Global Surface Temperatures Have Cooled 0.5°C Since 2016

The globe continues cooling off since surface temperatures peaked from the 2015/16 El Nino.

The NCEP/GFS analysis shows May to be the coldest month globally so far this year and the coldest May since 2015, with a deviation in 2m temperatures of only about 0.38°C from the outdated (colder) WMO climate mean 1981-2010.

Hat-tip: Schneefan

Source: Global Temperatures

Especially the Southern Hemisphere (SH) has cooled strongly (blue line). The new solar minimum, La Niña, and the Tonga volcano are working to further cool the globe. The data in the graph above were also “adjusted” using the NASA/GISS warming factor, but are significantly lower in unadulterated reality.

UAH cooling

The global cooling trend since 2016 is also confirmed by the unbiased satellite data from UAH in May 2022.

Source: Dr. Roy Spencer UAH Global Temperature

The UAH unbiased satellite data centered around 1500 m (TLT) show that May 2022 is only ranked as 7th mildest May, with a +0.17°C deviation from the 1991-2020 WMO global climate mean, thus continuing the negative trend since 2016 (blue trend line):

Add to this the huge eruption of the Tonga volcano in January 2022, which also contributes somewhat to global cooling with its SO2 cloud up to 19km high.

One may state: After a so far average temperate and average wet year 2022 in Germany, no model expects a heat or drought summer in Germany.

As far as central Europe is concerned, no models are currently projecting a hot summer plagued by drought and heat.

11 responses to “Global Surface Temperatures Have Cooled 0.5°C Since 2016”

  1. Spuyten Duyvil

    Zoe Phin published similar information about USCRN cooling on her blog today (5 June).

  2. Jeremy Poynton

    Anthony Watts original (US) surface stations project showed clearly that if one uses only certified rural weather stations, the USA has been cooling for some time.

    1. Jimfrey

      That is why the name was changed from Global Warming to Climate Change.

    2. Richard Greene

      NOAA’s USCRN network uses properly sited stations
      The 48 states have had a flat average temperature trend since 2005.

      1. Yonason
        1. Richard Greene

          I spent 10 minutes looking for a link to the chart on the NOAA website and could not find it. I still can’t find it. My old computer does not load the screen where I think the chart is located, which is a link on the page you provided.

          My theory is that if the USCRN chart supported the climate alarmist narrative, it would be on the home page under bright lights. That’s why I think it’s buried some where else.
          If you can find the chart you’re smarter than me
          or at least more patient.

  3. oebele bruinsma

    It seems to me the beginning of the beginning of cooling. I just bought a stock of winter clothing….

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    […] blog of the day is No Tricks Zone, with a post on the global surface temperature having cooled .5C since […]

  5. Richard Greene

    Data mining nonsense.
    2016 was an unusually warm year from an unusually large El Nino heat release. It is not an appropriate year to start or end a linear trend.

    Also 6 years is weather, not climate.

    The UAH data clearly show a rising trend since 1979.

    The global warming trend since the 1690s did have some flat periods and even significant global cooling from 1940 to 1975 (that has since been revised away by smarmy government bureaucrats),

    Those flat trends and the 1940 to 1975 cooling had no predictive value for the decades that followed. Meaning that a short term trend from 2016 to 2022 is meaningless data mining.

    However, it has not been warm this year here in Michigan, and we want our global warming back. We love global warming here, and having winters with less snow.

    1. Yonason

      Loving winters with less snow? That’s the best part of winter.

      I have also heard some in Michigan would like a little more summer with their summer.

      1. Richard Greene

        Less snow shoveling this year than any winter since 1977.
        Lived in the same home since 1987
        And just four miles south for 7 years before that.
        Only ski bums love snow.
        I’m not a ski bum.
        Just a retired lazy bum.

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