Tough Mobility Restrictions Coming Soon “Like It Or Not”: Oxford Proposes “15 Minute Nieghborhoods”

Citizens to be confined to small areas…permits just to drive into other neighbourhoods

People using their cars for short trips to run everyday errands are contributing to the “climate catastrophe” climate doomsday-sayers claim. And whether you like it or not, many of these doomsday-sayers are currently in real positions of power and are shaping what our future will look like with far fetched draconian policies.

Hat-tip Krissy Rieger

The Oxford Mail reports how officials plan to divide the city of Oxford into six “15 minute” neighbourhoods by using road blocks with the aim of stopping motorists from driving through the Oxford city centre.

In an interview in The Sunday Times, Duncan Enright, Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for travel and development strategy, explained the authority’s traffic proposals. He said the road blocks, so-called filters, will allow people to reach “local services within a small walking radius”. The idea is to force people out of their cars and to walk or cycle.

Whether you like it or not!

“And he insisted the controversial plan would go ahead whether people liked it or not,” reports the Oxford Mail. Mr Enright said: “It is about making sure you have the community centre which has all of those essential needs, the bottle of milk, pharmacy, GP, schools which you need to have a 15-minute neighbourhood.”

Though the idea is to reduce traffic in the city and to make life there more pleasant there, critics say the plan represents the start of a dystopian society. For example the owner of car present in the city centre without a permit could be fined. A digital surveillance camera would only need to read the license plate number and the owner would get a fine mailed to him…later automatically deducted from his/her digital wallet.

Mr Enright, however, dismissed the critics, telling the Sunday Times: “It’s going to happen definitely.”

“People can drive freely around their own neighbourhood and can apply for a permit to drive through the filters, and into other neighbourhoods, for up to 100 days per year. This equates to an average of two days per week,” writes the Oxford Mail.

Other critics warn that the plan will be disaster for businesses.

“What we have is people making decisions that don’t live in the city centre,” hotelier Jeremy Mogford told the Oxford Mail. “We’re being dictated to by councilors who don’t live here.”

Citizens are always being told that all the restrictive policies enacted or proposed are all in the name of public health protection, personal security, combatting organised crime, terrorism or rescuing the climate. Emergencies warrant emergency powers and the suspension of democratic processes.

Read complete article at: The Oxford Mail here.

11 responses to “Tough Mobility Restrictions Coming Soon “Like It Or Not”: Oxford Proposes “15 Minute Nieghborhoods””

  1. John Hultquist

    Would you want to be one of the people (a “filter”) at the check-point?

    Or is there just a camera and a fine?
    Would you want to be the camera? 😁

    1. mwhite

      It’s going to be camera driven.

  2. Petit_Barde

    Same madness everywhere and it’s also planned here in Paris (France) :

    All those dangerous psychopaths must be put out of the way and held accountable for all the disasters and abuse they have already done.

  3. s wave
    1. Jimfrey

      So it is not a “lockdown” but the rebirth of the old Soviet internal passport; little difference

      1. dm

        East Berlin comes to the UK;-(

    2. dm

      “…traffic restrictions will not ‘be used to confine people’ to a given area. ‘Everyone can go through all the filters at any time by bus, bike, taxi, scooter or walking’…”

      BUT, traffic restrictions WILL BE USED to LIMIT HOW one gets around–initially. Then, when too many buses scooters & bikes crowd streets, the tyrants will limit use of those modes of transportation.

  4. Tony Thomas

    Nice article but we English don’t spell it Nieghborhoods

  5. Jim

    Ah, interesting. A return to the seventeenth century. Where there were enclaves, where the wealthy lived. With groomed people had their servants appear daily.

  6. Gerry, England

    There appears to be no democratic route for opposition to this lunacy as there are no elections for the Oxford City Council until 2024 and for Oxfordshire County Council until 2025. The City Council is not the Highway Authority and even if it opposed the plans as, although I working within London where the legislation was changed when the Greater London Authority was created, I see no mechanism within the legislation for other than an affected Highway Authority to block a proposal.

    Another point of interest is that the County Council has gone down the reduced democracy route by having a ‘Cabinet Member’ system which means that almost everything is not subject to a vote by the councillors.

  7. Tr

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