Global Warming Has Stalled Over Much Of The Last 10 Years, Arctic Never Melted Away

The globe hasn’t been warming and the Arctic hasn’t been melting much for almost a decade now.

Recall the climate crisis loonies warned us some 20 years ago the Arctic sea ice would disappear by the summer of 2014. Well it’s still very much there, as Joe Bastardi reminds us at his most recent Saturday Summary:

As Joe explains, it’s in fact currently running above the mean of the 2010s, and right close to the mean of the 2000s.

No warming in 8 years

Moreover, UAH global mean temperature anomaly hasn’t risen in eight years as well, Hat-tip Snowfan here:

The “climate crisis” is  a political fraud. Period.

19 responses to “Global Warming Has Stalled Over Much Of The Last 10 Years, Arctic Never Melted Away”

  1. Richard Greene

    There are 42 years of UAH data.
    They are not mentioned.

    42 years are a climate trend — warming trend

    Why choose the last 8 years, that happen to start
    with an unusually warm 2015 and 2016, caused by
    a large El Nino heat release, without mentioning
    the long term warming trend since 1979?

    8 years are a weather trend = no change.

    1. toorightmate

      Why not take into account 180 years of real, unadulterateddata which shows that the current blabber about global warming is something we might expect from you/ ie Horseshit.

    2. Kenneth Richard

      “Why choose the last 8 years”

      Because we like to trigger you.

      1. Richard Greene

        That was funny, so maybe you have
        the potential to be
        a stand-up comedian?

    3. Newminster

      As opposed to the Arctic Ice scare that dates from about 1979 when the ice just happened to be at its thickest for about four centuries.
      This doesn’t claim to be anything other than what it is – eight years of temperature records which show no warming trend over that period. Making it no more or less a scam than the climastrologists cherry-picked figures.
      At least Joe Bastardi isn’t trying to drag us all back to some pre-Victorian non-existent nirvana on the basis of skewed statistics based on the unsupported belief that carbon dioxide controls the climate!

  2. Tom Anderson

    Speaking of when to start trends, the first modern warming was from 1910 to 1940. It appears in the UK Met Office’s 163-year Hadley Center HadCRUT4 Global Surface Temperature Record, 1850-2013. It is the world’s longest governmental record though stopping short of 2015-2016. Philip Jones, while the Hadley Center’s lead climatologist, noted that the 1910-1940 warming, before there was enough CO2 to matter, is “statistically indistinguishable” from the roughly 1975 to 1998 increase.

    The record also shows that from the late 1940s to the 1960s, temperatures cooled and did not begin to rise again until about 1975. This period, 1940-1960, embraced the Second World War, 1939-1945, when mechanized warfare poured vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere with no temperature effect. The Battle of the Bulge was in the coldest winter in memory. Enormously elevated CO2 levels at the time are very clearly visible in the historic 97% accurate chemical measures from 1812. See Beck, Ernst-Georg, and Merian-Schule Freiburg, August 2006, “180 Years accurate CO2 Gasanalysis of Air by Chemical Methods.”

    1. Richard Greene

      THERE WERE VERY FEW Southern Hemisphere weather stations before 1920 and not enough S.H. data until after WWII. Global temperature averages before WWII are not accurate and are not global. The US, UK and Europe had plenty of weather stations but not the rest of the world. The 1800s are even worse than 1900 to 1920 pp very rough estimates of the Northern Hemisphere, presented as “global”.

      Charts showing distribution of land surface weather stations:

      1. Tony K

        There is no global warming.I wish there was,i welcome a warmer climate.

  3. Davo

    Because it’s an antidote to the global warmers seizing on every individual, regional event, such as the recent UK / France 2 day heat wave, as ‘proof’ of ‘climate crisis’

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  5. RoHa

    But it’s going to happen! Soon! We’re doomed!

  6. Yonason

    Hi, Pierre. If you want the link to the Joe Bastardi “weekend update” to last more than a week, you need to first open it in a way that will give you a link that’s not lost every time the report is updated. For this week this link should do the trick…

    That trick should work until he decides to block that method, by forcing you to only watch it on the WeatherBell website.

    1. Yonason
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  8. Globální oteplování se zaseklo už asi posledních 10 let, Arktida přitom neodtávala –
  9. John L Ryan

    That graph shows it very one to the 2012 all time low ice extent

  10. The Atmosphere Guy

    One of the best ways of assessing solar behaviour in the period from late 1800’s to late 1900’s is from the so-called “Solar Butterfly Chart”. This clearly shows a steady increase in activity over that period together with a noticeable decrease from around 1990. This would give validity to the claims of a “Pause” or decline since then. … may be of interest.

  11. Spurwing Plover

    Listing Polar Bears under the ESA was Political not scientific now the Eco-Freaks from Greenpeace,NRDC,Friends of the Earth plus the M.S. Media bottom feeders and Eco-Freaks have been lying to us a ll this time Biden is Globalists just like most all Liberal Democrats are

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