'Stalinist Conformity': Swiss Professor Says 'Young Researchers Forced To Submit To Mainstream Theories'

‘Stalinist Conformity': Swiss Professor Says ‘Young Researchers Forced To Submit To Mainstream Theories’

What the older science generation lacks in science competence, they more than make up for it in arrogance. US Attorneys General take aim at climate science dissidents So vulnerable, flawed, and under fire has climate science and other fields become that the only tactic left to defend the disintegrating positions is to use Stalinist measures to […]

Why Climate Science’s Condition Is Terminal …”Science” Has Suffered The Very Same Fatal Disease Before

If you’re looking for an outstanding, powerful analogue that shows the likely future fate of climate science, Ian Leslie (of the Guardian, no less!) has it here. Hat-tip: Mikky The high carb, low-fat science is crumbling with ever accelerating speed and in spectacular fashion. And because climate science was established in the very same way, it […]

Establishment In Death Throes ...When Free Speech Rape Victims Get Blamed And Dissent Criminalized

Establishment In Death Throes …When Free Speech Rape Victims Get Blamed And Dissent Criminalized

Angry mobs of leftists attacking Donald Trump rallies and the US Justice Department threatening to criminalize climate science dissent are just the latest undeniable, very clear signs the entrenched Establishment is in all out panic mode. If anything is certain, it is that they’ve lost the argument, and violence seems to be their last resort. AP […]

Martin Durkin On the Very Brown, Anti-Humanity Roots Of The Modern Green Movement

To understand today’s Green Movement, it is necessary to go back almost a thousand years in history. Prominent television producer and director Martin Durkin does precisely just that in his outstanding recent essay: NAZI GREENS – An Inconvenient History, where he writes of the movement’s “gushing idealization of ‘Nature’”. Makes us wonder why the current […]

Activism Under The Influence: German Greens, Munich Environmental Institute Now Demand Safe Alcohol!

Activism Under The Influence: German Greens, Munich Environmental Institute Now Demand Safe Alcohol!

Over the past couple of days an “explosive scandal” has erupted in Germany. Apparently traces of Monsanto pesticide product Glyphosate has been detected in 14 of Germany’s top beer brands, read background here. OMG! Greens warn of a “health danger”: Those 50,000,000 micrograms of alcohol in 1 liter of beer might contain a whole 29 […]

Climate Change Now Damaging Leo DiCaprio’s Love Life?

Caught at climate denial? Leonardo DiCaprio and model Kelly Rohrbach split By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin. Note: Quotes by DiCaprio translated from the German) On December 30, 2015, the Bauer Media Group made an important announcement with a press release: Leonardo DiCaprio in TV movie: “My partner has to believe in […]

Rapidly Evolving Protest: German Wind Energy Opponents Form Political Party In Response To A Deaf System

Not a single one of Germany’s established political parties officially opposes the construction of wind parks despite all the proof of their inefficiency, hazard to health and wildlife, ugliness, and lack of economy. As a consequence, a growing number of citizens are becoming fed up with a political system that has become deaf to the […]

Two Great Destructive Lies German Leaders Refuse To Abandon

Lie No. 1: German renewable energies sun and wind are a success! Chart shows installed rated sun / wind capacity vs actual output (sun yellow, wind blue). Fact is that wind and sun operate at only about 11% of their rated capacity and often there are days when there is relatively no output at all. […]

German Scientists Suggest NOAA, NASA And Met Office Are Doping The Global Temperature Data

Geologist Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt compare adjustments made by NOAA, NASA and the Met Office to doping in sports. ========================================= Temperature Data Doping? By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt [Translated/edited by P Gosselin] Fantasy stories from la-la land: Climate change is progressing unhindered and the hottest November (2015) since measurements began. […]

India Shuts Down Greenpeace For Alleged “Falsification Of Data” …”Financial Fraud”!

Less than one year since Greenpeace was caught permanently desecrating the Nazca Lines in Peru while conducting a publicity stunt during a UN conference, the online Hamburg-based Abendblatt here now reports that the famously radical environmental organization is caught up in another scandal, this one India. The media reports that India has shut down Greenpeace […]

German Town Of Gescher Installs 5 Solar Street Lamps That Don't Work At Night - For 28,000 Euros!

