70% Of Financial Times Deutschland Readers Welcome Vahrenholt’s Skeptical Book

It’s been interesting reading some of the reactions from the green, warmist sites. Of course they are all seething in rage and resignation as their unclean movement collapses.None of them up to now have presented any scientific arguments refuting the claims made by Lüning and Vahrenholt.

Indeed many forget that geologist and climate-paleontologist Lüning is also one of the authors and brings more expertise to the book than many of those who reside in bloated “climate institutes” and call themselves climate scientists. The book is not written by just an “RWE boss”.

The very green Financial Times Deutschland (Germany) has been running a reader poll here since February 8.

The results? The FTD may be green, and maybe many of its readers, but FTD’s readers are also obviously open-minded, or just downright skeptical.

Survey: The climate view of Fritz Vahrenholt is…
Answer 1: humbug – 10%
Answer 2: rhetoric of a lobbyist – 20%
Answer 3: good food for thought – 28%
Answer 4: 100% right on! – 42%

Number of votes: 4800

I suspect that a number of readers really don’t see any real changes in the climate, except that we are back to cold winters here in Germany, which of course flies in the face of projections of warming. And I suspect that many see through the scam. They see who’s making money, and where it is all taking us.

Hat-tip: Eckhard


7 responses to “707 Of Financial Times Deutschland Readers Welcome Vahrenholt’s Skeptical Book”

  1. Peter Hartmann


    please. This is not “70% of the readers”. It’s a non-representative survey that has probably been swamped by EIKE readers. It’s a thin line between propaganda and misinformation. Don’t overstep the line.


    1. DirkH

      I am sure you are one of those who always adds the same kind of caveat when talking about the “97% of all climate scientists” who agree that humanity causes CAGW. You do that, don`t you?

  2. Mindert Eiting

    There is really changing something. Today in the traditionally alarmist Volkskrant (page 32) a broad article, translation of a Wall Street Journal article, about the sixteen scientists who wrote that there are no scientific arguments for fighting CO2. Added is a funny photograph of Geenpeace activists in polar bear outfit. In 2009 they decided that dissident opinions were no more allowed in the newspaper because the science was settled. I think that it is over in The Netherlands.

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