Dire Warnings Of A Climate Collapse By 2020 Made By Media In 2007 Get Postponed Again

In 2007, in the wake of the 4th IPCC report and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Germany’s most widely circulated daily, Bild, reported:

There are only 13 years left to save our earth! Can the climate catastrophe still be prevented? There is only little time left to save our planet!” According to the World Climate Report, mankind has at most until 2020 to prevent the worst by introducing efficient technologies.

As reported by the Financial Times Deutschland, UN climate researchers predict: “If greenhouse gas emissions do not decrease substantially by 2020, global warming will set in motion irreversible processes such as the melting of the ice sheets in Greenland and the acidification of the oceans.”

See original article (in German) here at Bild.

Since then, the horror scenarios obviously have not come to pass. Moreover, instead of greenhouse gases “substantially decreasing” globally, they’ve actually increased substantially.

Chart: Statista

So has the climate spun out of control into catastrophe because we increased CO2 emissions by some 20% since 2007 instead of reducing them by that amount?

Perception change

German climate science critical site Die kalte Sonne here comments:

Today is the year 2022, and the target deadline for climate doom is already two years past. Greenhouse gas emissions have NOT decreased substantially worldwide. One should take the “UN climate scientists” at their word. Since now apparently irreversible processes have started, everything is already too late anyway. How credible is it that the alarm narratives are always postponed into the future, when the climate world, contrary to expectations, has not gone under again?”

Nothing has really changed much except for perceptions, which have been manipulated to the point where bad weather gets now interpreted has being a sign of climate disaster. The cure for that is to read up on climate history.

6 responses to “Dire Warnings Of A Climate Collapse By 2020 Made By Media In 2007 Get Postponed Again”

  1. John Hultquist

    Have a look at a temperature map for North America. Except for the western mountains it is cold, and that air is expanding. By Tuesday night the air will have crossed the USA’s Northern Rockies and be in Eastern Washington. That’s a bit of a feat.
    By Thursday night, the cold will reach Chicago and the north central states. Farther south, the central USA will be cold by this time next week.

    Maybe Al Gore is on a road trip from Edmonton to Atlanta.
    Search-up the “Gore effect”

    Can you alert Germany’s most widely circulated daily?

  2. RoHa

    OK, so the climate disaster hasn’t happened yet. But it’s going to happen! Soon! And it will be your fault! You mark my words. We’re doomed.

    1. dm

      Your outlook is supported by “the” science. Gaia is doomed because greenhouse gases were not slashed substantially by 2020; thus, “… global warming will set in motion irreversible processes …”

      Because the now active processes are irreversible, why waste scarce social resources on more wind turbines, solar panels, carbon capture technologies & other “green” projects?

  3. tygrus

    Postponed or redefined?
    1) The current practice is to incorrectly label all weather events as being extreme & caused by climate change to scare the public.
    2) They see the current amount of CO2 emission as enough to continue the annual temperature mean to continue to increase & continue to melt more ice, raise sea levels, affect climate…
    It’s “What we have done today will have it’s effects accumulate over the next 80 years” Despite several indications of some effects being natural variation & having significant negative feedbacks to avoid their death spiral model results (errors caused by: over-simplification; missing empirical data from real tests; use of parameters, forcings & manual limits; unrealistic forcings; grid size & computing limitations).
    3) Taking selective data & relabel the “may influence” & “some effect” into certainties & absolute 100% causation. You can be selective so the graph fits your assumptions & manipulate the models to generate the desired output (no longer science).

  4. bonbon

    Look at the exact same MSM about Russia just this week alone – invasion to start on Wednesday at 01.0am from the London Mirror and Sun, dutifully mirrored all over the US and EU.

    When that did not happen, Biden says any day now.

    It is exactly the same M.O. as with ‘climate’.
    An uncanny copy. Many people fall for both.
    It sure looks like the utter failure of COP26 has unmasked the lunacy running the show.
    Inflation is the giveaway – the lunatics financial system is coming down, and they could indeed start WWIII if they cannot loot Russia and China – which is what COP26 and Ukraine are all about :
    surrender, or else!

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