Study: Incidence Of Acute Cardiac Involvement After mRNA Booster “800 Times Higher”

“Alarming: 1 in 35 booster patients has lab values indicating acute heart damage.”

That’s the headline of an article by at

The finding is based on results by a Swiss observational study by Prof. Christian Eugen Mueller published here.

1 of 35 individuals showed laboratory values indicative of acute cardiac injury after booster mRNA vaccination.

Researchers led by Prof. Christian Eugen Müller of the University Hospital Basel investigated the extent to which cardiac involvement occurs after mRNA booster vaccinations. Heart damage from the mRNA booster shots appears to be a much higher risk than previously thought, the recent findings show.

777 employees of Basel University Hospital, median age 37 years and 69% female, had received booster vaccination. After 3 days, their troponin levels (hs-cTnT) were measured. Troponin is a laboratory value that indicates acute damage to the heart.

Much higher in women

“40 subjects showed elevated troponin levels. In 18 of these cases, other causes were present. The remaining 22 cases corresponded to an incidence of 2.8%. The incidence in women was 3.7% and in men only 0.8%,” reports “Most of the subjects had no cardiovascular history. Three days after vaccination, their troponin levels (hs-cTnT) were measured to detect cardiac damage. If levels were elevated, another hs-cTnT measurement and imaging examination followed the next day.”

The surprising results were presented at the 2022 ESC Congress.

It had been previously suggested that such complications were very rare, with an incidence in the range of only 0.0035%. But the new study results suggest it’s far worse.

800 times higher than previously shown

According to Prof. Christian Müller: “The study confirms the hypothesis that the incidence of acute cardiac involvement is higher than thought. At 2.8% it was 800 times higher than in passive observational studies. But now that we need annual booster vaccinations, there could be a lot of vaccine-related cardiac involvement.”

Prof. Christian Müller adds. “From day 3 to day 4, we observed a clear drop in troponin in almost all participants, indicating that this was an acute problem.”

“Alarmingly high”

“The incidence of 2.8% of acute cardiac involvement is alarmingly high,” warns.  “Thus, 1 out of 35 boostered persons shows such values shortly after the mRNA vaccination. Converted, one would have e.g. with 350,000 booster vaccinations consequently 10,000 persons or with 3.5 million 100,000 persons, who show such laboratory values of an acute heart damage.”

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3 responses to “Study: Incidence Of Acute Cardiac Involvement After mRNA Booster “800 Times Higher””

  1. voza0db

    Read this one and have a few good laughs…

    The Pfizer way: produce the sickness, sell the cure

  2. RoHa

    All these heart problems are caused by people worrying about the alleged side effects of a perfectly safe and effective vaccine.

    (Thanks for the cheque, Mr. Pfizer.)

  3. John Hultquist

    Similar news from Florida was severely criticized.
    Medical types need to understand what is going on, and tell the truth, with data and research that can be replicated.
    In the USA, the percentage getting the latest booster is in the single digits. In numbers, fewer than 20 million as of Oct. 19th. An additional 200-plus million Americans are eligible.

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