“Unspiked”: The Search For Term Describing COVID-Unvaccinated Persons…”Pure Blood” Deemed Too Offensive

The unvaccinated are now envied, having steadfastly held their ground. The search for a terms to describe these proud individuals include “pure bloods” or “true bloods”.

For those of you who chose not to be vaccinated with the new mRNA Corona vaccines, like myself, you’re likely proud you withstood the massive pressure to do so.

Today we feel vindicated as it emerges that the vaccines were greatly overrated at best. There’s little evidence that these vaccines even make the disease more mild. Vaccinated and boostered persons ended up getting COVID anyway, thus contradicting claims made like those in the following propaganda video:


There are also the poorly understood long-term side effects that the media and proponents are attempting to keep a lid on. Are there serious long-lasting effects? For the unvaccinated, it’s a question we won’t need to worry about because our blood has not been tainted.

Some among the unvaccinated are so proud of their status, in fact, that they are now labeling themselves with such terms like “true blood” or “pure blood”. There are reports that some are wearing red masks to show their unvaccinated status, though I haven’t been able to confirm this.

Not surprisingly, in a desperate reach, mRNA vaccine proponents are accusing those calling themselves “pure blood” of flirting with racism and Nazism. Ironically, those who earlier were hell-bent on identifying, singling out, branding and persecuting the unvaccinated, are now complaining that we’re boasting about our hard-fought-for status. Ironically it is many vaccinated people are now quiet – if not embarrassed – about their status.


Okay, a term that’s better than “pure blood” is probably not a bad idea we want to avoid anything that’ll offend the über-sensitive woke crowd. I suggest calling ourselves “unspiked”, a term I’ve just added in my FaceBook profile. It’s the term I started using when asked about my vaccination status. Unlike the fully vaccinated, us unspiked are not running around with our bloodstream filled with spike protein and we didn’t allow ourselves to be spiked with an experimental medicine that today we know is not as safe as claimed earlier.

If there are other terms used to describe the unvaccinated, or symbols that can be worn to convey that message, leave them in the comments below. In the meantime, I’m quite proud to call myself “unspiked” or “untainted”.

33 responses to ““Unspiked”: The Search For Term Describing COVID-Unvaccinated Persons…”Pure Blood” Deemed Too Offensive”

  1. Rupert Smedley Hepplewhite

    These are the same people who wished we would all just die; they are the ones who wanted us isolated in camps and forcibly inoculated. We were the science deniers, the ones who were too stupid to understand how anything works. We were the ones who were killing Granny because we were “unvaccinated”.

    So now we are expected to forgive and forget? Yeah, that ain’t gonna work because I’m not Jesus and I don’t have Alzheimer’s so call yourself anything you like but I’m still calling myself “pure blood” and if it hurts anyone’s woke feelings, too bad.

    1. Yonason

      They have an explanation for why they weren’t wrong then, but are now…

      Sadly, some will believe it.

  2. Peter Newnam

    How about an acronym, like ITBUS, “I Took Being Uninformed Seriously”

  3. drumphish

    My sister-in-law, her husband, both were vaccinated, then boosted. Wore masks faithfully, did everything to prevent Covid. My brother-in-law has tested positive for Covid this week and isn’t feeling too well. My sister-in-law died in February, it is a sad state of affairs.

    I was very suspicious from the very beginning, especially the mandate to wear masks. What good will a mask do, you’re breathing air filled with dust and dander all of the time, can’t avoid it. I worked in the grain industry many years ago, grain dust will go through any kind of mask, tried many of them. The only mask that was most effective was a felt mask with a
    silicone seal on the edge.

    The blue paper masks would never prevent grain dust from entering your lungs.

    Never even considered a vaccine of any kind. In early 1978, I was given a flu shot and in November of that year I had influenza like never before.

    You become skeptical, Vaccine adverse reactions were adding up fast.

    Pure blood is kind of arrogant, have to admit. Unspiked is good. I like to think of it as being ‘clear’, free of medical tyranny to boot.

    Medicine and governments have strained their credibility severely.

    Bent severely enough to possibly break.

  4. John Hultquist

    Pure blood doesn’t work because there is no context.
    Unspiked is sort of a negative, but better.
    I can’t think of a great name, and being “spiked”, I have nothing
    to contribute. I’ll let you know if I die of something related.

  5. Jeremy Poynton

    I’m happy to be called a “pure blood”. I’m damned if I’ll have this jab.

    Here’s today’s great news updates on the death jab


    “COVID Vaccines Linked to New Type of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder
    Studies suggest a link between a rapidly progressing, incurable and fatal prion disease known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and COVID-19 vaccines.”


    “Virology Journal has published a letter from a cardiovascular surgeon, Kenji Yamamoto, setting out the case for ceasing all Covid vaccine booster programmes on safety grounds, calling Covid vaccines a “major risk factor for infections in critically ill patients”. His own cardiovascular surgery department at Okamura Memorial Hospital, Japan, has seen numerous complications in vaccinated patients, including some deaths, he says.

