Too Many Would Have To Admit They Had Been Fooled And Should Have Known Better

The following is a commentary posted by Künstliche Intelligenz at X. I’ve translated it in English below.

It sums up well what’s going on when it comes to corona and climate and what to expect in 2024.

Corona, climate narrative and opportunity costs

After the first vaccination campaigns in the corona pandemic, it was reasonable to assume that people would ask themselves questions after the third, fourth or, at the latest, after the fifth vaccination. But this rational assumption cannot be applied when we are dealing with a faith-based model.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Anyone who got Covid after the initial double vaccination could have told themselves the vaccination doesn’t work, so I can go without it in future. However, after three years, many vaccinations, lockdowns and countless masks, it is now very difficult to ‘opt out’. The opportunity costs are high because you would then have to admit that you had been fooled for years.

The climate narrative is very similar. We had the naïve assumption that the appeal “Eat bugs to avoid emissions” would cause believers to pause a moment and ask questions. But it didn’t happen. Many people have internalized the new end-of-the-world prophecy and its accompanying redemption narrative that the end of the world will not come if only everyone makes enough sacrifices.

The climate change narrative has become a substitute religion. It suddenly offers people who previously had no direction in life a sense of stability and gives their lives meaning. Skipping school, gluing yourself to the asphalt, spraying Christmas trees with red paint, fighting ‘fake news’ on social media, tracking down and ostracizing dissenters. All these basically pointless activities have become the glue that binds in social networks.

Fighting together against an invisible enemy is the new ideal, right up to the ultimate sacrifice of one’s own purpose in life.

It is therefore safe to assume that we will see much crazier developments in the coronavirus & climate belief landscapes in 2024.”

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2 responses to “Too Many Would Have To Admit They Had Been Fooled And Should Have Known Better”

  1. Petter Tuvnes

    “It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain

  2. Linda Ferland

    Sadly, Critical Thinking & Common Sense Died Decades Ago! Too many have NO Conception of the Differences Between Thinking & Believing & Not enough Are WILLING To ASK Questions!

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