Street Blocking “Last Generation” Climate Protesters Caught Taking 18,000 km Holiday Flight To Thailand!

Two German Last Generation street-blocking climate protesters, roundly criticized for glaring hypocrisy after taking 18,000 km roundtrip flight for a 4-month holiday in Thailand…struggled to “reconcile it”…excuse: “wasn’t possible to go by rail or bus”!

Meet climate hypocrites Luisa S. and Yannick S. here!

We’ve all heard about the “Last Generation”: young, mostly spoiled upper middle class, privileged. They glue themselves to streets and block commuters from going to work in order to protest the burning of “climate-changing” fossil fuels. They demand people wean themselves off driving, flying, heating and eating meat. One tonne of CO2 emissions per person or even less each year is plenty, they insist. In fact, people need to start being confined in 15-minute cities!

But now it’s wintertime, and so gluing oneself to the street in freezing weather is just such a drag – and so is going to class or getting a real job. So what’s a spoiled climate cultist to do?

If you’re a member of “Letzte Generation” (Last Generation) like Germans Luisa S. and Yannick S,, who blocked a federal highway near Stuttgart with other activists last September, you book a long-haul flight to Thailand for a long vacation – until late spring!


Previously, Germany’s national daily Bild had inaccurately reported that the two climate kiddies had flown to Bali, and so at Twitter Germany’s Last Generation defended the two jet-setting activists, accusing Bild of spreading misinformation: the truth is that they had flown to Thailand. So there!

In the 12 part-thread, Last Generation went on to dismiss all double standard accusations with a defiant attitude. You see, climate protesters get a pass and jet-setting is the just reward for the hard work of being glued to a street when the weather is warm. They’re special.

Excuse: not possible to go by land!

Luisa S. and Yannick S,, went on to defend their flight to Thailand, claiming: “Conflicts had prevented them from completing the journey “across the Silk Road by train and bus.” According to Bild, the two told the German taz daily that the only option was to fly to Asia because of “the Russian war of aggression, the Syrian civil war, the Turkish invaders in northern Iraq, the Taliban’s seizure of power, the tensions in the Kashmir region and the military coup in Myanmar, to name just a few on the route to Southeast Asia.”

Bild commented on the spectacular excuse: “A cynical instrumentalization of suffering in the world as an absurd justification for one’s own vacation flight!”

Psychology of hypocrisy

The 2 street-blocking climate puppies added: “We are for pretty much exactly four months in Southeast Asia, just in Thailand” and noted it had been “a long-standing dream of Luisa”.

According to Bild, the couple claim they had not been sure whether they could “reconcile it” with their “conscience to get on a plane”. In the end, after a long mental struggle, they said they ultimately made the choice to make the trip.

3 responses to “Street Blocking “Last Generation” Climate Protesters Caught Taking 18,000 km Holiday Flight To Thailand!”

  1. John Hultquist

    Revoke their citizenship, cancel their passports, and confiscate their wealth.
    Family wealth? what is the deal? When I was that age, I hardly had enough money to buy an ice cream cone. Well, okay — on a date I could buy 1 and we had to share.

  2. MGJ

    Anybody who finds this surprising really hasn’t been paying attention.

    At least they didn’t go individually in private jets, as far as we know.

  3. Street Blocking “Last Generation” Climate Protesters Caught Taking 18,000 km Holiday Flight To Thailand! - Climate-

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