    “Dr. Yamamoto’s major concern is the damaging impact of Covid vaccines on the immune system. He notes that a Lancet study from Sweden found negative vaccine effectiveness (“lower immune function”) eight months after inoculation. He offers reasons that this would be the case.”

    There is now clear evidence that the jabs damage the immune system, with no sign yet that there is an end to this.

    All this for a virus that in the UK killed less than 10k people in 21 months, 50 (FIFTY) of them under the age of 50.


    The worst long term effect of Covid would seem to be that it has metamorphosed a huge percentage of the population. Once they were humans. Now they are sheep.

    Me? I didn’t get Covid. I do seem to have contracted an incurable dose of Tourettes.

  6. Adam Gallon

    I’m vaccinated & boosted, so’s my wife.
    Neither of us has contracted Covid
    Of the rest of the family, one daughter ditto, no Covid, one son ditto, contracted Covid & felt a bit rough for a few days, same with his wife, other daughter unvaccinated, caught Covid, bedridden for a week, felt bad for weeks afterwards & has now been vaccinated. Her husband, vaccinated etc, caught Covid felt a bit rough for a few days. Their children, the 7-year old caught it, complained of a bit of a headache, the 12-year old, hasn’t caught it.
    You’ve had Covid? Then you’ve been “Spiked”.
    Strange disease, nowhere near as strange as the reaction of some people to the methods used to tackle it.

    1. AC Osborn

      “other daughter unvaccinated, caught Covid, bedridden for a week, felt bad for weeks afterwards & has now been vaccinated.”

      Why would anyone who has a full antibody suite against the virus take an experimental vaccine with known side effects to gain more antibodies to only a small part of the virus?

      1. oebele bruinsma

        A good question AC Osborn.

      2. Adam Gallon

        Simple answer.
        They’re thinking of having a summer holiday in France.
        To do so, proof of vaccination is required by the French authorities to enter the country.
        My wife & I, have just been to Lanzarote & they also required this. Face masks are still a legal requirement when using buses & taxis in Lanzarote also.

  7. david russell

    The vaccine story is in fact the story of public health ruining its brand. It’s the biggest medical scandal since Mengele.

  8. pochas94

    Purebloods: Based on latest information, you were right! (pat-pat)
    (signed) Twice-vaccinated-no-symptoms

  9. Richard Greene

    My wife and I are not vaxxed. We think of ourselves as “well informed”.

    The Covid vaccines are the least safe vaccines in history, based on the reported number of serious side effects.

    The Covid vaccines are also ineffective — they have not reduced US all-cause deaths in 2021 versus 2020. Deaths WITH Covid in 2021, with vaccines, were much higher than deaths WITH Covid in 2020, with no vaccines, if you trust those data (they are not deaths FROM Covid.)

    If you take a vaccine that is not safe and not effective,
    then you are not well informed. You are a fool.

    A small minority of people have very serious medical issues when their immune system meets the spike proteins from a natural Covid infection.

    The same people will have very serious medical symptoms from the spike proteins created by a Covid injection.

    That small minority tends to be older people with weak immune systems and multiple co-morbidities. They seem to most need the protection from a vaccine, but they are the most likely people to have a serious adverse side effect from a vaccine.

    There is evidence that the vaccinated, especially the boosted, have weaker immune systems than the non-vaccinated. This can not be explained by age differences. or reduced social distancing after getting vaccinated. The differences are much too large for those explanations to be sufficient. Vaccines appear to be having adverse long term side effects in addition to reported short term side effects in VAERS, such as deaths and hospitalizations post-vaccination — which are about 50x worse than the average of all reported vaccine side effects, for all vaccines, from 1990 through 2019 (pre-Covid). The difference is not a rounding error — it is a medical disaster.

  10. jouven

    There is another side to the issue, covid is the seasonal flu rebranded, remember how the seasonal flu stopped existing?
    You can realize the covid vaccines are useless but also that covid is just another variant of the seasonal flu

    1. Richard Greene

      US excess mortality in 2020 was much too high to called Covid just another flu. Unfortunately, US excess mortality was just as high in 2021, so it would be dishonest to call Covid vaccines life savers.

      1. jouven

        That’s because they changed the definition of a “covid death”, basically you could die of other stuff while having covid and it would be counted as a covid death

        1. Richard Greene

          When I wrote “excess mortality” I meant all-cause mortality.

          The deaths WITH Covid count is a bizarre statistic.

          It is not deaths FROM Covid.

          However, the deaths WITH Covid count methodology was used in both 2020 and 2021, so it should be fair to compare both years.

          Deaths WITH Covid in 2021 were much higher than deaths WITH Covid in 2020.

          For all cause mortality, 2020 and 2021 deaths were about the same.

    2. Adam Gallon

      You’re either an idiot or a liar.
      Seasonal flu was still there.
      Luckily, there wasn’t a particularly virulent strain of influenza circulating and vulnerable people had been vaccinated before Covid-19 started its rampage across the globe.
      Both influenza & SARS-2 COV19 can be tested for.
      Covid-19 is a coronavirus, influenza isn’t.

