German DWD Weather Service Misleads Public Into Thinking May Mean Temperatures Are Rising

Obviously it’s become necessary to focus more attention on shenanigans from Germany’s DWD National Weather Service. Lately they have developed a seemingly activist habit of blaming everything on “global warming” and using dubious tactics in doing so. These tactics include putting out deceptive and misleading press releases for the media to spread to the public. The […]

WUWT "One Of The Most Radical Climate-Denier Blogs" ...Their Purpose: "Permanently Produce Fake News"

WUWT “One Of The Most Radical Climate-Denier Blogs” …Their Purpose: “Permanently Produce Fake News”

Here’s a good example of how climate alarmists and leftists in Germany react when confronted with different opinions or the truth. It just illustrates the brand of radicalism we’re up against. Last week on August 8 Germany’s top climate alarmism propaganda site Klimaretter (Climate Rescuers) here reported on the “explosive” US government climate report that was “leaked” […]

Expert Software Engineer Calls Level Of Fraud In Leaked US Gov Climate Report "Sickening"

Expert Software Engineer Calls Level Of Fraud In Leaked US Gov Climate Report “Sickening”

Software engineering expert Tony Heller has put out a video blasting recent claims made in report by U.S. government officials. In the video below Heller, who also operates the influential Real Climate Science site here, says that there is an “extremely high probability of fraud by government climate scientists” regarding the recently “exclusively obtained” report […]

Germany’s DWD Gets Caught (Again) Warming Its ‘Preliminary’ Monthly Climate Reports

Here’s more from Schneefan at his climate and weather site here where he reports on mischief by Germany’s DWD national weather service. The now climate-activist DWD has developed a habit over the past years of issuing warmed up “preliminary” monthly summary reports to describe the month’s weather. Usually these reports get issued 2 or […]

Sea Level Rise At German Coast Slowing, Contradicting German DWD Weather Service Hysteria

Manfred Knake here at the European Institute For Climate And Energy (EIKE) writes that the sea level at the German coasts is not rising as fast as Germany’s DWD national weather service would like the public to believe it is. lately press releases related to climate by the DWD have been bordering on hysteria. For […]

Blaming 0.01% Of Atmosphere As Insane As Blaming 0.6% Of Human Race For World's Ills

Blaming 0.01% Of Atmosphere As Insane As Blaming 0.6% Of Human Race For World’s Ills

What follows later, below, is a short commentary by Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt and Dr. Sebastian Lüning recently appearing at Die kalte Sonne site here. Indeed, it’s truly mind-boggling how a single person or a trace gas now gets all the blame for every weather problem. The hysteria-filled Dark Ages of the Inquisition are back. Torches […]

Urban Farming Is Not A Planet Savior...More A Lifestyle For Modern Hypocrites And Ingrates

Urban Farming Is Not A Planet Savior…More A Lifestyle For Modern Hypocrites And Ingrates

Urban farming seems to be one of the latest trends among activists obsessed with environmental-footprints, and is being billed by some as the solution for all the world’s ills. In the following video urban farmer Curtis Stone is just the latest example of how people can get intoxicated by a dogma, become blind to their […]

How A Wind Gust In Hamburg Morphed Into Major "Tornado" In The Media...Made International Headlines

How A Wind Gust In Hamburg Morphed Into Major “Tornado” In The Media…Made International Headlines

If you happened to read or hear the German and international headlines from just over a week ago, you’d think the million-population port city of Hamburg, Germany, had been hit by a devastating tornado on June 22, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. What follows is a great example of how the media will […]

Leftist Fantasies Of Bloody Violence Now Becoming The New Reality

Note: Kenneth’s usual Thursday post will appear tomorrow ======================================== U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was seriously wounded by a loony leftist gunman, who obviously had been driven over the edge by all the recent hate signals coming from a violence-inciting media. However, all the left-wing environmental violence just didn’t start yesterday, or since Trump […]

Zeke Hausfather Brings Real Climate's CO2 Reduction Fantasies Back To Brutal Reality

Zeke Hausfather Brings Real Climate’s CO2 Reduction Fantasies Back To Brutal Reality

