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Lubos On Schellnhuber

Lubos Motl, I am pleased and honoured to say, has also written a piece of his own about Herr Masterplan Hans Schellnhuber. Boy, I thought I was being tough on the guy, Lubos takes it right to him. I found his post so enjoyable that I had to feature it here. He adds a lot […]

Robust Science! More Than 30 Contradictory Pairs Of Peer-Reviewed Papers

I get mail, too. Though not very friendly at times. But here’s one from reader Jimbo who delivers quite a neat collection of contradictory reports. No matter if it’s hot-cold, wet-dry, green-brown, windy-calm, bad-nice – its all due to manmade climate change. ===================================================== Hi Pierre Gosselin, The last time you posted the following list on Notrickszone […]

Contrails And Con-Science – In The Service Of Masterplans

Sometimes timing is everything. Yesterday we looked at how a climate scientist is busy making “masterplans” for transforming our society instead of studying the climate.Some people were not happy about my reminder of where this sort of dubious activity can lead. After all, planning societies and claiming absolute truth is not the job of  scientists, especially those […]

Another German “Will Soon Unveil A Master Plan For A Transformation Of Society”

We’ve seen that kind of thinking before. Authoritarianism. Forget democracy, human freedom and free markets. These concepts, which have made today’s human prosperity and long lifespans a reality for humans, wherever and whenever they have been given the chance to work, are upsetting a small but very elitist group of individuals who view these concepts as a threat to […]

Merkel’s Meltdown: Auf Wiedersehen Nuclear Energy – Hysteria Drives German Politics

In the wake of the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan, a tsunami of hysteria has swept the German Green Party to a stunning victory in elections in the state of Baden-Württemberg.The Greens also piled on in the Rhineland Palatinate elections as well. One thing is clear:  Angela Merkel’s coalition government with the FDP liberal democrats […]

Germany’s Future: Product Sharing, Laundermats And “Sustainable Parties”

Here’s a scary clip produced by some green Marxists at the German Federal Office of the Environment, who seem to have taken it upon themselves to tell the rest of us how to live. If this represents the government’s view and the target it has in mind for its citizens, then it’s awfully spooky. (Clip is in […]

Finland Remains Focused On Safest Source Of Energy: Nuclear

The Fukushima nuclear reactor crisis has provided anti-nuclear activists with an assortment of (unsubstantiated) scare stories for turning the tide of public opinion against nuclear energy. So it’s little wonder that few places have been so gripped by hysteria as Germany, home to a large number of eco-stalinists and chronic doomsayers in the media. German […]

Attention Muggers, Thieves, Rapists And Hooligans! Tomorrow Evening Is Earth-Hour – Cities Switching Off Lights

And attention morons, drones, and other like-minded believers in superstition and ritual behaviour. At 8:30 p.m CET tomorrow evening it is Earth Hour. It’s that time again to participate in yet another useless collective ritual of madness, by switching off the lights along with all the other drones, in a bid to get the climate gods to bestow nice […]

Arctic Ice Thickness Makes A Huge Gain - Global Warming Freezes More Ice!

Arctic Ice Thickness Makes A Huge Gain – Global Warming Freezes More Ice!

Back in January I wrote about how the Arctic had gained 2000 cubic kilometres in ice volume. This was calculated by comparing the sea ice thickness of January 2008 to that of January 2011, see the following chart. Blue color shows thin ice, while green shows thicker ice. Clearly the Arctic’s ice was much thicker […]

Nuclear Is The Safest Form Of Energy - Opposition Is A "Glaring Denial Of Reality"

Nuclear Is The Safest Form Of Energy – Opposition Is A “Glaring Denial Of Reality”

Steffen Hentrich of the German liberal institute presents a comparison of the safety of various sources of energy. Much of the media, many politicians and a host of activists have all told us that nuclear energy is too dangerous to be used by man. Is this claim founded on solid data and facts, or is it run-away […]

The Real Cause Of Polar Bear Knut’s Death

Last Saturday polar bear poster child Knut died unexpectedly, much to the horror of viewers and fans internationally. Knut was only 4 years old. Polar bears normally live to be more than 30. Of course, everyone is asking why. What was the cause of death? Media reports say Knut had some sort of brain ailment. Activists are […]

Fukushima Status March 23 – Radiation Levels Gradually Declining

As usual, there have been more horror reports in the media today about the Fukushima crisis in the German media. German Zettels Raum blog brings us back to reality today. Leading the way with the horror stories was Der Spiegel, which had the headline here at its online site: Increased Radioactivity – Nuclear Power Plant Fukushima completely evacuated”. So […]

Energy Prices Risk Leading Europe To An Economic Meltdown. Situation “Truly Dreadful”

It’s up, up and away! The prices that is. The UK Daily Mail reports today that inflation has reached the highest level in 20 years. Price increases have been fuelled primarily by an increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20%, and spiralling energy prices. The Mail writes: For millions, the biggest battle is finding the money […]

Fukushima Status March 22 – Catastrophe Will Not Take Place

We have to keep repeating this because the irresponsible media keeps distorting everything. Zettels Raum brings the latest update here. So far every single one of his reports has been spot on.  Here are the latest main points: Works on the nuclear power plant have made amazing progress. One can say with high probability that no big accident will […]

Mega-Droughts Wiped Out Toltec And Aztec Civilzations – When CO2 Was Only 280 PPM

Many of you may have noticed that Steve Goddard at his Real Science site has recently posted a number of similar articles, putting to rest that weather extremes are exclusive to today (because of our CO2 emissions). Indeed they were just as frequent in the past. This story here is just the latest, from online Der […]

Tropical Storm Activity Hits A 40-Year Low - Possibly "Unprecedented"!

Tropical Storm Activity Hits A 40-Year Low – Possibly “Unprecedented”!

Florida State University scientist Dr Ryan Maue has an update on global tropical storm activity. Now if global warming causes more, and more intense storms, then there must be some serious cooling going on right about now. Storms are practically off the radar! Here’s the chart for the last 40 years. Dr Maue writes, adding his […]

Earthquake Caused A Displacement Of Up To 27 Meters

Earthquake Caused A Displacement Of Up To 27 Meters

The animated graphic below was created by geophysicist Joachim Saul from the Helmholtz Association GFZ Research Centre for Geosciences, read here and shows the sequence of quakes since March 9. The animated image is available at Click the image to activate. The GFZ press release writes: It shows the earthquake activity in the region of Honshu, […]

Knut: 2006 – 2011

Some sad news I am compelled to report today. The German poster child of Arctic ice melt, polar bear Knut, died mysteriously yesterday at the Berlin Zoological Garden. No animal had ever been so instrumentalized by the German media for the purpose of rallying attention and sympathy to the mythical plight of the polar bears […]

ARD Meltdown: Major TV News Network Makes 14 Factual Errors In A Single News Report

H/t: Oekowatch ARD public television is Germany’s flagship news channel which broadcasts its “Tagesschau” news at the prime-time slot of 8 p.m. You can compare it to the BBC News (unfortunately its reputation is following the same path). It’s no secret that the German media has über-hyped the news in Japan in order to über-dramatize […]

Fukushima Status: “Nuclear Catastrophe Not Taking Place”

In none of the reactors are there processes where there is a danger of something going out of control. The nuclear catastrophe is not taking place.” That’s quoting Zettels Raum blog description of the deescalating situation at the Fukushima Diichi facility. Zettels Raum blog has been monitoring the Fukushima incident since the start, and reports on the […]