UK May Set New, All-Time Record High Next Week. And: Germany’s Doomsday Health Minister

Germany’s weather Youtube account, quite reliable and professional, just posted a video discussing model forecasts for next week.

41°C in England next week?

England and Wales could see a new all-time high, with temperatures projected to reach up to 41°C. Currently the all-time high there is 38.7°C, according to

There’s still uncertainty about where exactly the focus of the heat will be positioned. But certain is that there are going to be a couple of hot days next week for western Europe. A week ago, some models had been forecasting highs of up to 45°C for western Europe, but have since backed off considerably.

Karl Lauterbach: Germany’s doomsday health minister?

Even Germany’s alarmist COVID federal health minister, Prof. Karl Lauterbach, has jumped in on the climate hysteria as well, urgently warning some days ago at Twitter of “a mega heat wave with the risk of death for many people”. Lauterbach tweeted:

We must start now to protect the elderly and sick from the mega heat wave. Stock up on fluids, fans, talk about importance of hydration. Be accessible. This heat wave could cause a lot of deaths.”


Warning of impending death waves is nothing new for Germany’s Federal Minister of Health, Lauterbach, who is known for his dramatic death forecasts related to the Corona virus. Unfortunately for his career, he’s been wrong on almost every count.

Currently, most Germans are far more fearful of freezing due to a lack of heating gas this coming winter and soaring inflation.

Lauterbach would have been better-advised first consulting with the DWD German national weather service before announcing the heat death-wave.

DWD sees no heat crisis

DWD spokesman Uwe Kirsche explained the Berliner Zeitung: “We were wondering why the 40-degree mark had been mentioned so often.’ The only thing that is certain at the moment is that although it is getting warmer, a real heat wave is probably not heading for the capital. Instead, the DWD is expecting temperatures between 33 and 35 degrees in mid-July.”

For those of you searching for Lauterbach’s tweet of heat death, you can spare yourselves the effort. According to “Lauterbach’s tweet disappeared during the course of Thursday, according to the Berliner Zeitung report.

But a screenshot was still visible there.”

11 responses to “UK May Set New, All-Time Record High Next Week. And: Germany’s Doomsday Health Minister”

  1. UK May Set New, All-Time Record High Next Week. And: Germany’s Doomsday Health Minister - Climate-

    […] UK May Set New, All-Time Record High Next Week. And: Germany’s Doomsday Health Minister […]

  2. John Hultquist

    Here in central Washington State our high yesterday (14 July) was 86°F (30 C); R.H. was 17%. Those that work outside will start about 6 am and quit at 2 pm.

    It cools at night to around 50° F (10 C) – but that is at 2000 feet elevation and low humidity. It is, therefore, easy to cool a house at night and have it still relatively comfortable through mid-afternoon.

    Afternoon under the shade of a tree with a cool drink AND a spray bottle of clean water is good downtime.
    Many places also have “misters” – – Here is one in a person’s backyard:
    flexible-cooling-mister-hose-0.jpg (775×739) (
    These misting systems can be scaled up and cost accordingly.

  3. Richard Greene

    They couldn’t wait one week to report what actually happened?

  4. Ireneusz Palmowski

    Very doubtful forecast due to strong jumps in solar wind speed, which will strengthen the latitudinal circulation.

  5. RoHa

    Lucky sods. Damned cold here in brisbane.

    1. ren
  6. ren

    Heavy precipitation from the Atlantic will reach the UK.

    1. Adam Gallon

      We need heavy rain. Bone dry here, scorched grass & unpleasantly hot.

  7. Jose Garcia
  8. ren

    Several lows have blocked in the Atlantic. Highs over Europe. Again, the speed of the solar wind has decreased.

  9. ren

    Why such blockages in the Atlantic? One has to see how strange the current solar cycle is. There are short strong jumps in the speed of the solar wind, followed by a strong drop. Therefore, what will form a low in the Atlantic, does not have enough energy to break through to the east and remains over the ocean. Now the lows in the Atlantic block each other.

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