“Electricity Crisis”: German Wholesale Prices “Virtually Exploding”…2,347% Rise Over Single Year!

Here’s more on the Great Energy Debacle, which is brought to you by the green energy masterminds who followed “the science”.

Europeans, especially Germans, are already fearing massive natural gas supply shortages this coming winter, but experts are warning an electricity crisis could hit first.

The “Handelsblatt”, Germany’s business and finance daily, reports on the country’s exploding electricity prices in its online article: “Over 2000 percent: electricity prices jump to record highs“.

And the bad news: things are expected to get worse – a lot worse!

The megawatt price of electricity in daily trading on the Leipzig EEX exchange “jumped to a new high” last week, according to the Handelsblatt. “A megawatt hour (MWh) now costs 563 euros. A year ago, the price was just under 23 euros – an increase of more than 2,347 percent.”

Experts blame “extreme shortages” and rising demand Europe-wide. The volatile, uncontrollable wind, solar and other renewables supply simply cannot meet the demand. Germany is making the situation much worse by racing to exit from coal and nuclear power production (which they are now trying to slam into reverse). It’s a Keystone Cops-like energy comedy show. Unfortunately here, there will be very little to laugh about.

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“Another sad record”

The future of Europe’s winter energy supply is fraught with huge uncertainty as no one knows how much gas will still come from Russia.

“These uncertainties are also responsible for the record high in electricity prices,” writes the Handelsblatt. “They are priced into the market as a risk premium. That’s why a megawatt hour of electricity now costs just under 600 euros in the fourth quarter – another sad record.”

Scrambling to avert power supply crash

Germany’s Blackout News here also warns that not only natural gas will be scarce, but there’s also a worrisome likelihood of an “electricity crisis”. The reason why is because coal-fired power plants that have already been shut down cannot be put back into operation very quickly. Germany’s Socialist-Green government is frantically trying reboot the coal power plants (that they worked so many years to shut down) in order avert an all-out energy supply meltdown this coming winter.

“Most of the power plant operators have already laid off their staff and largely used up their coal reserves before the shutdown,” writes Blackout News. “At the same time, electricity prices on the power exchange are virtually exploding.”

Looming electricity fiasco

Blackout News adds: “The delayed ramp-up of coal-fired power plants from reserve due to several circumstances is already contributing to the next crisis, according to several energy experts. While the country’s citizens look to the next gas bill and are already preparing with electric fan heaters not to freeze in the winter, the next fiasco is looming on the electricity market.”

Blackout News quotes energy expert Alexander Weiss of management consultants McKinsey: “It is possible that we could face an electricity shortage in Germany before a gas shortage.”

10 responses to ““Electricity Crisis”: German Wholesale Prices “Virtually Exploding”…2,34710 Rise Over Single Year!”

  1. voza0db

    So… the sanctions are working very well!

    Imagine going from NSI and NSII to ~zero gas pipelines imports… Well, no need to imagine anymore.

    After all the Germans must obey their WWII Rulers, the good old USofA.

  2. oldscouser

    Peak electrical demand in Germany is about 80 GW. https://bit.ly/3AAkZls
    Installed capacity of unreliables is 127.5 GW. https://bit.ly/3T8zVOS

    So no problem eh? Except the installed 62.5 GW of solar doesn’t work at night, even in the summer and in the winter solar is essentially absent for months on end. And the installed 65 GW of windmills do not work for days on end when the wind doesn’t blow.

    But not to worry Germany has a plan to increase its dependence on unreliables. By the year 2044 it plans to have nearly 700 GW of solar and wind installed. https://bit.ly/3pSY7I1

    Germay: leading the western world in the race to commit national seppuka.

    1. voza0db

      Those morons are probably going to start building huge battery farms! It will be funny to see them also not working. After all in the summer heat batteries usually go bust.

      All of this comes with a huge devastation and destruction of entire Ecosystems but the so called “greens” couldn’t care less.

  3. John Hultquist

    There is lots of blame to go around.
    However, it may be best if German and other EU nations start to send their vulnerable people elsewhere for the next 8 months.
    There is ongoing tremendous destruction of wealth in Europe and Russia and decreasing ability to help others where-to promises have been made.
    While the dependence on unreliable energy was a known issue, there are now other factors – – Panic19 and Russia’s actions compound (multiply) the problems. China is an unknown, and the Middle-East has unending turmoil.
    Certainly, this is sad to watch.

  4. Lasse

    The nuclear reactors will also bee shut down as a result of fear of Tsunamis.
    And coal is a fossil source worse than gas.
    Fracking is the next step!
    Geology is favourable.

  5. Gerald the Mole

    As ye sow so shall ye reap.

    1. oebele bruinsma


  6. J. R.

    I foresee increased fires in German cities as people light fires in their homes to keep warm during the winter.

  7. oldscouser

    After averaging over 500 euro per MWh for several days, the wholesale price of electricity in Germay peaked at 960 euro per MWh this evening. It really is frightening because where Germany leads the UK follows.


  8. Richard Greene

    Anti-Russian energy imports
    = Anti-Germany

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