“Peculiar Things” About Gavin Schmidt’s Temperature Series And Its “Corrections”

By Frank Bosse, via Die kalte Sonne

It’s known that GISS does not process the temperature data as they are determined but rather “corrects” them. Such corrections may make sense, but to what extent they influence warming trends remains an open question. Gavin Schmidt, the director and responsible person for the measurement series, recently tweeted some peculiar things:

Image: Twitter screenshot

He notes that the overall trend decreases with the corrections (green compared to the raw data (black dashed). Now, however, it is the case that the anthropogenic influence on the warming only becomes noticeable after 1950.

If we now digitize this part of the overall series, a completely different picture emerges:

Although the trend decreases from 1880 to 1950, this is relatively insignificant for calculations of climate sensitivity, for example, because very little anthropogenic forcing occurred during this time.

After 1950, however, we see a 13% trend shift due to the “corrections”. This was also quickly communicated on Twitter and one has to wonder why Gavin Schmidt mentioned this irrelevant reduction in early trends so prominently. Smokescreen?

7 responses to ““Peculiar Things” About Gavin Schmidt’s Temperature Series And Its “Corrections””

  1. CO2isLife

    The adjustments are made to make the temperature trend more linear. The whole purpose is to make Temp = f(CO2) have a high R^2. The only way they can do that is by making the temperature trend more linear. Simply look at the well-documented and easy-to-prove CO2 graphic. It is basically a linear variable. To make the claim that CO2 drives temperature, they have to “adjust” the temperature to better fit CO2. That is a smoking gun of a grand fraud. Why? The quantum mechanics show that CO2 has a Log relationship between CO2 and W/M^2. The real model is Temp = f(Log(CO2)). NASA knows that, but they need to get the model to fit the narrative. Simply go download the data for the S Pole from Dr. Spencer’s website and chart out each month. You will see that when you identify a data set unimpacted ny the UHI Effect, Albedo and Water Vapor, you get absolutely no warming. None, nada, zip.

  2. CO2isLife

    Absolutely love the virtue-signaling mask on his photo.

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  4. drumphish

    Cold outside, temps make it to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, then at night it is five below zero.

    Not a fun winter, not many days making it to the 30 degree mark, another bad winter again. It is relentless and not letting up. Late December early January, a few days below minus 30 F. Old Man Winter doesn’t let you forget it, winter is tough unforgiving business to handle.

    Climate change, anthropogenic global warming, winter still rules the game.

    If you don’t prepare and pay attention, winter can be dangerous to life and limb. You don’t want to regret a serious mistake, can be fatal.

    Existing in a climate that has extreme cold temps can be a threat and you are vulnerable if something goes wrong. At the middle of Greenland’s ice sheet, the air temperatures have been 55 below zero F this winter.

    The sun is out there every day, never quits, 93 million miles from where you stand and you can see it. It provides light, generates plenty of heat, no matter what day it is. You don’t want it to suddenly disappear, then you’ll know something is very wrong.

    It was in May of 1980 when Mt. St. Helens erupted and sent volcanic ash up into the atmosphere probably 20,000 meters high, most ash descended in the immediate area, Yakima, however, three days later the ash had traveled some 1300 miles. There was a layer of ash dust floating through the air 100 feet tall leaving surfaces on the insides of houses covered with the tiny ash particles from the volcano.

    Then there was Mt. Tambora, a ‘go big or go’ home volcanic explosion that went big, caused some weather problems that didn’t go away for more than a year, 1816 didn’t even have a summer. Volcanoes can change the weather, can’t do a thing about it.

    Can’t blame humans for those circumstances. Farmers from New England states moved to Kansas to farm there after the year of no summer.

    Begin the temperature studies starting 1800 CE.

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  6. papijo

    Where is the famous 15 years “temperature hiatus” beginning in 1998 (and described in the IPCC AR5 report) in the new plot ?

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