90% Of Japan’s Rural Stations Show Cooling Or No Trend Over Past 2 Decades!

Guest post by Kirye in Tokyo

An analysis of the rural-sited Japanese weather stations used by the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) shows there’s been no warming at all over the the past 2 decades or more.

Strangely many of these stations, which are practically unimpacted by data-corruptive urban sprawl, are no longer used by NASA.

For example, NASA quit using the rural Fukaura station back in 1990. Up to that point Fukaura was cooling notably. What follows is the NASA chart for Fukaura:

Fukaura showed cooling before NASA dropped the station in 1990. Image: NASA

The same, for example, is true for Nikko.

NASA dropped rural Japanese stations

What follows below is a list of the rural stations I examined, which have a Brightness Index (BI) of 10 or less. The far right column shows the period they were used by NASA.

Source: NASA.

My earlier enquiries about stations sent to NASA via the Internet went without any answer. Perhaps they don’t reply to foreign requests. I don’t know.

The next chart below is the geographical plot of these rural sited stations. As you see they are all well scattered across the country:

Google Earth map showing location of the rural stations.

JMA data in fact show no warming

What follows below are temperature charts for each station, using the data from the JMA, arranged in more or less alphabetical order. On some charts I plotted more than one station.

Over 90% of rural stations show cooling or no trend

Of the 24 stations plotted, 22 show no change or some modest cooling over the past two or more decades – that’s more than 90%. Only two stations show some warming, but only a very modest amount.

Aburatsu data, Ushibuka data


Data Aikawa here. Oshima here. Katsuura here. Miyakejima here.


Akune data, Makurazaki data


 Fukaura here.


Fukue data, Yakushima data


Hachijojima data.


Data Irozaki


Miyama data. Note: NASA has never used Miyama’s temperature data, but the rural area in Kyoto Pref is also a slight cooling trend.


Murotomisaki data


Naze data


Nikko data here.


Shionomisaki data,

Sukumo data


Suttsu data


Tanegashima data


Okinoerabu data, Minamidatojima data, Kumejima data, Yonagunijima data


Japan shows no warming over past 2 decades

What follows next is the chart for all of Japan for the last 20 years, using data from the JMA:

As the chart above shows, using JMA data, the whole country of Japan shows no warming over the past two decades.

Urban environment

Tony Heller at Real Science here shows the environment that many Japanese weather stations – like the ones NASA use – find themselves having to deal with.

But as the temperature chart for all of Japan mentioned above shows, even the urban heat island effect still is unable to produce warming over the past 20 years. Without the cities one could rightfully argue there would be a cooling trend.

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56 responses to “9056 Of Japan’s Rural Stations Show Cooling Or No Trend Over Past 2 Decades!”

  1. Yonason

    I’m wondering what role the oceans that surround Japan play in maintaining such a stable climate as Japan seems to have. Certainly if their heat content were increasing significantly, it would show up in Japan’s temperature record, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Very interesting, IMO.

  2. spike55

    No only has there been NO WARMING in Japan for the last 2 decades, before a slight step type warming around 1990-1995, there was NO WARMING from 1950-1990 during the height of Japanese industrial expansion.


  3. Don Andersen

    I have found exactly the same in Australia … when you get away from the cities. Example:

  4. SebastianH

    As the DWD the JMA website has a graphing function for the temperature development in the different seasons:

    Use the dropdown at the top to get the 4 different graphs, my link is to the summer graph.

    Japan isn’t cooling or stable.

  5. Bitter&twisted

    Your not allowed to cherry-pick!
    Only NASA/GISS/IPCC are allowed to do this.

  6. Dave Fair

    Wow! JMA shows long-term Japanese warming of 1.19C/100 years. Count me unimpressed.

  7. Yonason

    What do the non-compromised (no UHI or “adjustments”) stations report?

    Choshi, Hanshu Temperature record (that’s temperatures, NOT “anomalies” – though I doubt the activists will remember why that is important)

    Now, contrast Osaka with Maizuru

    Looks like there might be a little UHI thing going on there in Osaka?

