Climate Expert: Climate Change Is Not To Blame For Everything

Politicians have gotten in the bad habit of blaming everything on climate change “to shift responsibility away from themselves”.

Expert: Climate change is not to blame for everything

Hat-tip: Klimanachrichten here

We have to wonder what attacks Friederike Otto will face from the social media. The climate attribution researcher is quoted in an article at Utopia, which reports:

In her work at Imperial College London and in the World Weather Attribution team, Otto researches the extent to which extreme weather events are actually consequences of the climate crisis. In Zeit’s interview, she says: “I see a tendency to attribute every unusual weather event completely to climate change.” She says it depends on a few factors, such as ‘good urban planning’ and ‘necessary adaptation measures,’ whether a situation becomes a disaster. ‘The climate is not to blame for everything,’ the physicist emphasizes.

In her opinion, it is ‘dangerous’ to say: ‘Climate change did it, discussion is over.’ According to Otto, this attitude enables politicians to shift responsibility away from themselves. It also distracts from the fact that measures could be taken to minimize the impact – including, according to the physicist, ‘early warning systems that reach people of all statuses, information levels and places of residence.'”

This we’ve seen from all kinds of news reports. In Spain, for example, a man-made road is artificially narrowed and walls are built on the side. After heavy rain, a ravine of death was created.

Something we also know from the Ahr valley in Germany, where houses and roads were built in areas that were formerly riverbeds. Earlier floods that has occurred in history were simply ignored. Of course, it is convenient to point to climate change, so no planning errors have to be admitted. When people talk about “man-made”, it is simply something more than just CO2, even if some protagonists do not tire of admonishing that we only had to build more wind power and solar, then none of this would have happened.

This is clearly not enough.

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