Top Environmentalists Aghast As Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ Turns Into A Green Dystopia!

First vigorous support
followed by cheers
But then came silence
and then denial,
Followed by downplaying
Today, outrage is exploding

That’s the story of Germany’s attempted Energiewende (transition to renewable energies).

The mood has turned 180° since the early days. Once welcome, Germany’s Energiewende is now being met with shock and outrage as the envoiornmental destruction takes on unforeseen dimensions.

Even German envivonrmentalists, once huge proponents of renewable energies like wind and solar, are no longer able to take it any more as the Energiewende ravages the country’s environment and turns the notion of environmental protection into a fiasco.

Hat-tip: Alessandra Eck and Martina Knoedl at FB.

Now that Germany’s Energiewende has been in full swing for a number of years, many leading environmentalists are in a state of shock as huge areas of the country are being deforested and landscapes disfigured to make way for hundreds of wind turbines.

Environmentalist Georg Etscheit is a regular contributor at Germany’s leading climate alarmism site, Klimaretter, and he as well has had enough. Etscheit will be releasing a book in early November.

New, soon-to-be released book slams Germany’s Energiewende: “Sacrificed Landscapes – How the Energiewende Is Destroying our Landscapes.” Image: Heyne Verlag.

The title of the book: “Sacrificed Landscapes – How the Energiewende Is Destroying our Landscapes.”

In the book’s promotion video here, a number of Germany’s leading environmental experts are seen denouncing Germany’s Energiewende, as they are aghast at what is going on.

Prof. Dr. Niko Paech, sustainability scientist, says:

What’s awful about the destruction of the landscapes and the government is that all of it has a legitimization.”


The German Energiewende has become a justification for destroying our last remaining natural landscapes.”

Dr. Gerhard Gronauer, pastor:

Climate protection that uses technical means against nature is a contradiction in itself.”

“Greatest fraud project”

Jörg Rehmann, journalist and author:

If we want to survive on this planet, we need an Energiewende. But what the policymakers have made of it is not an Energiewende, rather it is the greatest fraud project since the end of the second world war.”

Prof. Dr. Niko Paech, later adds:

Science is legitimizing a rampage against nature. We destroy the landscape while we claim it is serving the ecology. It’s a cannibalism by the measures. Climate protection is the aim that justifies the means to destroy all other remaining environmental media.”

Jörg Rehmann adds:

Serious science has long proven that the Energiewende cannot in any way reach its targets. Society has to bear billions in costs, already energy prices are exploding, and policymakers are driving us further into a nuthouse in the clouds.”


Image cropped from promotion video, Heyne Verlag.

Rehmann continues and says the proponents are decieving the public into thinking it’s a green free-market capitalism. Paech reminds that despite all the destruction and money, no CO2 has been saved.

No climate goals have been reached despite the billions invested,” says Rehmann.

Unprecedented amount of cronyism

Rehmann piles on even more:

Under the guise of a planned economy, there is now an unprecedented amount of cronyism and wasted money. It is shocking how far into a legal gray zone communities have gone with respect to the permitting in natural areas. It really reeks of corruption.”

Prof. Dr. Werner Nohl says that wind parks have no place in natural environments.

At the end Etscheit calls for an immediate stop to the “landscape and nature-destroying project” and that a whole new discussion needs to be taken up again.

My feeling is that the zeitgeist is right, and this book will do very well. It needs to be written in English (soon!) so that it can reach an international audience and hopefully help prevent the German blunder from being repeated elsewhere. -PG


30 responses to “Top Environmentalists Aghast As Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ Turns Into A Green Dystopia!”

  1. Curious George

    I wonder how much Germans can tolerate. Maybe a lot, if they are so ordered.

    1. mikewaite

      In one of his Berlin based novels, the author Philip Kerr has his main character , the disenchanted detective Bernie Gunther say: ” Governing Germany is easy , you just have to issue one law that says: ” do as you are d*****d well told “”.
      Living in a country, England , where the local news is 100% of rape , murder , arson and vandalism ( and this is just Cheshire) it makes Germany seem like paradise , but I suppose that it depends on who is doing the ordering.

      1. DirkH

        It’s the exact opposite here: Basically all rape, murder, arson, vandalism is hidden by the newsmedia – because it is committed either by imported Muslims or by leftist extremists who are currently on a roll incinerating cars of AfD members and colorbombing their homes and offices. We go to blogs and online police reports to assess the crime situation. A good aggregator blog is .

        THe ordinary German has no idea of the giant wave of crime rolling through the country.

        1. yonason

          Here’s a hint of what America and Germany can expect, based on the murderers we know are being allowed in.

  2. edmh

    A status review of UK generation sources 2015. Weather dependent renewables are highlighted

  3. John

    The same happens now here in Holland too. The lunatics even installed a wind turbine within the city limits of Rotterdam. Whole provinces are now devastated with these ugly monsters.

  4. Billy

    *Under the guise of a planned economy,*
    Where have we heard that before?

