Analysis By German Prof: “Thousands Of Hidden Deaths Daily” …May Be Greatest Medical Debacle In Human History

Shocking mortality data from Germany, Austria, Israel, England: thousands of post-vaccine non-Covid deaths covered up – miscategorized as unvaccinated deaths…”extremely alarming situation”

“Thousands are dying of the vaccine daily without us even being aware of it.”

University of Regensberg Professor Christof Kuhbandner uncovered what he calls an extremely alarming situation, one where thousands and thousands of vaccine deaths are being hidden in the statistics.

England report sets off alarms

According to this Austrian report broadcast by, Prof. Kuhbandner happened to come across a recent preprint study in the journal ResearchGate, where the authors examined the UK ONS vaccine mortality surveillance report.

Although at first glance the all-cause mortality appeared far lower in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated, on closer inspection they found fundamental inconsistencies and anomalies in the data and that there had been a “systemic miscategorization of deaths between the different categories of unvaccinated and vaccinated” among other factors.

For the period of calendar week 1-38, 2021, Figures 8 and 9 show strong peaks in non-Covid mortality for the unvaccinated 60-69 and 70-79 age groups while the mortality among the vaccinated stayed steady.

Chart: ResearchGate

At first glance this would suggest that the vaccines were functioning well in England and Wales. But the ending is not a happy one.

Disturbing: The peaks did occur at the same time

Prof. Kuhbandner noted something very unusual was going on and examined the trend also for the 80+ age group as well. The following are the plots for all three age groups. The peaks and deaths were offset.

Chart: ResearchGate

Moreover, the paper’s authors also commented:

In previous years, each of the 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ groups have mortality peaks at the same time during the year (including 2020 when all suffered the April Covid peak at the same time). Yet in 2021 each age group has non-Covid mortality peaks for the unvaccinated, at a different time, namely the time that vaccination rollout programmes for those cohorts reach a peak.”

In other words, the vaccines were rolled out in stages, first administered to the most elderly (80+years old) and then to the next group (70-79) and then to the 60-69 group some weeks later. The death peaks then followed the vaccination stages.

So why would people NOT getting the vaccine be the ones dying in huge numbers, and not those getting the vaccine?

This is because in Europe the status of “vaccinated” first gets assigned 14 days after getting the final jab. Thus any deaths occurring before this, ends up being counted as an “unvaccinated death”! So if a patient who got a vaccine dies less than 14 days later, he/she gets counted as an unvaccinated death. This is how vaccine deaths are getting hidden. And there many thousands.

As Figures 5-7 above show, thousands of deaths occurred shortly after the vaccines had been administered, and many among them were likely linked to the vaccine itself. If this is the case globally, and not just in Britain, then the number of vaccine deaths may be profound. The nightmare appears to be true, Prof Kuhbandner shows.

Same pattern in Germany

Prof. Kuhbandner then examined the mortality data for Germany and found the very same pattern: large jumps in mortality immediately following the vaccine campaigns. These deaths appear to be directly the result of vaccinations. It’s just too coincidental to be dismissed.

Carnage equivalent to two commercial jets crashing every day

“When you express this in numbers, it translates to 700 more deaths a day on average,’ Kuhbandner tells, looking just at the German numbers. “It would be like two commercial planes full of people crashing every day.”

Kuhbandner also found the same pattern of post-vaccination death in Israel.

The  U. of Regensburg professor contacted both the Robert Koch Institute and Paul Ehrlich institutes to present his findings, but so far they’ve ignored them. The RKI wrote they did not “have the capacity to evaluate suspicions from every individual.”

“Extremely alarming situation”

As it stands, no one knows when these extremely disturbing findings are going to be taken seriously by the responsible authorities. Until they do, however, many thousands more are going to die each and every day.

