Austrian Biochemical Engineer: “No Energy Production Method Is More Damaging Than Wind Turbines”

“There is no more harmful way of generating energy than with wind turbines,” Rudolf Hammer tells AUF 1 journalist Sabine Petzl.

Microbiologist, biochemist and professional engineer Rudolf Hammer warns that changing over to wind and solar energy is not a clean way to produce energy. Screenshot AUF 1

As Germany and Austria rush to wean themselves off fossil fuels like coal and natural gas to produce electricity and replace them with weather-dependent wind and solar energy, the countries aim to substantially expand their fleet of wind turbines by 2040. Many would have to be installed near homes and in sensitive wildlife areas. e.g.the 1,000 -year-old Reinhard Forest.

In the AUF 1 interview, Hammer comments on the effectiveness and usefulness of wind power plants and offers a completely different view of what the entrenched politicians claim.

Damaging the local environment

Hammer explains that one problem with wind turbines is that hey extract a massive amount of kinetic energy from the wind, which in turn leads to a windspeed reduction downstream from the wind park and air layers getting mixed. The higher layers of wind end up getting mixed with the layers near the surface. “Colder layers are getting mixed with warmer layers and that is having dramatic effects on the temperature, humidity, and on evaporation,” which leads to “drier conditions and even drought.”

Currently the lion’s share of Germany’s 30,000 installed wind turbines are located across the north, where drought conditions have occurred over the past years.

“Economic nonsense”

When asked about how realistic it would be to quickly go 100% renewable, Hammer characterized the idea as “economic nonsense, saying it would require an additional 19,000 turbines and large swaths of land that just aren’t available in Austria.

2 responses to “Austrian Biochemical Engineer: “No Energy Production Method Is More Damaging Than Wind Turbines””

  1. John Hultquist

    Did Rudolf make any similar statements 15 years ago, just retire, or just wake up from a long nap?

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