Authorities Raid Berlin-Based Radical Leftist Group “Zora”… Leader Tied To “Fridays For Future”

This morning German authorities raided extreme left-wing feminist women’s group “Zora” a group that sympathizes with Palestinian terrorists.

Ava, spokeswoman of the “terrorist sympathizer group “Zora”, makes a fiery speech at last September’s “Global Climate Strike” in Berlin on same stage used by Fridays for Future speakers. Image cropped here

“Some members allegedly use “emblems of the PFLP, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which Israel, the EU and the US have designated a terrorist organization,” reports Germany’s DW. “They searched six flats, an office and a café in the districts of Neukölln, Friedrichshain, Karlshorst, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding, the online BZ reported.”

Support Fridays For Future

News outlet Nius reports here that Zora leaders, however, are also involved in Germany’s “Fridays for Future” demonstrations, where they “spread their crude, far-left theories.”

On its website, the Zora group describes itself as an “independent, anti-capitalist organization for young women.”

Zora supports Thunberg, Germany’s Fridays For Future 

“Not only has Greta Thunberg repeatedly attracted attention with anti-Jewish statements trivializing Hamas terror, but a spokeswoman for ‘Zora’ also stood on the stage in front of the Brandenburg Gate at the ‘World Climate Strike’ on September 15, 2023, and gave a speech – only shortly after the German face of the climate movement and permanent talk show guest Luisa Neubauer,” report’s Nius.

The Zora spokeswoman is named Ava.

According to Nius, “On the Fridays for Future stage, her voice was almost overflowing with anger as she shouted into the microphone against capitalism, patriarchy and the ‘imperialist centers’ that are to blame for climate change.”

“The climate crisis does not affect all people equally, because we live in an exploitative, capitalist, patriarchal system,” Ava shouted. “We must ensure that the climate movement regains its anti-capitalist character.”

Now she can save her shouting, radical ranting and anger for the courtroom.

5 responses to “Authorities Raid Berlin-Based Radical Leftist Group “Zora”… Leader Tied To “Fridays For Future””

  1. John Hultquist

    I suggest authorities disentangle her and others of the group from all access to fuel and energy of the carbon-based sort. An un-heated cell would be start.

  2. Gordon Pratt

    Climate realism is a coalition of people who may disagree on other issues, such as whether the people who have stolen Palestine can exterminate those from whom they have stolen it. The decades long attack on Palestinians is not made less heinous because some of Palestine’s defenders are wrong on other issues. Guilt by association is a trick which it is disappointing to see on No Tricks Zone.

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  5. voza0db

    So… if they were sympathizers with Israeli terrorists there wouldn’t be a raid?!

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