Research Shows Persons With Vitamin D Levels Under 20 nmol/l Are 18 Times More Likely To Die From Covid!

In his book “Herdengesundheit” (Herd Health), German physician and molecular geneticist Dr. Michael Nehls says “Vitamin D would have prevented severe cases of disease and also most Covid-related deaths”.

He is convinced: Vitamin D is the game-changer and suggests the simple act of eliminating the great Vitamin D deficits much of the population now suffers would be far more effective than the current COVID vaccines.

Vitamin D is an important factor in our immune system’s ability to ward off viral infections. To illustrate this Dr. Nehls presents here a chart depicting how much much higher mortality is in times of low Vitamin D (November to April):


Source: here.

18 times higher mortality risk 

Citing a Belgian study and a Heidelberg study, Nehls reports that in the wintertime, when vitamin D levels are well under 50 nmol/l, you have a four times greater chance of dying from COVID, independent of age or preexisting conditions. And prospects become very dire for persons with a Vitamin D level of less that 20 nmol/l, where the risk of mortality in case of a covid infection is 18 times higher!

Statistically, researchers calculated that with a Vitamin D level of 120 nmol/l, a level that Nehls says is our natural level, a zero mortality rate from respiratory viral infections would be nearly achieved.

Much less infectious

Another interesting feature about Vitamin D levels is that the likelihood of testing positive on a PCR test drops more 50% for a person with a Vitamin D level of over 125 compared to a person with 50 nmol/l. That alone would mean having a healthy Vitamin D level would make you far less infectious. Not even the “vaccines” have been able to achieve that:

Percent corona PCR positive vs. Vitamin D level nmol/l. Source here,


Public health gross negligence

In the interview, Dr Nehls says that the government’s failure to make sure the immune system of people stays strong by ensuring healthy Vitamin D levels is “grossly negligent.” Moreover, health authorities are aware that the Vitamin D levels for the general population is way to low, but they choose to do nothing about it.

“A lack of Vitamin D leads to chronic disease” says Nehls. “With chronic disease the most money gets made. I can imagine there’s an interest not to make the recommendation, and that’s doesn’t apply just to Vitamin D.”

Nehls recommends taking Vitamin K2 along with Vitamin D to avoid possible side effects.

Beware of “cleverly manipulated” studies

Nehls criticizes studies that claim Vitamin D provides no real health benefit, accusing the authors of improperly conducting the studies in order to get a predetermined result. One study, Nehls said, was “very cleverly manipulated in order to encourage people not to bother taking Vitamin D”.

When ask if it would be recommendable to take Vitamin D as a way to treat vaccine injury, Nehls says “absolutely” and that it is urgently advised to have vitamin D levels of 125 nmol/l if you get vaccinated, which he then says wouldn’t be necessary because at that Vitamin D level, the chances of a serious COVID illness are practically zero.

19 responses to “Research Shows Persons With Vitamin D Levels Under 20 nmol/l Are 18 Times More Likely To Die From Covid!”

  1. Ben Vorlich

    I’ve read that Zinc aids the assimilation of Vitamin D by the human body.

    I’m not sure how true that is.

    1. William Astley

      I believe it is vice versa.

      Adequate Vit D levels are required to enable the body to absorb Zinc. This would explain why there are multiple ‘studies’ that show zinc supplements do not work. Zinc supplements in studies cause a very small change of Zinc in the blood. i.e. The Zinc studies indicate the body does not absorb the Zinc in the Zinc supplements. This finding indicates our body does not function correctly or safely because of the very severe Vit D deficiency. The average Vit D blood serum level in almost every industrialized country is roughly 27 mg/ml. The average Vit D level in black people who work outside in Africa, is 60 ng/ml.

      The US Vit D researchers found that Vit D blood serum levels of greater than 40 ng/ml are required for the body to absorb calcium. Vit D enables the body to reduce calcium in the blood stream during the digestion period, to enable calcium to be absorbed. Zinc is controlled in the blood stream like calcium. The calcium Vit D crisis, explains why there is an epidemic of osteoporosis, even though people take calcium supplements.

      Adequate Magnesium levels are required to enable Vit D to ‘work. Vit D produces roughly 1500 different chemicals and those biochemicals need magnesium to take action. Long term Vit D and magnesium deficiency causes multiple organ failure.

      Roughly half of all the minerals (elements) in the agriculture soil have been lost. The plants absorb the minerals. We eat the plants or eat the animals that are fed the plants. The minerals are then lost to the sea. It is for this reason that roughly 75% of the population is deficient in magnesium.
      Yet Again, Serum Zinc Concentrations Are Unrelated to Zinc Intakes

      Magnesium in Prevention and Therapy

      Dietary surveys of people in Europe and in the United States still reveal that intakes of magnesium are lower than the recommended amounts [20–22]. Epidemiological studies in Europe and North America have shown that people consuming Western-type diets are low in magnesium content, i.e. <30%–50% of the RDA for magnesium. It is suggested that the dietary intakes of magnesium in the United States Nutrients 2015, …

      ….have been declining over the last 100 years from about 500 mg/day to 175–225 mg/day.

