Ban Ki Moon Declares “Model Of Consumption Dead”, Envisions World Of Forced Environmental Labor

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has written a guest piece for Der Spiegel. In it he declares that “consumption is dead” and that a new economic model is needed for the planet.

The UN’s green agenda proposes a global concentration camp of forced environmental labor.

However, like everyone one else, he cannot tell us what that model is supposed to look like. And when he tries, he only delivers a lot of confusion. Moon writes:

For too long we have been trying to secure the path to prosperity with increased consumption. This model is dead. In Rio we have to develop a new model for an economic system of the 21st century, one that refutes the myth that there has to be a zero-sum balance between growth and environment. Using intelligent measures, governments can create growth, fight poverty, create jobs and accelerate social progress while at the same time conserve the natural and limited resources of the planet.”

What Moon is calling for is growth through shrinkage.

To tell us how all this is supposed to work, 25,000 people are flying in on jet-fuel guzzling jumbo jets, staying in air-conditioned hotels, and indulging in a days-long bash of food and drink consumption – all on the taxpayer’s dime. No shrinkage here.

Moon adds that lots of countries are now adopting clean, green methods for generating power and recycling waste. He cites: Barbados, Cambodia , Indonesia, Korea, South Africa, Armenia, Aserbaidschan, Egypt, Kenya, China, Brazil and India. Readers by now will notice that many of these countries are developing right along are now able to produce more efficiently only because they’ve reached a degree of prosperity using the model that Moon likes to declare dead.

Moon also fails to tell us that all the countries he mentions above will indeed have huge growth in CO2 emissions in the years and decades ahead. To deny these countries increases in CO2 would be to deny them the prosperity they need to clean up their acts.

In fact it is the Green movement that has pushed so many things in the wrong direction lately. Think energy poverty from high energy prices, food shortages and deforestation from palm oil plantations and bio-fuels crops. Moon may not know it, but it is his model that is dead.

Environmental labor camp

In truth, the UN’s idea of new prosperity, dubbed sustainable living, would be so regulated and fraught with restrictions that it would de facto transform human society into a global concentration camp of forced environmental labor. The focus of our work and energy would be to pay for green energy and to fulfil emissions targets.

Moon’s vision? He writes:

Moreover, we want to double energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy. In Rio representatives of governments, companies and civil society are going to introduce a variety of measures to reach these targets.”

Wonderful, they want to force types of energy that we neither want nor can afford. Again this is being proposed by people who crisscross the globe in private jets, are ferried around in limousines and stay at luxury hotels on the taxpayer’s dime. For the rest of us it’s pedal a bike, eat insects, and live in a hut.

Moon adds:

‘Renewable energy for everyone’ is the partnership of the future. The principle is simple, yet powerful: The UN brings all players to the table so that they can work together on this goal. […]  But ‘Rio+20’ is about much more. The conference is the expression of a dynamic worldwide movement for the change. It’s a huge step to a future that we want.”

The question is who does he mean by “we”?


20 responses to “Ban Ki Moon Declares “Model Of Consumption Dead”, Envisions World Of Forced Environmental Labor”

  1. Pascvaks

    Moon is a fool, but especially he is a puppet. He is a means of telling children what someone else wants to tell them. To know who is speaking, follow the strings.

    Positions and Titles appear to mean a lot to some people, but as with everything, they too erode in time. “Secretary General of the United Nations” means nothing; it really never did. The “United Nations” means nothing, it too really never did. Nothing that has been created in the past 67 years who’s title begins or includes “The United Nations” means a tinker’s dam.

    When a fool speaks, regardless of his position or title, everyone turns their back. When a puppet speaks, everyone wonders, “Who said that?”, and they follow the strings.

  2. DirkH

    Moon is South Korean. So I’m eagerly awaiting the next iPad model, with a Samsung display of course; I guess it will look like his:

    80% of the Spiegel commenters share Moons opinion. I’m relieved. It’s always good to know where the idiots are.

    1. Phil W

      I’ll bet South Korea were glad to get rid of him.

  3. thebiggreenlie

    Why would the world even tolerate this man’s ranting and raving unless everyone is sleeping?

  4. RE:Volt

    The mantra of CO2 reduction and de-industrialization is chanted everywhere these people gather:

    “At this biodiversity conference the Green Energy Act lay like a dog turd in need of a policy pooper-scooper.

    The 2012 Muskoka Summit on the Environment entitled Perspectives On Biodiversity Loss – From Science to Policy, follows on the inaugural 2010 Freshwater Summit which had its inception in the year of the world Summit in Muskoka.

    The objective then was to prepare a policy statement which would be communicated to our government representatives at the international Summit. An member with long-standing involvement in freshwater monitoring and protection was invited to the first event and this year again attended to bring a Lake Superior perspective to the proceedings giving us the opportunity to share with you a first-hand report:”
    Continue reading

    One of the speakers and the most egregious of the bunch when it came to alarmism and misrepresenting the science was Prof. Jeremy Kerr. This video accurately captures his disingenuous presentation

    Jeremy Kerr, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Ottawa misrepresents, or display stunning ignorance of, the actual state of climate science. He would also have us believe correlation is causation.

    Jeremy Kerr states in the bio submitted for his talk at the 2012 Muskoka Summit on the Environment that: “… To this end he has worked to improve endangered species legislation in Ontario and, through the International Boreal Science Panel, to gain commitments from governments across Canada to establish vast new protected areas in the boreal wilderness.

