New Study: CO2 Fertilization Drives The 1980-2018 Global Greening Trend…Greening Leads To Cooling

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A “widespread greening trend” has been “significantly cooling the land surface” since the 1980s.

Another new study documents a clearly-defined land surface greening trend over the last 40 years. The greening is linked to CO2 fertilization and climate change (warming).

Greening, in turn, leads to land surface cooling, partially offsetting recent warming.

Image Source: Li et al., 2023

A year ago another study also suggested the “continuous increasing vegetation growth during the past four decades” can be attributed to “the physiological impact of rising CO2,” and this greening ultimately leads to “evaporative cooling” (Wu et al., 2022).

The greening is expected to continue throughout the 21st century.

Image Source: Wu et al., 2022
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6 responses to “New Study: CO2 Fertilization Drives The 1980-2018 Global Greening Trend…Greening Leads To Cooling”

  1. Michael Peinsipp

    Imagine that…CO2 is good for the Plants and Greenies/AGW freaks’ want to kill plants.
    To low CO2 and the Planet …DIES.

  2. RoHa

    OK, we forgot to factor in the greening effect when we made our predict.. I mean, projections. That’s why the observed warming is a bit lower than the warming the models predict… I mean, projected. But the warming won’t stop. We are still doomed. Very doomed.

    (And please send me money so that I can research the greening effect to include it in our …um… forecasts.)

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  4. Richard Greene

    “The increasing CO2 concentration is the major driving force of both global warming and earth greening in recent decades. However, compared with the global warming rate, we confirm the very limited effect of biophysical-based climate mitigation from earth greening. Meanwhile, our results also provide evidence of the significant surface cooling in regions with extensive greening trends”

    Anyone who claims, with no data, that CO2 is the driving force of global warming, has no credibility with me. CO2 is one of many climate change causes. Its exact effect is unknown, but obviously is small and harmless.

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