


5 responses to “Thanks To Readers For Donations: As Europe Enters a Long, Drawn-Out Winter With Potential Blackouts”

  1. bonbon

    Belarus threatened to suspend transit gas because of Brussels belligerence.

    NordStream 2 is on hold until July 2022 – purely political as it is ready for take-off.

    France has 2 nuclear reactors offline for maintenance.

    And the Ranch at the Crooked E, Enron, energy pricing model carries on in the EU instead of long term contracts – Spot pricing is such fun, until it isn’t!

    1. bonbon

      France – a 3rd nuclear reactor offline due to a strike.
      And the Yamal gas transit through Belarus to the EU is closed -Gazprom booked no volume. Could be Russian market is priority with cold weather.

      This looks like a train-wreck – did the traffic lights not work?

  2. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

    Merry Christmas, Pierre!

    And can I again make a plea to one and all for a New Year’s Resolution? Can we all PLEASE STOP using the phrase “fossil fuel.” That’s THEIR phrase, and it’s a marketing phrase designed to associate HYDROCARBON ENERGY SOURCES with “fossil,” as a way of implying that hydrocarbon energy sources are old-timey and clapped-out. They’re not – and in fact in the long sweep of human history they are actually quite new.

    Let’s NOT LET THEM impose THEIR warped language on us!!!!

    1. bonbon

      Sure, these energy sources are quite new, and nuclear the newest.

      The only fossil is the ancient 6000+ years of Empire.

      Modern industrial society is actually very new, the fossil simply cannot accept Prometheus – it wants to take our fire away.
      Davos, the Empire’s Oracle of Delphi, intones we will own nothing and be happy (Klaus Schwab’s own words).
      Anyway COVID has done something positive – Davos is cancelled!

  3. Peter

    “Germany will shut down nuclear plants at the end of 2021
    Germany will shut down the remaining nuclear plants in 2022.”

    The neighboring Netherlands just decided to build two nuclear plants. I guess they realized that just wind and solar will not cut it.

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