German Energy-Driven Food Inflation Skyrockets 20.3% In October, Year-On-Year!

As German energy prices and inflation skyrocket, in large part due to the country’s green energies folly, food inflation at supermarkets reached an all-time high in October 2022. 

Milk 67% higher in one year


Germany’s Consumer Price Index for October reached the highest level than at any time since data collection began! Compared to October last year, food in Germany in October, 2022, was 20.3 percent more expensive.

Germany’s notes: “According to data from Bloomberg and the Destatis statistics service, food price inflation rose so sharply that it is overtaking records from the past. The last time there were similarly large increases was during the 2008 financial crisis – but even the 10 percent mark was not approached by the increases then. Today, German citizens are experiencing price increases like never before, if a year-on-year comparison is made.”

Skyrocketing milk prices, a German website that tracks inflation and the resulting insolvencies, also reports on how “dairies are warning that milk is going to get more expensive.”

Overall German milk production has been declining, as farmers call it quits, and prices have been rising, from 36 euros-cents a liter one year ago to 60 cents today (+67%) – driven in large part by energy costs.

“It is not only the shortage of raw materials that is putting dairies under pressure, but also the high costs of energy, packaging, logistics and wages,” reports “‘We are facing further price increases,’ Peter Stahl, chairman of the Dairy Industry Association and head of Hochland, said at an association meeting in Berlin.”

Farmers have been hard hit by rising costs of raw materials and have had to “cope with the ever-increasing costs for diesel, heating and fertilizer”. These are all commodities where government policies have caused their prices to skyrocket.

The energy price shock is also having an impact on food quality, according to “More and more farmers are cutting back on concentrated feed for their animals to save money – as a result, the quality of the milk is getting worse and worse. According to the Federal Institute for Agriculture and Food, the fat content of German milk reached an all-time low in July 2022. The protein content of milk is also lower than in previous years.”

Another factor exacerbating food prices and quality are the restrictions imposed by the European Green Deal, climate policy and national nitrate restrictions. “The ever stricter requirements of politics are bringing many farmers to their knees.”

7 responses to “German Energy-Driven Food Inflation Skyrockets 20.37 In October, Year-On-Year!”

  1. CK_

    The underlying reason for the energy crisis is we’re finally post-Peak Oil. The COVID hoax, the Ukraine War and likely global warming hysteria are political cover for Peak Oil.

  2. Robert Folkerts

    What’s peak oil?
    Now,if the production of hydrocarbons within the earth is in fact abiotic and therefore continuous, what is peak oil?

    1. voza0db

      Even though that’s a rhetoric question…

      Peak oil is an uman construct. They use this Thought construct to visualize that if we explore less and consume more at one point we reach a peak!

      In short, just another uman entertainment like “climate change”!

    2. voza0db
  3. watersider

    So the THE PLAN is working. I wnder is there any one in the Austrian capital who could come to rescue Germany – again.

    1. voza0db

      Doesn’t look like there are!

  4. voza0db


    We Europeans are tired of having such good lives… That’s why we replaced cheap russian energy for expensive american freedom molecules of gas!

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