    His work remains focused on big questions in ecology and conservation, particularly on how species respond to recent, rapid climate change and sharply rising incidence of climate-related extreme events.”

    When asked by a member of the audience what his position was on the Ontario McGuinty Liberal government’s omnibus Budget Bill 55 which will severely weaken over one dozen environmental protection laws Kerr responded that he had been too busy to be concerned with it…

    Kerr was awarded $100,000 by the McGuinty Government’s Early Researcher Award Program. Provincial research funds have allowed Kerr to establish the Canadian Facility for Ecoinformatics Research at the University of Ottawa’s Department of Biology.

    Video clips of the other presenters can be found here

  5. GregO

    United Nations of what planet? He can’t be talking about earth:

    Coal is still king (like it or not) and renewables (a marketing term if there ever was one!) are not ready for prime-time.

    The developed nations are broke and tiring of pointless exercises in solar and wind energy that really were never anything but publicly funded fads. The developing nations aren’t about to stop their development (spelled more coal-fired power plants) because some well-placed clown of a fool has other ideas.

    Nothing short of open warfare will prevent the developing nations from continueing to build energy infrastructure.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle

    Oh, good. East Germany was built on Mr Moon’s model of no-consumption. There was nothing in the shops to buy, so people couldn’t consume.

    As I recall they had to build a wall around the country to keep the people from escaping.

    Rather like in North Korea today. Which part of Korea was it you said you came from Mr Moon?

    Well, Mr Moon…maybe wall guarding is an eco-job you could count in the drive for more green jobs. And also count the green jobs of making the bullets to shoot the evil sceptics trying to flee your enlightened eco-state.

    1. DirkH

      Eugen Richter predicted the wall around the country in his 1891 dystopia “Social Democratic Future Images” (Sozialdemokratische Zukunftsbilder)

      Richter was a classic liberal; “Social democracy” was in his time directed by Bebel, and if one takes Bebel literally, the goal was what we would describe today as Maoism. Richter has written a fictive account of what he perceived to be the future of such a “social democratic” state, and the book looks as if it was used by the DDR bosses as a blueprint; at one point he even mentions the rallying cry “Wir sind das Volk” (We are the people) later used in the fall of 1989 by the masses. The book describes the decline and final collapse of a Bankimoonian/Bebelian Germany taken to its extreme.

      The linked post links to a full PDF. The book is public domain.

  7. DirkH

    Ban Ki Moons watermelon strategy was conceived by Heilbroner in The New Yorker in 1990. While the rest of the world was celebrating the demise of socialism, Heilbroner was deeply embarassed, saying “Mises was right” about the unviability of socialism, but undeterred, called for a repackaging of socialism as the more ecological system.

    (Of course Heilbroner wasn’t the only one – the German K-Gruppen already infiltrated and took over the Anti nuclear movement and the Green Party in 1980; maybe creating the first true watermelon movement)

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  9. DirkH

    89% of Germans want Obama reelected.

    One must say, most of them have never tried to endure one of his speeches as they’re not capable of understanding spoken English. American movies come overdubbed in German. Had they even the slightest notion of how hollow he his… All his gaffes never make it across the Atlantic. The Americans will elect Romney and all Germans will shake their heads in disbelief about the utter stupidity of those rednecks… Sigh. Always the same.

    1. Hill


      “All his gaffes never make it across the Atlantic. The Americans will elect Romney and all Germans will shake their heads in disbelief about the utter stupidity of those rednecks… Sigh. Always the same.”

      So true. As a Euro-American. Although, I did not live in Germany, but antoher European country, everything you said is true. Although, I would add, regarding some European countries, just to prove to themselves what is wrong with America and how they are superior, I found they would put on the news any thing that would make America look bad, even if it was a shooting in small town USA, population 5. The best example, I can give you is the Duke Lacrosse case, from North Carolina. I pretty sure the European news agency I was listening to, never printed a retraction or apologised when the case was discovered to be fraudaulant.

  10. Pascvaks

    “89% of Germans want Obama reelected”
    “92% of France wants Obama reelected”

    That means The USSR DID win the Cold War!
    I knew it! Something kept telling me that they did.
    I couldn’t put my finger on it till now.
    But there it is, the Soviets Won!
    I guess that means old QEII is toast.
    They’ll probably make Buck House a
    People’s Museum or something, and rename the Euro
    The New Ruble.
    Have fun Comrades!

  11. Ban Ki Mooncheese

    If you are not already familer with it — United Nations Agenda 21 is what is driving all of this eco garbage worldwide.

    A good web site, for some detailed, well-documented background —

    1. DirkH

      Agenda 21 Braunschweig (my hometown)
      Everybody google Agenda 21 [Name of your hometown here].
      Their documents are all over the web. There’s an Agenda 21 bureau in Hannover and one in Oldenburg. etc etc etc…
      Not that it makes much of a difference in the EU – when you “own” property here you aren’t allowed to do what you want with it anyway…

      1. DirkH

        Link above links to this pdf, German, with loads and loads of transcripts of meaningless babble where every second word is “nachhaltig” (sustainable); you feel like you’re in Being John Malkovich. That’s the dumbest religious sermon I’ve ever seen. Poor braindead idiots who have to endure these speeches.

        1. Bernd Felsche

          OMG! Dipl.-Ing. as project leader. Are lobotomies now mandatory for all Engineering students in Germany?

          Back when I was studying Engineering (in Australia), some students would routinely attempt lobotomies; one beer at a time.

          1. DirkH

            They’re often expressing different opinions in private. The movement is built on dishonesty and siphoning off money.

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