Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, Everybody!

Here in Germany, Thanksgiving is of course not celebrated and is just a regular workday, so my family and I do the big feast on Saturday. Right now the bird is in the oven. Fantastic 🙂

This year is a rather special one because the woodstove we ordered way back in April finally arrived this morning (there’s a huge order backlog due to the crazy heating fuel costs here).

No we are really enjoying a holiday ambience. What a warmth these things emit. Reminds me of my New England childhood winters.

Not only are we well-supplied with firewood for the winter (thanks to Metal Harry), but also with other essentials as well (thanks to Scotland, among others).

All in all, this skeptic is living pretty much carbon neutral. We’ve got 12 KW of solar capacity installed on the roof, rarely ever fly anymore, have a vegetable and berry garden that produces from June to October and now we’re heating with renewable wood. Hey alarmists, anytime you want to compare carbon footprints… But I confess, I’m a big meat eater.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

20 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, Everybody!”

  1. Jock

    Can I suggest that you move the wine further from the fire? Wine lays down best best in coolish conditions. At least that’s what I was always led to understand.

  2. Alex

    So you are a big meat eater. That means that you are a vegetarian. Cows eat grass. You eat cows. Simple.

  3. Stephen Richards

    That’s the low carb food , is it ?

    How’s your weight nowadays. I remember you before you lost your weight and after you went to that lecture. About ten years ago ?

  4. John Hultquist

    Although your stove appears to be a bit smaller than mine, it looks handsome there keeping the other goods comfortable. Can I assume the flue was there prior, or did your purchase include delivery and installation?
    When I was born the family heated with coal and switched to gas a few years later.
    Modern wood stoves are marvelous inventions. I need to go add a little wood as soon as I hit “post”.
    The US NWS thinks I may have a temperature of 5°F next Friday at dawn. That -15° in the Celsius system. Ouch!


    Hope you enjoy your woodstove, I have two nat. Gasfire places which are great for Missouri winters. The only wood I burn is the fire pit on the back patio and my brother in law gave me a quarter pick up truck load so I’m all set. Have a safe warm winter 😊

  6. voza0db

    I’m a big meat eater.

    That’s NOT a problem as long as you eat meat created in this manner…


    If you can find or have access in Germany to that no problem with eating meat, neither for you or the Planet! Just a problem for the dead Cow but f u c k it because in the short term you’ll also be dead and go into the Big Cycle!

  7. voza0db

    Thanksgiving GIFT!

    Biden Admin Quietly Greenlights Plan To Build Huge Gulf Oil Terminal


  8. Gerry, England

    Nice looking stove. I am working on my installation as we speak and is scheduled to be installed on 23rd. Some stoves are on a very long delivery. Luckily my first choice was only a few weeks but a Norwegian make would not have arrived until the summer.

  9. Michael Peinsipp

    I traded a wood stove a friend had for boards in his 12′ trailer. That stove heats the whole 4 major rooms EASYILY! AND I have 75+ acres of woods – Shagbark Hickory, hickory, Beech, Maple etc etc etc.
    I love Rural KY!

  10. rah

    Yep! Based on the projections for increased NG prices I bought and had installed by a professional a fireplace insert during late summer. I have access to all the hardwood I could possibly need already cut and split to the size I need for the most part. I have laid in enough cured wood for this winter no matter how under a lean-to I added on the back of my detached garage. Given the chance I will bring in another load to cure out further for next winter

    Initial use of the insert indicates that it will heat my entire 3 two bath single story home IF I can figure out a way to efficiently move the heat into the bedroom, which serves as my office and general junk room that is furthest away from the fireplace which is located in the living room.

    There is no heat like that from wood! And my central Indiana home will be nice and toasty this winter.

    The next major purchase will be a standby generator. I have a generator. My home is located near the end of a line and we have lost power 5 times this year for various reasons. I have a generator I can hook up to run my furnace or insert and fridge and a few lights and a TV, etc. But my well pump and water heater are both 220V and beyond the capacity for my generator to power. So there is a standby whole house generator running off NG in my future.

  11. Robert Hains

    Anyway forecast high here at my central Indiana home today is 35 F and low 18 F and the insert is doing it’s job as I write this.

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