    2. John Hultquist

      Quercetin is an ionophore for Zinc; found in red onions (my choice) and many other foods.
      An ionophore is a compound that can transport ions (like zinc) across biological cell membranes. Because zinc helps when within cells, these compounds can help maintain higher levels of cell Zinc and, thus, health.

      I take about 5,000 units of D3 every day. You can get tested if you like. I get very little sunlight. If you ask your medical pro, also ask for the cost of the test. I was told to NOT go over 5,000 per day without a test.
      Note that some initial doses are much higher and drop to this level.

    3. cementafriend

      Depends on your make up. I have polymyalgia and was taking a steroid which depresses the immune system. I took a few Zn tablets and they made me 100 times worse. I then read an article from a medical website that stated those with polymyalgia and those taking various drugs including the steroid I was taking should avoid Zn. I go 100% with the need for vitamin D. Proven with more illness associated with cold and winter than in summer. Also with those of dark skin in USA and in Europe being more likely to catch covid and die. In Australia the northern state Queensland had few covid cases than the southern state Victoria, not only because they are more they are more north (more sunshine) but people were not locked up and could go to the beach while Victoria had one of the longest lockdown periods in the world.

  2. William Astley

    I totally agree. Vit D is required by every cell in our body to make biochemicals which is our evolutionary, in body, health care system. The general population’s severe Vit D deficiency is a health care tragedy.

    People who are severely Vit D deficient eventually suffer multiple organ failure, lose limbs, become blind, get put on dialysis, and so on. The severely Vit D deficient people cannot look after themselves as they all suffer severe brain loss (loss of 80%). Many have dementia and almost all have difficulty walking. These are the people that fill our old age homes and come to our hospitals for expensive care as they are dying.

    When Vit D is available, it enables each cell when necessary to access 1500 genes which are known to be activated by Vit D. The 1500 genes, enable our cells to make 1500 biochemicals that prevent: most common cancers, type 2 diabetes, dementia, balance problems, prevent bone loss, protect against periodontal disease, prevent obesity, protect against virus attacks, prevent depression, and so on.

    The average Vit D level in most populations (including sunny Israel) is around 27 ng/ml, however, that is an average. Dark skin people, old people, and obese people all have Vit D levels that are less than 20 ng/ml. To correct Vit D deficiency (Vit D blood stream above 60 ng/ml), requires roughly 5000 IU to 8000 IU day (based on body mass) for normal BMI people, based on a long term US study.

    To prevent cancer requires a Vit D level blood stream level that is great than 60 ng/ml. Raising the Vit D level from below 20 ng/ml to above 60 ng/ml reduced the incidence of breast cancer by 80%. The US prostate study (10,000 UI/day for six months prior to having cancerous prostates removed) found that raising the Vit D level above 60 ng/ml caused the prostate to activated the BL-15 gene in the removed prostates, which biopsies showed, caused the prostate cancer to reverse. It is likely the activation of the same gene, BL-15, is the reason for the 80% reduction in breast cancer.

    “First, comparing incidence rates, there was an 82% lower incidence rate of breast cancer for women with 25(OH)D concentrations: 60 ng/ml vs <20 ng/ml (Rate Ratio = 0.18, P = 0.006). …..

    ….. Third, multivariate Cox regression revealed that women with 25(OH)D concentrations: 60 ng/ml had an 80% lower risk of breast cancer than women with concentrations <20 ng/ml (HR = 0.20, P = 0.03), adjusting for age, BMI, smoking status, calcium supplement intake, and study of origin.”

  3. William Astley

    Here are a couple of videos from two of the lead researchers in the Vit D field. The title of the first video is the results of the prostate cancer study, however, Hollis provides a complete overview of the Vit D puzzle and carefully discusses the ‘politics’ in the video.

    Hollis and others, have made, in a published paper, a recommended that the entire US population take Vit D supplements, 5000 UI/day to stop covid, reduce the incidence of cancer, and so on. In this video Hollis notes the optimum Vit D level would require 6000 UI/day to 8000 UI/day based on body weight.

    The second video is by Robert Heaney who is a senior Vit D researcher. The video by Heaney, discusses the study finding that Vit D deficiency is the reason why calcium supplements are not being absorbed. 6:59 minutes.

    Results of a Prostate Cancer/Vitamin D Trial: Effectiveness Safety Recommendations by Bruce H Hollis D Sunshine Optimal Health: Putting it all Together

  4. Robert Folkerts

    Interestingly, vitamin D in the D3 form is used as a poison for possums and rats in NZ. Evidently the mode of action is high doses of D3 cause hypocalcemia which leads to organ failure. These animals are more vulnerable to high doses of vitamin D than others.

