2023 Germany’s Warmest Year Ever Recorded Since 1881, Was Also Among The Wettest

Warm and wet…

According to preliminary results from the data collected from Germany’s approximately 2000 weather stations, the year 2023 was the warmest on record. So reports the Offenbach, Germany-based DWD national weather service.

Yet, official claims don’t always seem to correspond to real life observations. Despite 6th wettest year on record and mass flooding this recent month, German officials also still insist there’s a drought in many areas. Chart source: UFZ

DWD activism: “We need to step up climate protection efforts” 

2023 was the warmest year in Germany since measurements began in 1881 and “a new record year for temperatures worldwide,” says Tobias Fuchs, Director of Climate and Environment at the German Weather Service (DWD). “Climate change continues unabated. We need to step up our climate protection efforts and adapt to the damage caused by extreme weather events.”

According to the EU climate service Copernicus, 2023 will also be the warmest year ever globally.

Note, however, that according to over 60,000 stations worldwide at temperatureglobal, 2023 was barely above a tenth of a degree warmer. Currently the global temperature is a comparatively cool 14.45°C

In Germany, 2023 was dominated by warm and humid conditions with high levels of precipitation, which made last year one of the wettest on record. According to the DWD, all months in 2023 were too warm. The average temperature in 2023 reached a mean of 10.6 degrees Celsius (°C), more than 1°C above the 1991-2020 reference period. A mild start followed by a hot summer and a warm fall led to the new record.

6th wettest

In terms of precipitation, it was the sixth wettest year since records began, with over 20 percent more precipitation than normal. Around 958 liters per square meter (l/m²) precipitation fell in the year, Normal  is 791 l/m². The northeast of Germany remained comparatively “dry” with widespread amounts of around 600 l/m², reports the DWD.

Sunnier than normal

There was 5% more sunshine than usual, at around 1,764 hours. Normal is 1665 hours (1991 – 2020 reference period). It was sunniest near the coast and in the south, with over 2,000 hours in some areas. In comparison, it remained cloudier in the low mountain ranges with around 1,600 hours.

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    Won’t be long before Germany is growing bananas and pineapples!!!

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