The Lake Garda Climate-Freak-Show Disappears… Italy’s Largest Lake Now Overflowing!

A year ago, Europe’s media blared on about Lake Garda’s dangerously low level, and warned the lake risked drying out. Today, the water level is at a near high.

Nestled in northern Italy, Lake Garda is a favorite holiday destination for Germans. It has historic charm and is framed by the picturesque Dolomites to the north.

Just a year ago, the media and climate “experts”, however, were warning that Italy’s largest lake, at 370 square kilometers, risked drying up – a sure consequence of climate change, no doubt!

For example, last April the German Handelsblatt reported the lake had reached a “new low”, after a protracted drought period in the region:

German online weekly FOCUS here reported last year that the famous lake was “drying out” and was near an all-time low level.

“The water level has halved,” reported Munich’s Merkur.

German news magazine Stern chimed in and reported Lake Garda to be “only 38 percent full”!

Everywhere were hints it was all brought on by the climate crisis. All of Europe, in fact, risked drying out.

Drought-alarmism washed away

Then, in late 2023, the rains came across Europe. And how! Today we’re suddenly hearing only about floods and crop losses.

And what about Lake Garda? Official water level websites show the lake is now near the maximum level:

Image cropped from: Enti Regalatori Deo Grande Laghi

Currently, Lake Garda is well above the mean level, as the chart above shows, and all the fears of it going dry are gone! Now it’s overflowing, according to recent reports. The climate ambulance chasers have packed up their freak show and moved out of northern Italy.

Overall, Lake Garda’s length is 51.6 km and measures 17.2 km at its widest point. The maximum depth is 346 m and the main tributary of the lake is the river Sarca at Torbole in the north.

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  6. Hansi

    Global warming is to blame. Because it not only produces snow in April, but (of course) also the avalanches.

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