“If it turns out that there’s a causal effect with the vaccinations, then we are dealing with an extremely alarming situation,” says Kuhbandner. “Then we have a case here where thousands of people are dying of the vaccine daily without us even being aware of it,”

30 responses to “Analysis By German Prof: “Thousands Of Hidden Deaths Daily” …May Be Greatest Medical Debacle In Human History”

  1. Jerry

    Something strange is also happening in Ireland.

  2. Bobby sands

    Something strange is also happening in Ireland, with more deaths compared to other years.

  3. col from OZ

    I am not sure about this. In Australia and in states like New South Wales one would be able to the effect as we had a population wide vaccine, with no covid deaths as we in part successfully kept Corna out until recently. So, and I have not checked one would see larger than normal deaths, without the confusion of Covid19. Maybe a check the place to look is Australian Bureau of Statistics which I looked up deaths in early March 2020 so i would know if any large scale deaths occur something like 160,000 deaths per year.

    1. mwhite

      “in part successfully kept Corna out until recently.”

      Unless the Australian restriction came into force during the summer of 2029 I very much doubt it.
      An Italian cancer study began in September 2019

      ” The population was enrolled from September 2019 to March 2020 through the SMILE trial (Screening and Multiple Intervention on Lung Epidemics; Identifier: NCT03654105), a prospective lung cancer screening study using low-dose computed tomography and blood biomarkers, with the approval of our institutional review board and ethics committee. All eligible participants provided written informed consent.”

      “Table 1 reports anti-SARS-CoV-2 RBD antibody detection according to the time of sample collection in Italy. In the first 2 months, September–October 2019”

      I would say the the illness was travelling around the world during the summer of 2019 but was triggered until the northern hemisphere winter of 2019/20. You were lucky as that was your summer, in which case Australia may have built up a large degree of immunity during that period which made the draconian measure taken by the Australian Government appear effective.

      1. mwhite

        Unless the Australian restriction came into force during the summer of 2029 I very much doubt it.

        Unless the Australian restriction came into force during the summer of 2019 I very much doubt it.

        2019 not 2029

    2. Hanrahan

      New Zealand would have purer data in the absence of the Ruby Princess fiasco. Seek and ye shall find.

  4. husq

    Please see below for death registrations for 2020 and 2021 (provisional) that were due to COVID-19 and were recorded without any pre-existing conditions, England and Wales.

    2020: 9400 (0-64: 1549 / 65 and over: 7851)
    2021 Q1: 6483 (0-64: 1560/ 65 and over: 4923)
    2021 Q2: 346 (0-64: 153/ 65 and over: 193)
    2021 Q3: 1142 (0-64: 512/ 65 and over: 630)

    1. Richard Greene

      Most likely meaningless numbers.

      Deaths “FROM” Covid in the US
      are always deaths WITH Covid,
      meaning any cause of death
      within 28 days of
      an inaccurate positive PCT test.

      That grossly exaggerates
      actual deaths FROM Covid

      Deaths from Covid are from
      failures of a major organ,
      usually the lungs.

      The people that die almost always
      have a weak immune system,
      with one or more comorbidities.

      That means older people, especially
      the weakest of them, in nursing homes.

      People may have comorbidities
      unknown to their doctors,
      or the coroner.

      I would say ACTUAL
      Covid deaths of people
      with normal immune systems
      and no comorbidities
      re very low
      — much lower
      than the numbers.
      you provided.

      One comorbidity is being overweight —
      I wonder if obesity was counted
      as a medical comorbidity?

      Other comorbidities,
      such as diabetes
      and high blood pressure
      are often not known
      for many years
      after they first existed.

  5. husq

    Freedom of information revelation

  6. Alastair

    You should listen to the interview Prof. Norman Fenton (one of the authors who examined the UK ONS vaccine mortality surveillance report) did with Maajid Nawaz on LBC Radio, on 4th December 2021.

    YouTube currently has a video available at

    Should YT take it down search for
    “Norman Fenton” “Maajid Nawaz” LBC
    in the search engine of your choice and you should find the video elsewhere.

