Dumb As It Gets: Germany Heads Into Winter Refusing To Let Badly Needed Power Plants Operate

Germany’s intensifying gas and energy crisis…

Into winter chaos without extending power plant operation

By Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt
(Translated by P. Gosselin, one hyperlink added)

There is another taboo law that the German federal government does not want to touch: the nuclear phase-out law. Most people in Germany have seen through the inane statements of the Green president of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, according to whom nuclear power plants do not generate heat and therefore do not help with the gas shortage.

But 14% of electricity comes from gas-fired power plants. We will only be able to replace two-thirds of the gas-fired power plants by ramping up reserve coal-fired power plants. In the end, eliminating three nuclear power plants means giving up a large part of this saving, because the electricity that is eliminated cannot be replaced in any other way than by gas-fired power plants.

Even the accelerated expansion of wind power and solar energy (which, by the way, only produces electricity) will not help. In order to replace the amount of electricity of the three running nuclear power plants arithmetically, one needs two thirds of the 2.2 million existing solar plants. In other words : to replace this amount of electricity, we need five to ten years to replace the resulting gap of about 35 TWh with new PV plants. And then we would still have no electricity at night.

Power company Evonik CEO Christian Kullmann vividly described the extent of the gas crisis: Imagine a train transporting gas that starts in Seville and ends in Frankfurt [1860 km], one wagon at a time the whole way. And he poses the question of how long the German chemical industry would be able to get by on this gas quantity. Mind you, only the chemical industry. Answer: 6 hours. It’s about 5.6 million jobs affected by the lack of natural gas. It is not about taking shorter showers.

7 responses to “Dumb As It Gets: Germany Heads Into Winter Refusing To Let Badly Needed Power Plants Operate”

  1. posa

    Starve in the dark Germany. It’s a great educational tool. For you.

  2. Richard Greene

    MAJOR SUPPLIER of natural gas to Germany = Gazprom
    Gazprom demands payments in Rubles because with the
    banking sanctions on Russia, Euros are like Monopoly money.

    Germany refuses to pay Gazprom in Rubles.
    Gazprom cuts amount of gas they ship.
    No reason to sell any gas for Euros.

    Gazprom would like to sell as much gas as possible
    at the current very profitable price.
    They would like Nordstream 2 to open too.

    But Germany has shot itself in the foot.
    Punishing Russia (and themselves).
    The natural gas they need is available.
    They refuse to buy it.
    Whose fault is that?

    1. jouven

      Totally agree, it’s 100% self inflicted.

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  4. drumphish

    27,000 wind turbines at 3 million euros each adds up to 91 billion euros in cost, maintenance costs are extra; smacks of poor planning with obsolete technologies that are eventually going to fail at a 100 percent rate of failure. Gravity does the work, all wind turbines will eventually be useless.

    You quit while you are behind. Stoic Germans need to go all Dutch like the farmers in the Netherlands are doing now.

    Trillions of tons of coal, Hitachi makes good scrubbers, Germany needs to re-evaluate its priorities.

    If you have to take a cold shower, you might as well jump in the lake.

    After the harvest comes winter. Have to prepare for winter.

    Fröhliche Weihnachten!

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  6. MR166

    It is just not plausible that these progressives are that ignorant. The coming energy and food shortages are planned events. They want to destroy all of the western governments and replace them with the new One World Government. The EU was just a little test program to check the feasibility of their plan.

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