    Tony Heller has a post on Japan’s temperatures, to which Kirye has contributed her comments.

    SebH provides links to Japanese websites, in Japanese. I don’t read Japanese, and I think it’s a pretty safe bet that he doesn’t read it either. Hard to get useful info from a website in a language one can’t understand. Nuf said.


    ASIDE – The ability of “mass extinctions” to remove the clutter is vastly overrated.

    1. SebastianH

      Yonason, your source quality is still lacking. Linking to known disinformers isn’t a good strategy when you want to convince me (since you are mentioning my abbreviated name) or anyone.

      Hard to get useful info from a website in a language one can’t understand. Nuf said.

      You are kidding me, right? So now it’s the language that discounts a source of data as a valid one. Or is it that you doubt that those pages are showing that I wrote they would?

      Here is a machine translated version:

      1. spike55

        seb is devoid of useful information.

        Insignificant warming in the last 2 decades.


        ZERO warming from 1950-1990.


        Come on seb, let’s see one of your comic explanations how CO2 causes ZERO-WARMING for two periods of total 60 years, and causes the step change between them.

        Supported with scientific evidence, of course. (not just hallucinogenic fuelled fantasy.)

        This should be HILARIOUS.. if he doesn’t just adopt his usual headless chook routine.. which is funny enough anyway


        1. Yonason


          The “known disinformers” here are Sebh and the warmist activists he cites to support his fake-science nonsense. The intelligent reader who compares his ranting to our references, and especially to those of Kenneth Richard, will realize how toxic his false assertions are.

          1. Yonason


            FYI – Another of the troll’s favorite known disinformers is realclimate blog.

            “”Real Climate” is a staged and contracted production, which wasn’t created by “scientists”, it was actually created by Environmental Media Services, a company which specializes in spreading environmental junk science on behalf of numerous clients who stand to financially benefit from scare tactics through environmental fear mongering.”

            (Peden is an atmospheric physicist, and signator of the no-consensus consensus.)

            See also here.

            …and here…

        2. SebastianH

          Why not choose timespan that actually show cooling? The Japanese temperature graph contains such sections too.

          Or how about stopping with that clown performance and stop trying to troll people with your nonsense, name calling, insults and whatnot?

          “The intelligent reader” will notice what you are right away 😉 As for Kenneth, I hope intelligent readers will see the flaws in his line of arguments and that a list of quotes doesn’t solve anything when you appear to not understand the basics.

          1. spike55

            Seb YET AGAIN shows his abject inability to comprehend basic data and graphs.

            DENIAL of actual data has always been you only way you can defend your pathetic brain-hosed mind from REALITY.

            The intelligent reader will very quickly recognise that you are an EVIDENCE-FREE, ATTENTION-SEEKING NON-ENTITY, whose arguments are totally EMPTY and FLAWED at the most basic level.

            They will see that you have ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE to support anything you yap mindlessly about.

            You can prove them wrong.. just answer two simple questions. (or continue with your manic headless-chook evasion and distraction slap-stick comedy routine).

            Q1. In what way has the climate changed in the last 40 years, that can be scientifically attributable to human CO2 ?

            Q2. Do you have ANY EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE at all that humans have changed the global climate in ANYWAY WHATSOEVER?

          2. SebastianH

            Will you ever get tired of this clown/troll performance? Do you really think it’s helpful to your cause? That “intelligent reader” will not quickly be turned down by your style of writing and arguing?

          3. spike55

            “Will you ever get tired of this clown/troll performance?”

            I think we all agree that YOU need to stop your mindless evidence-free trolling, seb.

            And yet again with the headless chook evasion of the questions.?? Really ??

            SO HILARIOUS. 🙂 🙂

            Do you really think your cowardice in facing two simple questions is helpful to whatever your petty cause is ?

            What is your cause anyway, seb?

            Whatever it is, you have set it back 2 centuries with your base-level incompetence.

            NOBODY is buying it. !