      1. jouven

        My country death statistic by respiratory system disease says otherwise, go check Spain 2019 vs 2020 data, plus the data literally shows that the flu deaths go to 0

      2. Richard Greene

        Influenza and Covid have similar symptoms.
        They are easily confused.
        Omicron, in fact, IS a cornonavirus common cold, with the same symptoms as any other coronavirus common cold and same very low infection fatality rate.

        Influenza has symptoms similar to a common cold.
        Especially a mild strain.
        Most people would self diagnose and assume they had a common cold.
        There seems to have been friends who claimed to have Covid in 2020,
        bragging about how easily they recovered, but they were never
        tested and probably just had common colds.

        The PCR test is not very accurate at the high CT rates used in 2020.
        US hospitals were paid more for patients with Covid.
        US hospitals, therefore, had financial incentives to call every respiratory disease a “Covid” infection.

        And I am very confident that flu cases were under counted, and often reported as Covid cases. The reduction of flu among US children is evidence of under counting. Children are not resistant to influenza as they are to Covid.

  11. Don B


  12. JohnM

    News from France.

    For those who thought the “health crisis” was behind us, here is “good news”: Olivia Grégoire, spokesperson for the government, has just announced that the government will table a new covid bill on June 22, for “take the continuation of all the measures which are intended to fall on July 31”. It would be difficult to get closer to the legislative elections – and therefore to more clearly take the French for morons (the coercive measures will therefore have been suspended from one month before the presidential elections to two days after the legislative elections! {Macron is an evil bstd}


  13. Timo Soren

    Non-GMO human

  14. Zoe Phin

    Pure blood for life. I haven’t been vaccinated for anything in 17 years, and I don’t I ever will again.

    1. Richard Greene

      I’ve got you beat Zoe.
      I had a bad allergic reaction to some vaccine at about age 6.
      Family doctor said “No more vaccines”
      I never even got a smallpox vaccine.
      No vaccines for 62 years!
      Last year my family doctor recommended a Covid vaccine
      with the usual “safe and effective” BS.
      I told him:
      “I’ve not had a vaccine in 62 years, so do you think
      I’m going to start taking vaccines again with the
      least safe vaccine in medical history?”
      (based on total reported serious adverse side effects).
      He’s never bothered me again.

  15. MyNameHere

    I’ll chime in a little:

    Vacc’d with booster – palliative carer so HAVE to be or lose job = lose house/car/food/etc.

    Around covid positive people a lot, testing RAT 3 times a week with all neg so far..BUT..

    I also believe the story from Israel where 97% of recovering sufferers had elevated Vit D in their system and have been taking 5000 units a day since this all kicked off (60 000 units is “lethal effect” dose)

    Was in vacc… was it VitD, who the F knows… whichever worked has worked.

    Since our political stunt of removing mask mandates prior to an election some of my 90 colleagues have come out with covid and I do extra shifts to cover… so there is something in that.

    The truth is that there is no truth – both sides have overt and hidden agenda here, even if the “no vacc” side is just a Freeeeedom!!! and “my way is THE way” agenda, it’s still an agenda.
    The other side… yeah, a far far scummier and $$$$ filled agenda.

    I trust neither side in their extremes, and they are both extremist in attitude.
    Still… the “no vacc” side didn’t have police thugs in Sydney Aus (I’m in Perth) 5 at a time on grannies and pepper spraying kids…

    (posted with not my real name as it wight me known and I’d be sacked for this opinion)

    1. Richard Greene

      My ” Covid vaccine” is Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and quercetin
      I’ve been taking the first three for at least 50 years.
      Discovered quercetin January 2021 — helps the body assimilate zinc.
      I tried 15,000 IU Vitamin D when Covid first hit, but it elevated
      my blood Vitamin D level higher than necessary. I ask for my Vitamin D level every year with an annual blood test. So in 2021 I went back to the 4000-5000 IU a day that I’ve been taking for 50+ years.
      Sunshine is better than pills, but not for those of us who sunburn.

      This may be unrelated, but I’ve never had the flu, and my last cold was so many years ago I don’t remember when. Did not get Covid. Had a dozen friends infected with Covid in 2020. Two said it was the worst flu they ever had. Both sick for three weeks. But they stayed away from the hospital. One was a retired emergency room doctor who thought her old hospital was mismanaging Covid patients. Her son, a doctor, took care of her at home — he said the ventilators at his hospital were bad medicine and he didn’t want his mother on one. May have saved her life.

      Since I never had influenza, I really didn’t know what they meant by “worst flu ever”. I didn’t get stressed about Covid based on the 10 of 12 friends who did not get very sick in 2020 (ages 55 to 75).
      Keeping calm is important for your immune system too, I believe.
      Especially with all the Covid scaremongering/

  16. Aletho

    Why not “clean”?

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