1000+ PEER-REVIEWED Papers Show Skeptics Are Right On When It Comes To Climate Science

We can all recall the part in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth about Naomi Oreskes claiming the scientific literature is unanimous on global warming being mostly caused by man-made greenhouse gases. Of course that turned out to be completely distorted, misleading and mostly wrong.

Popular Technology.net has been updating a list of peer-reviewed papers  that dispute the theory of a man-made climate disaster in the future.


That list has grown to over 1000 papers, and have been asked to post on this.

That’s a mountain of literature that will get brushed aside by the UN IPCC. The list has indeed become an embarrassment to those claiming that consensus forms science and that there’s a consensus that man is now the single dominating climate factor.

Much has been said to discredit the list. Therefore, the author has made a list of the common criticisms and added a rebuttal. At various websites comments correcting misinformation are often censored and the author of the list is blocked from replying. Before accepting any criticism of this list, please email, populartechnology@gmail.com.

Here’s a list of rebuttals to the criticisms made by the consensus-claimers:

Rebuttals to criticisms:

Are Skeptical Scientists funded by ExxonMobil?
Correcting misinformation about the journal Energy & Environment
AGW Observer: Rebuttal to “Anti-AGW papers debunked”
Carbon Brief Part I: Rebuttal to “9 out of top 10 authors linked to ExxonMobil”
Carbon Brief Part II: Rebuttal to “Using our paper to support skepticism of anthropogenic global warming is misleading.”
Carbon Brief Part III: Rebuttal to “Energy and Environment – “journal of choice for climate skeptics” Analysing the 900+ skeptic papers part III”
DeSmogBlog: Rebuttal to “Don’t Be Fooled: Fossil Fools Fund Latest Climate Skeptic Petition”
Greenfyre: Rebuttal to “450 more lies from the climate change Deniers”
Greenfyre: Rebuttal to “Poptart’s 450 climate change Denier lies”
Greenfyre: Rebuttal to “Poptart gets burned again, 900 times”
Roger Pielke Jr.: Rebuttal to “Better Recheck That List”
Skeptical Science: Rebuttal to “Meet the Denominator”
Rebuttal to 7 Spammed Lies
Rebuttal to “Does size matter?”
Rebuttal to Mothincarnate
Rebuttal to “Poptech’s list of Confusion”
Rebuttal to PSU ENGR 408 Class Paper
Origin of the Popular Technology.net Peer-Reviewed Paper List

The 1000+ list has been categorized according to various fields. So it’s a really handy resource for rebutting all the junk-science put out by climate activists. In fact I’ve added to the side bar under Blogroll.

3 responses to “1000+ PEER-REVIEWED Papers Show Skeptics Are Right On When It Comes To Climate Science”

  1. DirkH

    Let’s have some fun news from Germany shall we?
    Swabian machine builder Centrotherm, provider of PV production lines, drops 40% today.




    Looks like the solar companies who went insolvent haven’t paid their bills.

  2. Pascvaks

    Every now and then a bunch of green blooded meatheads in high places will tell you to “eat cake”, when they do, there is no other recource available to you but to ‘storm the Bastille’. Now while the ‘pen is (still) mightier than the sword’, one should always maintain proficency in both as each has their ‘time under heaven’. Remember, procrastination does not make anything better, it makes all things only more difficult.(SarcOff;-)

    All men are Peers!

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