German Officials Blame Gas Shortage On Consumers, Warn “People Will Feel The Cost Of The Energy Crisis Hard”

Germany is desperately fighting for every kilowatt-hour of energy…blames consumers for supply shortfalls!

Here’s a winning political strategy the German government is using: Just blame the voters for the problems you’ve created. If their mastermind green plans don’t work, it’s the citizens’ fault!

Germany energy site Blackout News here reports that this seems to be precisely the strategy German officials are using. “Now it’s the consumer’s fault if gas isn’t enough.”

One percent gas reserve drop in a single day

Although that it is well-known to the vast majority of people, it seems to be a surprise to the German officials that citizens would turn up the heat to remain comfortable during the wintertime, especially since the mercury dipped well below freezing During much of December.

And this was also the case on December 12th when the gas storage level in German gas storage facilities dropped by more than one percent. This did not please Klaus Müller [Green Party], head of the German Federal Network Agency, who went on the air on ZDF morning television and admonished consumers to be careful with their gas consumption, even if it’s bitter cold outside, “otherwise we won’t get through the winter with the storage reserves”.

Must reach 20 percent reduction

“Indirectly, Müller thus blames consumers for the fact that gas may not be sufficient,” comments Blackout News.  “According to Müller, ‘It will become critical if we do not achieve the minus 20 percent gas savings over the entire winter.'”

“That’s downright cynical, because hardly anyone will turn up the thermostats on a whim given the horrendous gas prices. However also nobody wants to freeze in at home,” Blackout News adds further. “He [Müller] is already trying to blame consumers when there’s not enough gas. However, this is not the fault of consumers, but of the German government’s sanctions policy. The federal government alone is to blame for a possible gas shortage.”

“People will feel the crisis hard”

Müller told Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung daily that the current rate of consumption must not continue, and that it’s a “battle for every kilowatt-hour”.

Not only this winter is going to be a challenge, but also the following 2023/24 winter, warns Müller. Online Welt here reports: “But next year’s winter will be the even bigger challenge, Müller warned. Germany will have to fill storage facilities in the summer without Russian gas, he said. ‘People will feel the cost of the energy crisis hard.'”

12 responses to “German Officials Blame Gas Shortage On Consumers, Warn “People Will Feel The Cost Of The Energy Crisis Hard””

  1. mwhite

    What’s the shortfall in electricity, and how much was lost when they shut down their nuclear power stations?

  2. John Hultquist

    Industries and people will be moving, with a bias towards those that can.

    A few days or weeks doesn’t give one much time to decide, but if they are already predicting that the next winter will be seriously bad — that’s lots of time for forks to make major adjustments.

  3. Yonason

    Classic abusive “blame the victim” behavior,

  4. John Hultquist


    France will have most of its nukes operating by the end of the year.

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  7. Luigi

    Well, it’s not completely wrong.
    The average German keeps 24 or 25°C at home during winter.

    Some days ago (there were -12°C in Munich) I was walking outside and saw through the window of a flat a person walking at home: he was dressed with shorts and a T-shirt.
    Same concerning my two closest neighbours: they both walk at home dressed with shorts and T shirt.

    I keep 20-21°C and it is even too hot, but I stay home dressed with sports suit.
    With 24°C I could not resist.

    The one of my neighbours has the same kind of house I have (built together and have same floor section and same materials. He consumes 4000kwh yearly more than I do.
    He has two cars but actually does not need the second one, apart form few occasions that he could anyway manage with just one car. But he has now bought a plug in hybrid because “he is climate oriented”.

    It seems to be a typical German characteristic. Germans reproach other people and countries to use coal, not being climate-oriented. But then the truth is that they, the Germans, are simply not able very spoiled and incredibly arrogant.

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  10. Rehoboth

    Excellent post

  11. lance

    That could back fire!

    Our conservative Alberta government leader did that some years ago, and lost the next election…unfortunately, we voted in a far left government which was worse. We tossed her *ss out 4 years later.

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