Angela Merkel’s Vice Chancellor Stuns, Declares Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ To Be On ‘The Verge Of Failure’!

The green energy orgy in Germany is over. The music has stopped and the wine that once flowed freely has long run out. The green energy whores and pimps can go home.

In a stunning admission by Germany’s Economics Minister and Vice Chancellor to Angela Merkel, Sigmar Gabriel announced in a recent speech that the country’s once highly ballyhooed transformation to renewable energy, the so called Energiewende, a model that has been adopted by a number of countries worldwide, is “on the verge of failure“.

Speaking at an event at SMA Solar, Germany’s leading manufacturer of solar technology, Gabriel even dropped yet another admission bomb:

The truth is that in all fields we under-estimated the complexity of the Energiewende.”

Gabriel is not only the national economics minister and vice chancellor to Angela Merkel, he is also head of Germany’s socialist SPD party, which is now the coalition partner in Angela Merkel’s CDU/SPD grand coalition government. Moreover Gabriel was once the country’s environment minister and a devout believer in global warming and in Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth.

In the speech Gabriel tells the audience how the energy transformation is on the verge of failure:

Those who are the engines of the transformation to renewable energies, that’s you, you don’t see how close we are to the failure of the energy transformation.”

Gabriel says that major reforms are thus unavoidable, and he calls efforts for energy consumers to get off the grid “pure madness”. That’s not what they want after all. Gabriel is now calling on companies who produce green energy for their own use to ante up as well:

The complete exemption from paying feed-in tariffs is a model that is wonderful for you as a business model, but is one that is a problem for everyone else.”

The solar energy audience reacts with dead, stunned silence (3:03). That can’t believe what they just heard.

The mood at SMA Solar, which has been a huge benefactor of the renewable energy subsidies brought on by Germany’s EEG feed-in act, was somber and shock and Gabriel delivered the reality. Many in attendance seemed unable to fathom what Gabriel was unloading: the heady days at the green energy feeding trough are over – live with it.

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here writes:

The responsible persons in attendance at the Hessen-based photovoltaic SMA Solar and all the other profiteers of the EEG feed-in act saw their jaws drop when this late and blunt admission was made.”

That Gabriel would make such comments can only tell us that the situation and the costs surrounding the Energiewende must be far more dire than most of us realize.

Germany’s renewable energy gravy train has derailed for good. Other countries take note!

Finally, give credit to Gabriel for not shying away from what needs to be done and for taking the responsibilities as economics minister very seriously. Finally a person in power who gets it!

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  1. Ontario, Canada is still “full-on” Green Energy development and may the be the last place on Earth where Green Fraud is still being pushed!

    ………….and we are BANKRUPT!

    1. Wasn’t it Hemmingway that remarked that one gets rich very slowly, but one goes broke suddenly?

    2. “Thebiggreenlie” – Pursuit of the wind FRAUD is still happening full-throttle here in the U.S., too — despite the fact that BO forewarned his energy policies would “necessarily skyrocket” electricity rates.

  2. Skeptic talking:
    Years ago reasonable people (NTZ) figured out the impracticality of this rush to a wind and solar future. Politicians seem agenda driven and can be unreasonable when political expediency directs their thinking. For what it is worth, the wiki entry for this man does not provide confidence that he is up to the task of doing the hard work of redirecting German society toward a sound energy policy. Why say “on the verge of failure” when it has failed. Why say “we under-estimated the complexity” when the correct phrase would have been “we ignored reasonable people who said it was unnecessary and impossible.” Does he now think we are all doomed because of CO2?
    My question is – What is he up to now? Political expediency or follow the money?

    Still, he did give the speech. That’s something!

    Meanwhile in the Great State of California the politicians want to use the taxes (fees) on CO2 polluters to build a high speed rail line in the middle of nowhere, that will go nowhere, and no one will pay to ride.

  3. The shock that audience felt must be immense. It is their life, their livelihood and someone in authority has just told them that it is OVER, FINISHED.

    1. Don’t hold your breath. All pro EU bloc parties are currently making noises as if they cared about Germany. They will switch back to normal after the EU parliament elections.

  4. Political violence against AfD picks up steam as EU parliament elections approach.
    Rampant destruction of posters, attacks on volunteers, party offices, info stands.
    When you search for “AfD” in google news, at least on the first page you find no article that expresses concern about attacks against a democratic party.
    All’s well in the Weimar Republic 1932 it seems.

      1. This is now a DDR 2.0 . How can it otherwise be that the pro EU party bloc does not protect a small democratic party against such attacks.
        Angela Maduro.

    1. Same here in the UK. they are trying to dig up the fact that some UKIP candidates are descendants of slave owners in the 17th century (figuratively speaking). The establishment is running scared of the surge in popularity of UKIP.

  5. Re-blogged at Tallbloke’s Talkshop.

    Even prosperous Germany can only take so much economic pain before a re-think becomes inevitable.

    Why did it take the politicians so long? We can think of a few answers…

  6. At the London Telegraph blogs, some of the green persuasion are using this report
    to counter the above report. My reading of that report is that there is still a cap in place but now with some negotiation available for some states. This is the text
    ” According to Gabriel, federal and state ministers have now moved from a top limit to a flexible cap. That means more wind farms will profit from subsidies.

    “We are very pleased that the 2500 megawatt yearly goal, hasn’t become an issue,” said Thorsten Albig, Schleswig Holstein’s state premier. “That’s a good development.””
    Thoughts as to what was offered here to appease the green power people?


    1. Yes, it is contradictory. Gabriel has a few weeks ago “reformed” the renewables act by changing nothing at all (exemption for big electricity consumers get legitimized differently now; further expansion of solar and wind are more centrally planned, but not much reduced from current expansion speeds).

      That’s why I say the cost explosion will continue unabatedly. Gabriel will trample SMA and the Solar Industry as well, though. Beatings will continue until morale improves – the eternal motto of Social Democracy. Equal suffering for all.

  7. Well, you can fool most people most of the time, but you can never fool all the people all the time. You know the truth will hit sometime. Consequently Global warming scam will evolve in something else to do with collective “guilt”. Note the adjective collective.

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  9. there is loads of infrastructure with fossil fuels and loads of pollution

    and impacts to the environment and very expensive to implement.

    we need something that is better…..

    I live in Northeastern Pa. in the gas fields developing there.

    come and see. I give tours and you can see the impacts…

    1. “there is loads of infrastructure with fossil fuels and loads of pollution”

      … and solar and wind do absolutely nothing against that – you need to keep the entire existing energy infrastructure in place to compensate the intermittent unreliable nature of renewables…

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