Private Jets Keep Green Light As WEF Pushes To Remove 75% Of All Cars In Just 27 Years

The Central Europe News here reports on how the WEF wants to reduce the global car fleet by 75% while WEF members crank up their private jet flights.

What follows are some excerpts.

Chart: Greenpeace Switzerland

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling for a reduction of private motor vehicles to a quarter of the current level. Of course, no reduction in private jets is envisaged.

Last month, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published a new paper dedicated to the future of mobility on earth.

The document would not be worth paying much attention to if it were not hidden in the small print what concrete goals the WEF is striving for. It points out, for example, that by 2050 more than two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. To achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, the report therefore recommends “electrification, public transport and shared mobility”.

75% fewer cars in just a single generation

On page 4 of the document, the WEF’s demand here reads in figures: “Reduce the vehicle fleet from potentially 2.1 billion to 0.5 billion.” That would be a radical regression within less than 30 years.

How such an extremely rapid change in societal transport systems and habitual individual mobility and consumption patterns can be implemented currently remains unclear to the public. Those “elites” who themselves thus fly around in private jets now want to take away your car and want to eliminate more than three quarters of motor vehicles from the roads within the next 27 years.

The WEF globalists’ briefing paper shows that they are obviously aware that they will not be able to cope with the expected traffic volume by 2050 with electrification. Where would the resources for the batteries come from and how do you want to produce so much electricity, even from “green” sources? There must therefore be a complete overhaul of private, individual mobility along with ’15-minute cities’.

15-minute ghettos

A dictatorial climate policy will keeps the broad masses in their own little ghettos while the chosen elites will continue to jet around the globe “to save the climate”. So a transhumanist “brave new world” without real freedom of movement and travel for ordinary people seems to be the future perspective.

Full article in German here

9 responses to “Private Jets Keep Green Light As WEF Pushes To Remove 759 Of All Cars In Just 27 Years”

  1. John Hultquist

    The last leg of the trips by jet setters — limo or helicopter?

  2. Val

    With the cycles of the Sun as they have always been, in 27 years the planet will essentially be in an ice age, and so much more will happen that will destroy the electrical power systems on Earth, what with the protective magnetic field down to 25%. Wish someone would take Klaus out and rid the planet of this megalomaniac.

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  5. D. Boss

    Their vision is of course megalomaniacal, and dystopian. People respond to prohibitions with underground economies and organized crime as in the alcohol prohibition in the US a century ago. (or just villagers with torches and pitchforks as in the cautionary tale of her Frankenstein if you take away our transportation and food and heating/cooling)

    However take note that all the hullaballoo about business aviation/jets is playing a shell game of hide the facts. Business jets MUST fly frequently and they do not sit idle when there is no WEF or DAVOS meetings. The break even for most business jets is between 400 to 800 hours of flight time per year! So they charter out at all times when their owners or partners are not using them.

    And like our bodies or your car, if it sits idle for long periods it decays/degrades far more than if it is used regularly. Hence maintenance costs soar if they sit idle as opposed to fly regularly. And their pilots must also fly a minimum number of hours and landings in the past 30 days to keep their licenses valid. So no, taking a snapshot of one small region during a conference does not yield a valid count of business jet use by a certain group of elites! Those jets continue to fly elsewhere at the same rates of flights per time period as during the conference.

    Look at FlightAware link below:

    Scroll down to “Explore Aviation Trends” and change the graph to the past 6 months. The blue curve is commercial aviation, and the orange one is a combo of general and business aviation. The flights vary on a weekly, monthly and annual basis, but you cannot pick out a WEF or DAVOS spike from the real time monitoring of all this traffic’s transponder signals!!!

    Furthermore, look at the full map of current flights:

    And use the filter menu as follows (top right sliders symbol):
    Change the minimum altitude to 30000
    change the minimum speed to 400
    select Business Aviation as the Type.

    Now you see the global number of business jets in the air at this moment.

  6. Gustav

    WEF diktats have no impact on BRICS. Once BRICS countries switch to their own trade mechanisms and currency, they’ll be free to manage their countries as they wish. This includes energy production, distribution, and uses. Very likely they’ll turn their back on Western eco-imperialists altogether and withdraw from Western “climate change” organizations. Let’s face it, the so called “catastrophic man-made climate change” is a monumental lie peddled by Western elites and their lackeys, the very purpose of which is for the EU & US middle class to accept drastically lower living standards and for people of developing countries to forgo development.

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