          4. SebastianH

            I am not expecting you to buy anything. You are part of the local troll mob of this and other “skeptics” blogs. You can’t be convinced and only exist to deter people from posting critical comments on these blogs by quickly driving them away from your safe space.

          5. spike55

            NOBODY is buying your nonsense, seb

            You are a known troll with ZERO EVIDENCE to back up even the most basic of AGW memes.

            You have NEVER been able to put a rational case, because you don’t have one.

            You ignore facts, and twist tiny changes into glacier melting farce.

            Your level of comprehension of science is that of a low end junior high student.

            Your purpose here is purely to distract from rational discussion, using LIES, DECEIT, MISINFORMATION and mindless bluster and ranting.

            You KNOW that.

            EVERYBODY knows that.

            That is the soulless purpose of a TROLL.

          6. spike55

            So that EVERYONE can watch seb RUN AWAY or attempt another HILARIOUS headless chook distraction.

            Let’s see if he can answer two basic questions that go to the very heart of the AGW SCAM.

            Q1. In what way has the climate changed in the last 40 years, that can be scientifically attributable to human CO2 ?

            Q2. Do you have ANY EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE at all that humans have changed the global climate in ANYWAY WHATSOEVER?

            It absolutely BIZARRE to watch the lengths he will go to in his DEPERATION to avoid answering those two simple questions.

          7. Yonason


            The troll can’t be bothered to look it up for himself, so here’s an answer to his question about whether the warming has increased in urban areas more than in rural.

            “In the journal Nature Climate Change, the researchers, from Sussex University, Mexico and The Netherlands, wrote: “Between 1950 and 2015, 27 per cent of cities and 65 per cent of the urban population warmed more than the world average (about 0.6C).

            “Moreover, during this period, about 60 per cent of the urban population experienced warming twice as large as the world.”

            And, since urban sites are used to determine the warming n the first place, of course the world will appear to warm. It’s not that cities are causing the world to warm, it’s that the unethical or incompetent “scientists” are mishandling already compromised data in ways that give the impression that the world is warming a lot, when it may even be cooling. We don’t know, because the data is dreck.



        3. Yonason

          @spike55 17. August 2018 at 8:45 PM

          SebH is a leftist activist, and as such he embraces their universally shared pathological aversion to truth.

          Like moths drawn to a flame, they will one day destroy themselves, hopefully taking few (preferably none) of us with them.

        4. Yonason

          The machine translation is of no help, because…

          1. The data are of temperature ANOMALIES, and as I’ve posted in the past, these are merely a distraction from the fact that with noise so high, no signal can be reliably determined.

          I don’t need a translation to tell me the data is misleading and statistically meaningless.

          2. The English rendition of the Japanese adds nothing, especially as it sheds no light on how the plotted values were obtained, or why I should trust them. But THIS does (scroll to bottom to see how the JMA applied their own version of ‘mike’s Nature trick’ to their data).

          If I knew Japanese, I could search in Japanese for more information, but since I don’t, I can’t. (It should be obvious I’m not going to learn any more from a website run by “scientists” who manipulate their data.) So I have to look for articles in English, which are few because the gatekeepers are predominantly warmists. Fortunately they can’t, at least yet, suppress all the information that helps us see through their obfuscation.

          SebH’s contribution, as usual, adds nothing and is merely a distraction.

          Thanks to Kirye for exposing the climate fraud in Japan.

  8. spike55
    1. Yonason


      But wait! It’s all OK, because he wasn’t telling the truth.

      …or something.

      Yeah, go ahead and buy a Tesla. I DARE ya, …fool!

      (Not you, spike55. I know you have more sense then that.)

      1. spike55

        I’ll stick to my plant food releasing V8 Commodore, thanks 😉

        1. Yonason

          Nice. Wise choice.

  9. 90% Of Japan's Rural Stations Show No Warming in 20 Years! | PSI Intl

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  10. Yonason


    Are they criminal malfeasance, or just gross incompetence?

    …or perhaps a bit of both?

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