Destruction Of German Heritage…430 Year Old Family Craft Bakery Succumbs To “Green Revolution”

Germany’s economic and heritage destruction has reached an all new level, thanks to the Green Revolution

Traditional family companies, in business for generations, are now being forced to close up due to energy scarcity and high prices, mostly brought on by the “Green Revolution” madness.

430 years of tradition in Germany gets destroyed by high energy prices as Bavarian traditional bakery, established in 1591, can no longer afford energy. Image: public domain

Traditional companies now “struggling to stay alive”

Germany’s Chamber of Industry and Trade reports that the potential to further reduce natural gas consumption has “exhausted” and that many companies are struggling to stay alive. This is reported by here.

Some family companies, with generations of treasured tradition, have now succumbed to the “Green Revolution” despite having survived all the terrible upheavals over Germany’s tumultuous history.

430-year old bakery calls it quit

The latest shocking news comes from the Sinzinger bakery from Otterskirchen near Passau in Lower Bavaria.

“The traditional bakery has been baking since the 16th century – now it has to close down,” reports here. The Sinzinger bakery was even able to survive the nasty Thirty Years’ War, Napoleon, two destructive world wars and numerous technological and economic upheavals, but not Germany’s Green Revolution and the energy shocks it has brought with it.

According to “In 1591, the company received its baker’s right. Now the 430-year-old family bakery must close all of its nine branches by February 2023. The reason is rising energy prices.”

“Rising energy prices”

“‘With all the rising energy prices and raw material costs, we can not simply continue the operation,’ said master baker Klaus Wagner to Die Welt,” so reports “Now 70 employees face unemployment. With five delivery trucks, the baked goods were also taken to old people’s homes and butcher’s shops in the region.”

“Now the baking ovens are going out. It’s a shock for employees and customers.”

The real tragedy here is that this is not just a company that’s closing, but rather it represents the end of centuries of heritage for many of Germany’s small craft businesses, many of which have been in the family for generations. A cultural tragedy is taking place.

16 responses to “Destruction Of German Heritage…430 Year Old Family Craft Bakery Succumbs To “Green Revolution””

  1. Tom Anderson

    Even as an outsider I cannot help lamenting the loss of yet one more cultural endowment. The “green” political faction has more to answer for than a petty larceny. Underlying the distress is frustration that majority support for its own cultural roots seems silenced by the onslaught. It brings to mind W.B. Yeats’s ”Second Coming” in which “the worst are full of a passionate intensity, while the best lack all conviction.”

  2. voza0db

    Well… Germans WIN!

    Germany Is Dismantling A Wind Farm To Make Way For A Coal Mine

    The dismantling of at least one wind turbine at the wind farm close to the German coal mine Garzweiler, operated by energy giant RWE, has already started. RWE says that lignite, or brown coal, has been mined from the Garzweiler coalfields for over 100 years.

  3. voza0db

    The REAL CUASE in this case is the SANCTIONS imposed by the USofT and that the european slaves naturally must replicate or else the USofT Empire of Terrorism will go against us as well!

    Blame the sanctions and the scoundrels/terrorists/jesters in government that approved them…

    After this one can look at the madness of the war against fossil fuels.

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  5. Yonason

    To put the opening of that bakery into perspective, it had been baking bread for 17 years before Shakespeare died, and Isaac Newton wasn’t born until after it had been in operation for 51 years.

    From then until now, that’s a lot of bread!

    More proof that neither greenies in particular, nor leftists in general, have any clue as to what “sustainability” really is.

  6. Yonason

    Looking to the glorious future the greenies envision, requiring us to depend on wind and solar power generation, that can’t even produce sufficient electricity for daily needs, let alone enough to charge the batteries we won’t ever be able to ever make enough of, for lack of raw materials.

    Eat bugs instead of bread in the cold and dark. Better off living in the 16th century, than in the future they have planned for us.

  7. RoHa

    OK, so a few people are unemployed, starving, and freezing to death, but we’re saving the planet, aren’t we?

  8. RobB

    The destruction of cultural identity is of course, part of the globalist great reset agenda.

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  10. Destruction Of German Heritage…430 Year Old Family Craft Bakery Succumbs To “Green Revolution” - The Crude Truth

    […] From the NoTricksZone […]

  11. Gerald the Mole

    They vote for this.

    1. voza0db

      That’s the funniest part of all this circus…

  12. oebele bruinsma

    Such “revolutions” under the guise of socialism are not sustainable as history has shown time and again.

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  14. jojo

    survived Hitler…couldn’t handle Greta

  15. Yonason

    The proverbial “canary in the coal mine.”

    We need to get out of the “renewable energy” scam, before the rest of us succumb to its toxic fumes.

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