It amazes me how activists and even highly educated scientists are clinging to the hope that global society is somehow still able to meet the junk-theoretical 2°C greenhouse gas emissions target. And so I had to laugh when Zeke Hausfather at Twitter brought down two Potsdam, Germany, activist scientists from their fantasy world of radical CO2 reductions […]

Alan Dershowitz Sees Civil Liberties Under Attack With Media-Political Mobbing Of Trump

Off-topic today. (Don’t worry, the climate isn’t going anywhere.) Like many of us, I’m quite surprised by the absurd calls for impeachment of a President who has done nothing wrong. Just because he does things people don’t agree with and is sand in the Establishment machinery, this in no way constitutes grounds for impeachment. It’s a grand […]

7 Gunshots Fired At National Space Science And Technology Center In Possible Attempt To Intimidate Dissenting Scientists

7 Gunshots Fired At National Space Science And Technology Center In Possible Attempt To Intimidate Dissenting Scientists

Ecoterrorism? One of the nation’s leading scientists Dr. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama reports at his website that 7 shots were fired at the National Space Science and Technology Center in Huntsville Alabama, all hitting the fourth floor where the office of renowned pioneering climate scientist Prof. John Christy is located. Target of brazen […]

German Springs Arriving Later As Wikipedia Caught Whitewashing, Disinforming!

Wikipedia and the Hamburg Forsythia Patch by Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Josef Kowatsch (Translated and rewritten by P Gosselin) At the Hamburg Binnenalster near the Lombard Bridge, one finds a particular patch of forsythia, which blossoms every year when spring arrives at the north German port city. And just days ago on March 24, 2017, […]

Potsdam PIK Climate Director Says We Will Have To Go Back To Mud Huts By 2040

Germany’s Deutsche Welle (DW) here presents a commentary by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the director of German ultra-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Professor Schellnhuber fears that the planet could warm even as much as 12°C if man does not act quickly to totally eliminate greenhouse gases. He adds that he “has all the evidence” […]

German Scientists Slam DWD German Weather Service Concealment Of February Cooling Trend!

By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German excerpts translated/edited by P Gosselin) On February 27, 2017, the DWD German National Weather Service concluded in its February report: February 2017 was much too warm and with only average sunshine Offenbach, 27 February 2017– At the beginning of February 2017, it was still cold in […]

WaPo Cherry Blossom Claims Refuted: "Nothing But Lies And Statistical Manipulations"!

WaPo Cherry Blossom Claims Refuted: “Nothing But Lies And Statistical Manipulations”!

Reader David Reich left a comment  in response to Kenneth Richard’s post on grape harvests and climate. I’ve decided to upgrade it as a post below. Both stories show that today’s climate is well within the range of our climate’s natural variability over the past 100 and 1000 years, and that today’s weather events aren’t […]

Radical Green Obsessions: German Gov Pushing To Devolve Humans To Herbivores

Radical Green Obsessions: German Gov Pushing To Devolve Humans To Herbivores

News site here writes that visitors to the German Ministry of Environment will be served only vegetarian food, according to German daily Bild. The order comes from the Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks (Socialist Party) herself. According to reports, food service companies that cater events held at the Ministry are not to provide fish or […]

Renowned Princeton Physicist Schools New York Times Science Journalist On CO2 Science!

Renowned Princeton physicist William Happer told New York Times science journalist Andrew Revkin in an online video conference that he believes the world has got it all wrong when it comes to the implications of CO2 emissions into our atmosphere.   Happer told Revkin that “any dispassionate weighing of the facts would give you a negative […]

Heat’s On At NOAA As “High Level Whistle Blower” Exposes Data Fraud, “Scientific Integrity Breaches”!

A SUNDAY MORNING BOMBSHELL UPDATE: “Being retired sure is liberating.” – John Bates. Read: =================================== According to a just published article by the Online Mail of the UK here, a “high-level whistleblower” has disclosed that America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) “breached its own rules on scientific integrity” and “duped” world leaders with manipulated […]

German CDU Parliamentarian Calls Climate Science “A Very Dangerous Mixture” Of Belief and Dogma

I was a bit hesitant to write about this because it could lead to trouble for the person with the courage to speak up. After all, we’d hate to see riots, violence and rabid fits of shouting. But the good fight must be fought, and we must never be forced into silence – even when […]