    1. John Hultquist

      Because Vitamin D3 has become “a thing”, it is now more widely available in a variety of sources. Reports of toxicosis in pets has increased.

      Brown tree snakes (Guam) die if they ingest acetaminophen (Tylenol), so dead mice with a load of this are dropped into snake territory. If interested, you can search-up more. The compound is also toxic to dogs.
      One needs to be careful about using “human” things on other animals.

  5. RoHa

    But Man Made Global Warming causes low vitamin D levels. Or CO2 directly causes it. Or something.

    It’s your fault, anyway.

  6. Research Shows Persons with Vitamin D Levels Under 20 nmol/l Are 18 Times More Likely to Die from Covid! – Climate-

    […] Research Shows Persons With Vitamin D Levels Under 20 nmol/l Are 18 Times More Likely To Die From Co… […]

  7. mwhite

    It would appear that the disease was circulating around the world during the middle of 2019. That would mean that New Zealand would have seen it proliferate during their summer 2019/20.

    “There are no robust data on the real onset of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection and spread in the prepandemic period worldwide.”

    “We investigated the presence of SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain (RBD)–specific antibodies in blood samples of 959 asymptomatic individuals enrolled in a prospective lung cancer screening trial between September 2019 and March 2020”

    1. mwhite

      How long after infection does it take for a respiratory virus to make it’s presence known?

      “An outbreak of common colds at an Antarctic base after seventeen weeks of complete isolation”

  8. mwhite
  9. angech

    Vit D levels are very low in elderly debilitated people who reside in nursing homes and cannot get enough exposure to sunlight to keep their vit D levels up.
    This is the same group of people over 80 who die at very high rates from Covid.
    Covid infects people whether they have high vit D levels or not.

    Any relationship here is highly circumstantial, not proof.

    Vit D is good for bones, it does not prevent infections and any role in increased deaths is more likely due to the age and higher viral proliferation in elderly people whether they take vit D or not.

    Thanks for the article.
    Apply common sense.

  10. Adam

    there is also correlation between fire engines and fires

  11. voza0db

    Pneumonia always killed animals with bad immune system… So nothing new in the fact that this “new” pneumonia also kills animals with week immune systems!

    Move beyond the PCR kit “pandemic” fraud and reality remains the same as it has been until October 2019!

  12. Mark Pawelek

    I’ve been taking high dose Vitamin D for about two years (4000 IU/day vit D3 + vit K2). I can’t remember getting a bad cold during this time. I did get COVID 4 or 5 months ago; but my immune system (plus quercetin) fought it off within a day. Before taking regular vitamin D supplements (my entire life) I suffered (coronavirus) colds and flus; 2 or 3 attacks / year. No more.

  13. Gerald the Mole

    Can’t be any good because there is no big money to be made from it.

  14. Richard Greene

    I’ve been taking Vitamin C., Vitamin D and zinc supplements for over 50 years. I added quercetin in January 2021 to improve zinc assimilation. Those four supplements were our choice for a natural “Covid vaccine”.

    I noticed a recommendation in the article for a 120 Vitamin D level. That is much higher than I’ve ever read in scientific studies. My own level in Fall 2021 was 150, which I considered too high, and immediately cut my large Vit. D intake by 2/3

    I happened to get a blood test this morning and will get a new Vit D. level in a few days. You have to ask for the Vit. D level. It’s not part of a standard blood test.
    My doctor said he doesn’t consider the Vit. D level to be useful. But I don’t listen to him on subjects he knows nothing about, such as Covid vaccines. I did congratulate him for not wearing a mask this morning. He told me masks are worthless for viral aerosols (so he knows something).

    The wife and I decided in December 2020 that we would not touch any vaccine rushed to market in nine months — so we wouldn’t touch a Covid vaccine with a 10 foot pole. I’m not a risk taker.

    12 friends had Covid in 2020 — ages 55 through 75 — none hospitalized or died. Only 2 had a hard time — they both said: “the worst flu I ever had”. I’m not sure what that means because I’ve never had influenza. But Covid is obviously not a death sentence.

    Concerning Vit. D levels:
    Experience with both in-laws and one parent in nursing homes before they died, sometimes living there for over a year. They get almost no outdoor sunlight. Their Vit. D levels must be very low. And they were the most vulnerable to Covid deaths in 2020.

    Their low Vit. D levels are CAUSED by their poor health (living indoors in a nursing home). Only one of the three I mentioned was in the same state as us. My wife drove 10 miles every day to wheel her mother outdoors in her wheelchair, mainly to get some sunshine when it was warm enough outside. We also brought Mom some vitamin D supplements, but she usually forgot to take them.
    Mother in Law smoked for 75 years, never exercised, loved any food with a high sugar content, and lived to age 94. My Dad loved eggs, bacon, steaks and potatoes, never exercised, and lived to 98. Go figure.


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