Another Top Fit Athlete Mysteriously Suffers Heart Attack

Healthy athletes dropping like flies

Oh dear. What could it be? Hereditary? Poor diet? Bad luck? Stress? Climate change?

This comes just months after fellow Australian athlete Shane Warne passed away after suffering a heart attack, aged 52. Warne had urged Australians to get vaccinated in September, 2021.

Just days ago, Brighton football star Enock Mwepu was forced to suddenly retire, aged 24, due to a heart problem that officials just happened discover as being “hereditary”.

20 responses to “Another Top Fit Athlete Mysteriously Suffers Heart Attack”

  1. Petit_Barde

    In Italy a young lady 14 years old died of heart failure after her third dose. The media and experts (aka covid propagandists) were adamant :
    – it can’t be related to the vaccine since she has been vaccinated in November 2021.

    She tested positive when hospitalized, so, some of the usual “experts” even wondered if it was not a death related to covid. And this is what some italian media reported :

    And if her heart has been damaged since the vaccination ? The usual suspects don’t even bother to make this assumption.

  2. Another Top Fit Athlete Mysteriously Suffers Heart Attack - Climate-

    […] Another Top Fit Athlete Mysteriously Suffers Heart Attack […]

  3. Sylvia

    Sometimes I wonder if, to be “The BEST” they push themselves too hard and overdo it. Most people’s heart can cope with this strain of being pushed to the limits but I am sure there are a small number which cannot so, despite being brilliant atheletes their hearts just don’t cope with the constant pressure all the time?

    1. Jeff

      There are always a small number of athletes who have “hidden” heart or other issues, e.g. arrhythmias or structural defects, etc.

      HOWEVER, the number of “unexpected” deaths of young athletes and others who are not even in high-stress sports or other activities is MANY times higher than it has been in the past. This is well documented, though Pfizer, et. al. are vociferously denying it (despite heart issues being one of the side effects they report in their own documentation).

    2. Jeff Wood

      That is true of a very small number of individuals, Sylvia, but what we have been seeing is not a very small number.

      The worry is that this phenomenon is growing. My brother in law is collecting reports of death and injury from heart attacks among his acquaintance, all non-athletes. He is appalled, but has not yet joined the dots.

      My own collection, from a small circle these days, is of aggressive soft tissue cancers. It used to be perhaps one case a decade, among a wide personal and professional circle, but already this year there are four cases among people known to me, and so far three of them have been fatal.

      I reckon I can safely join the dots.

      1. AdamGallon

        We are seeing a very small number.

        1. John Brown

          Maybe you need to read first. You need to open your eyes for it.
          If you still see small numbers they did not pay enough!

      2. Harry Davidson

        Have you noticed how much fatter people are since lockdown? If you participate in any physical activity, you may have noticed that far fewer people are active. Ride a bike in the summer on country roads, this summer I saw about half as many people as in previous years. Overweight people who stop exercising are at greatly increased risk of heart attack.

        1. John Brown

          And that’s why Athletes have strokes?
          You must be kidding.

          Do more sports, nothing out there preventing it.

  4. This doctor had the jabs, he worked in the vaccine centres (televised on Good Morning Britain) – Newsfeed Hasslefree Allsort

    […] Another Top Fit Athlete Mysteriously Suffers Heart Attack […]

  5. RoHa

    Definitely Climate Change. Must be.

  6. mwhite
    1. Harry Davidson

      Yes exactly. Athletes in all sports started dying more frequently after the appearance of EPO. Sports that have drug testing schemes that are designed to look good but catch nobody, e.g. football and tennis, still have athletes dying.

      Even high intensity sports like cycling that cleaned up their act are not seeing any increase in deaths. There are some, but not many.

  7. oebele bruinsma

    “Healthy athletes dropping like flies” Tne occurance of this phenomenon coincides with the push to use m-RNA vaccins. This relation is as obvious as is rain drops cooling a surface…..

  8. Kevin a
    Mark Steyn | European Union Covid Committee question Pfizers directors

  9. voza0db

    I go for Global Warming…

  10. voza0db

    Lucky for all these Modern Moron Slaves… SCIENCE is always her to HELP!

    The CEO of Moderna announced his company has a program that involves injecting messenger RNA (mRNA) into people’s hearts following a heart attack.

    “We are now in a super exciting program where we inject mRNA in people’s hearts after a heart attack to grow back new blood vessels and re-vascularize the heart,” Stephane Bancel, the CEO, told Sky News in a recent interview.

  11. Kevin a
  12. Gerry, England

    Monthly average number of recorded Athlete Deaths between 1966 and 2004 was 2.35. Between Jan 2021 and April 2022 that number was 42!

    The 1966 to 2004 period comes from a study from the University Hospital of Lausanne.

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