  5. tobyw

    It is the work of George Soros who wants to erase borders and cultures. Google…

  6. DirkH

    Well slow learners. Someone should tell’em that it’s a Nazi technology to begin with, called Reichskrafttuerme. That will motivate them to REALLY hate wind turbines, as they are SOOOO eager to be antifascist. Dammit! We did the bidding of the Nazis and nobody told us!

  7. John F. Hultquist

    From the far left coast of North America, you Sir, appear to have been a source of enlightenment and a force for sanity.
    Dry Side John (dry side of the Cascades of Washington State)

  8. DirkH
  9. stan stendera

    This is one of the very best articles in NTZ ever. JoNova all the way on the other side of the world also noticed with a very laudatory review. Thanks PG.

  10. Derek Colman

    The problem with the green dreamers is that they never took on board that each individual wind turbine produces very little electricity, usually on average about 25% of it’s maximum capacity. This means that you need hundreds of acres covered with turbines to produce the same power as a small power station on a 5 acre site.

    1. DirkH

      17% for German onshore wind turbines.
      Percentage went down over time as hi quality locations ran out.

  11. Analitik

    I hope an English translation is published for this book. Having suffered through the absolute dross of Hermann Scheer’s “The Solar Economy”, it would be good to see some level of clear thinking from the green movement (even if they cannot carry this through regarding climate alarmism).

    How will sod refute this? Will he label Georg Etscheit as being a puppet of the fossil fuel/nuclear industry?

  12. yonason

    Leading Environmentalist (green inside and out) nods in agreement.

    “Climate Change Religion is Bunk” – James Lovelock

  13. tom0mason

    Time for Soros to send in the NGOs?
    Will the compliant media start a massive re-eduction campaign?

    Interest will be high as this social experiment in mass persuasion/mass deception proceeds. Good luck Germany you are now in the cold crucible of a public social experiment on the effects of industrial self-harm.

    More popcorn!

  14. tom0mason

    Germany misses it’s great green tycoon Alfred Toepfer (1894-1993). How would he have advised Angela Merkel?

  15. ewing.caldwell

    … a repeat of the construction of the Siegfried Line before the War.

    Any huge project with so much money attracts corrption, cronyism and all the backhanders and influence peddling as raw meat attracts flies.

    Good luck Germany, you may need it.

    1. DirkH
  16. Harry Passfield

    Please make sure that DeCrapio gets the first English-language version of this book – with enlarged photos of the despoliation his beliefs have inflicted on the world.

  17. Mikky

    Just imagine what 10 nuclear power plants could do for Germany, they would allow all wind turbines to be dismantled, except for a few as museum pieces showing the folly of mankind. BUT, Germany needs to lose its nuclear phobia.

  18. Hilary Ostrov

    Meanwhile, here in Canada we have our own problems. Not the least of which is a know-nothing blonde bimbo as Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, and a selfie-obsessed PM who’s an Obama-clone wannabe with dimples and good hair!

    They have declared that we’re going to have a “carbon tax” – across all Provincial jurisdictions – both of whom excel at tossing up inane word-salads and posing for pics.

    BUT … Greenpeace (via paid promoted tweet, no less!) declared:

    Greenpeace Canada ‏@GreenpeaceCA

    Solar panels in Alberta average 50% more sunlight than panels in Germany–where solar is booming.

    None of them seem in the least bit capable of checking out and/or comprehending Europe’s experiences with these disastrous costly “solutions”. Amazing, eh?!

  19. Paul AUBRIN

    A buzz is forming. According to “All new cars mandated to be electric in Germany by 2030”. This interpretation of a public statement by Rainer Baake led several news media to proclame that Germany had taken legislative dispositions to ban all sales of cars with thermal motors by 2030 and that the whole EU would follow as well.

    And article from FORBES titled “No, Germany Did Not Issue A Death Sentence For Fossil-Fuel Cars” debunks the information.

    1. sod

      “A buzz is forming. According to “All new cars mandated to be electric in Germany by 2030”. ”

      Mandate or no mandate, are you having serious doubts about electric cars ruling 2030?

      I would go deep into diesel stocks, if i were you folks!

      1. Analitik

        Yep, great call sod – one of the best statements you’ve made here or on other sites.

        Just about all fossil fuel stocks will be a good investment in a years time after Germany’s grid has collapsed (South Australia probably twice more unless Hazelwood closes, then about 4 times more).

      2. DirkH

        For the economic morons.

        About the madcap decision of the Legacy parties in Germany.

      3. DirkH

        What is a Diesel stock, sod?
        Now! If oil or gas were SCARCE that would make sense! (Another lesson for you).
        Oil and Gas are ABUNDANT. And as everyone tries to be as friendly as possible to Greece and Cuba we can say, newly discovered gas reserves off Crete and Cuba’s shores are still cherished.

        (and Israel, and *cough* Syria)

        How come the madmen run German policies? Well the electorate is dominated by women, public sector work-shysters; so, nobody with an ounce of economic knowledge in the government. Nobody with an ounce of energy knowledge.

        What’s easier? Changing the government or changing the laws of thermodynamics? Anyone’s guess.

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