    P.S. You may not be surprised to learn that LBC sacked Maajid Nawaz earlier this month.

  7. Don B

    This analysis is consistent with what has just been discovered in Alberta, Canada.
    Deaths within 14 days of being vaccinated are counted as unvaccinated, and half of the deaths occur during those 14 days, and are then counted improperly.

    “Alberta just inadvertently confessed to fiddling the COVID vaccination stats.
    More than half the newly vaccinated deaths were dumped in the unvaccinated.”

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  9. Jeremy Poynton
    1. Richard Greene

      The definition of unvaccinated
      hides most post=vaccine deaths
      caused by the Covid vaccines

      The CEO of one insurance company in Indiana
      does not have data that apply to total deaths
      for the entire United States. It is also a fact
      that almost half of Americans do not have
      any life insurance.

      This CEO was not confirmed by any reliable source.
      He also has a conflict of financial interest,
      because scaring people about deaths
      ill help sell life insurance.

      The CEO is claiming a huge increase
      of deaths under age 65.

      Starting in mid-2021.

      If anything that exceptional was happening
      in the second half of 2021
      (why not the first half of the year too ?),
      then total US deaths in 2021
      should be considerable higher
      than total US deaths in 2020.
      I have no data to show that
      has happened.

      In fact, Robert Anderson,
      who heads the CDCs mortality statistics,
      on December 22, 2021 estimated
      2021 TOTAL US deaths would
      exceed TOTAL 2020 US deaths
      by +15,000.

      With 3,384,000 total deaths in 2020,
      +15,000 for 2021 is almost the same as 2020.
      No sign of any explosion of deaths in the seoond
      half of 2021. Anderson had ‘actuals’ for the first
      10 months of 2021 and estimates for November
      and December 2021.

      Of course I could understand if you don’t trust the CDC.
      I could imagine the CDC underestimating deaths in 2021
      to make the Covid vaccines look like they saved lives.

      If they were going to lie about 2021 deaths,
      why estimate MORE deaths than in 2020,
      which ruins the “Covid vaccines are saving lives”

      So I can live with the CDC total deaths
      in 2021 estimate and I dismiss
      the insurance CEO implication that his customers
      represent all Americans, as misinformation,
      or a hoax.

      The truth is that deaths of Americans under age 65
      had large increases in 2020m versus 2019, and again
      in 2021, versus 2019. Two bad years in a row
      in spite of the vaccines.

      There are no data to show
      a very different, much higher
      Total US death trend,
      suddenly began in mid-2021.

    2. Richard Greene

      Customers at one insurance company
      do not represent the total US population.

      Roughly half of US adults have no life insurance,
      and most of those who do are not customers
      of that insurance company.

      Deaths for Americans under age 65
      were up by a high percentage
      in both 2020 and 2021.

      Total US deaths in 2020 and 2021 are
      expected to be similar —
      both years about +20% higher than 2019

      About 77% of US deaths are age 65 and higher

      There were 3.384 million total US deaths in 2020.
      2021 is expected to b slightly higher.

      1. Hanrahan

        “Customers at one insurance company
        do not represent the total US population.”

        But Richard, a poll of 1,000 people across the nation is said to tell us what the “mood of the nation” is.

        1. Richard Greene

          A random selection of people ion a nation is completely unrelated to the life insurance customers of one insurance company in Indiana, as claimed by one person, with no independent verification.

      2. Scissor

        The baby boom in the U.S. began in 1946. There were 20% more births in 1946 vs 1945.

        1. Richard Greene

          There were 12.2 Americans in the military in 1945,
          with about 7.6 million of those overseas.

          For the largest branch, the US Army:
          8 million soldiers in August 1845
          3 million soldiers in January 1946

          Do you suspect millions of American men
          coming home from overseas, getting better
          paying jobs, and getting married, had something
          to do with the +20% increase of births in 1946?