German Town Of Gescher Installs 5 Solar Street Lamps That Don’t Work At Night – For 28,000 Euros!

Update: Bernd Felsche points out that it’s only 5 street lamps (and not 9)! ===================================== Last time I spoke to common sense, I was told that lights are devices used to shed light – when it’s dark outside. But apparently not any more – at least in one German town. It seems that street lamps […]

Meterologist Verdier Fights Back: Petition Against Laurent Fabius’s Orwellian-Style Tactics And Fear Of “Climate Chaos”

Just days ago news emerged that leading French meteorologist Philippe Verdier was reportedly sent on “forced holiday” from broadcaster France 2 for releasing book accusing top climatologists and politicians of “taking the world hostage” using deceptive data. Read the story here. Philippe Verdier. Photo: The name of the book is titled is Climat Investigation and in it […]

Political Fraud – Van Ypersele Tries Using “Climate Change” As Excuse For Massive Middle East Policy Incompetence!

Nothing puts the spotlight on Europe’s and USA’s foreign policy debacle better than the Syria crisis and the waves of “refugees” pouring into Europe. It is a policy catastrophe that will surely multiply in size over the coming months and years ahead, and especially puts European security a risk. Naturally Europe’s leading politicians are desperate […]

Veteran Meteorologist Joe Bastardi On Scandalous Letter By 20 Academics: "Reeks of Paranoia"..."Attempt To Silence Dissent"

Veteran Meteorologist Joe Bastardi On Scandalous Letter By 20 Academics: “Reeks of Paranoia”…”Attempt To Silence Dissent”

With 20 academics sending a letter to the US Department of Justice, it’s highly ironic how those who are totally wrong (see chart) are demanding a criminal investigation of those who are correct! Original chart: John Christy, U of Alabama. I asked veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi of Weatherbell Analytics to comment on the news of […]

Former NOAA Meteorologist David Dilley Suspects Suppression Of Science At The AMS!

Two days ago David Dilley wrote about the widespread suppression of alternative scientific views on climate change at the academic level, even though these skeptical views are far more in line with observations than the climate model projections. Today he comments on the apparent suppression of science at the American Meteorological Association (AMS). ======================================== The […]

Climate Ambulance Chasers Without Borders! Every Location Now Designated The Climate “Ground Zero”

As the pause extends and many regions not cooperating with the earlier forecasts on a number of measures, climate alarmists and activists media have been left with chasing isolated weather events across the globe and designating them the “ground zero” of climate. Reader Jimbo has complied a list of these so-called “climate ground zeros”, scattered all […]

Shrill Alarmism Backfires…Squandered Credibility, Potsdam Institute Scientist Wonders Why No One Heeds Daily Climate Alarms

Stefan Rahmstorf’s Nightmare By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt When facts and arguments stop convincing, then the only thing left to do is to argue at an emotional level. Climate activists have produced a website where IPCC-cozy scientists expressed their concerns in hand-written letters. One of the writers was Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for […]

Spiegel Slams Sorrowful State Of Climate Science Communication! “Reports Hardly Trustworthy” …”Arrogant Scientists”

Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski here writes a harsh but well-deserved analysis of the heated debate now raging in climate science. One thing that we can gather from his analysis is that consensus is totally absent, and that it is very difficult to trust any report on climate science nowadays. He writes in the sub-headline: Reports […]

German Media On The Prophets Of NASA: “Prophesizing Gigantic Floods” – 200 Years In The Future!

Pre-Paris hype The German media have been buzzing some with the recent NASA publication warning of rising sea levels for the future, and that we need to be very worried. Maybe I’m reading more into the lines than I should, but I get the feeling that the increasingly dubious NASA climate science organization is no longer […]

Top German Scientist Bluntly Criticizes Splinter Branch Of Science Attempting To Hijack Global Policymaking!

At his Klimazwiebel website, Hans von Storch, a climatologist for more than 40 years and a director of the Institute of Coastal Research for over 20 years, writes of how last June at a symposium in Nottingham he was asked to comment on his view of the role of science in society. A dean of […]