  10. Jeremy Poynton

    Oh and BTW, the ONS has produced figures, from Feb 2020 to Dec 2021 of those who died FROM Covid (as opposed to having a car crash, dying, being swabbed and get an [almost certainly false] positive test.

    Average? C 10 a day. TEN A DAY.

  11. Arfur Mo

    Mistakes and errors of accounting happen all the time. However, when all mistakes and errors, over the whole episode, in all countries, happen in one direction, you can be pretty sure there is fraud going on.

  12. Richard Greene

    A lot of Americans in nursing homes
    died “OF COVID” in 2020. But was that
    accurately counted?

    A person in a US nursing home with severe heart disease,
    expected to not last a year, could get influenza, or
    Covid, or a common cold, and end up dying sooner than

    Is that a death from heart disease
    or a death from Covid?

    In the US, it is a “Covid death”.

    And the Covid diagnosis does not
    even need a positive PCR test.

    The doctor can merely note any respiratory symptoms,
    and declare that as evidence of Covid — even though
    the same symptoms would apply to influenza,
    or a common cold.

    Before 2020, a nursing home patient in bad shape
    from heart disease, could get influenza, and then die.

    The cause of death on his
    death certificate would have
    been heart disease, NEVER influenza.
    CDC did not even include influenza on
    its cause of death list.
    Influenza could have been listed as
    a contributory cause of death, or not
    listed at all, on the death certificate !

  13. Ben Vorlich

    As the UK classified a death caused by Covid was for a person who’d tested positive in the previous 28 days and was faithfully reported as such, by all MSM, until recently when the caveat that Covid may not have been the only cause of death. So the data for the UK is totally useless.

    In reality there’s nothing that can been drawn from the numbers other than Covid killed at lot of people and we haven’t recovered from the lockdowns yet

  14. drumphish

    I probably have Covid, my wife tested positive. I don’t feel great. A queasy stomach, no high fever,though. The general malaise has been around for six days now, you sleep and your tiredness doesn’t really subside. I have not been vaccinated. Another family member has tested positive also.

    I fear what might happen if I would be vaccinated at my age. I have to take my chances, one thing about life and living, it is always dangerous business. You just can’t be too careful.

    Why should I get vaccinated? Might not make it then, according to the compiled statistics, you are playing a dicey game.

    Ten people have died in the last few days of influenza in my state. Not Covid. Indicates to me that the current viral strain of influenza is rather dangerous. Elderly and those in poor health are at risk.

    It is winter, been harsh, negative 40 degrees centigrade in one area. Been brutal at times, frigid air. People become vulnerable under severe weather conditions.

    It is called cold and flu season for a reason.

    Plenty of snowfall so far this winter season.

  15. Don B

    Insurance claims have more than doubled through 9 months of 2021 compared to 2020.

    “The global life insurance industry was hit with reported claims due to COVID-19 of $5.5 billion in the first nine months of 2021 versus $3.5 billion for the whole of 2020, according to insurance broker Howden in a report on Jan 4, while the industry had expected lower payouts due to the rollout of vaccines.


    1. Don B
    2. Richard Greene

      Shows how difficult it is to predict the future.
      Also shows the expected good news from the vaccines
      was more imaginary than real.

  16. Douglas Proctor

    The graphs need vaccination numbers by time and unvaccinated numbers by time for comparison.

    There is no data here to demonstrate a two week lag between vaccinations and deaths. This is central to the thesis.

    Since the claim is about such a large number, it should show up in a crossplot of vaccination numbers and death numbers. Since we have had 3 series of vaccinations, but only one spike, it would mean that only the first vaccine was a problem. Now that could be true: the first vaccine weeded out the completely susceptible.

    The deaths from covid19 are very strongly correlated with age and comorbidities. It should not be a surprise if the first large scale of vaccines hammered the most vulnerable of the vulnerable, as lots of people were made sick to some extent by the vaccines.

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