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"Massively Altered" ...German Professor Examines NASA GISS Temperature Datasets

“Massively Altered” …German Professor Examines NASA GISS Temperature Datasets

UPDATE 2: Tremendous interest in Ewert’s findings: shared or liked 2400 times up to now. I’ve decided to take the day off from blogging and let this one run another day. UPDATE 1: Also read here. Veteran journalist Günter Ederer* writes a piece reporting that massive alterations have been found in the NASA GISS temperature […]

So Far November Global Satellite / 2m Temperature Measurements Show No New Record Will Be Set!

Schneefan (snow fan) looks at the global temperature here. ================================ After a globally warm October 2015 the unfalsified satellite data from UAH and RSS show that mid tropospheric temperature dropped significantly in the first 10 days of November: -0.5°K. After reaching high levels in October the daily recorded global mean temperature at 7500 m for […]

Northern Hemisphere Fall Ice/Snow Cover Explodes…9 Million Sq Km More Than In Hansen’s 1988

German climate website wobleibtdieerderwaermung here writes a post showing that the poles are not aware of global warming. The once high hyped canary-in-the-coal mine Arctic is just not getting much attention this year from the alarmists this year – because it is doing the very opposite of what they predicted! The German skeptic site writes […]

Germany October 2015 Almost 2°C Below Climate Model Projections! …0.8°C Colder Than 1981 – 2010 Mean

Germany’s DWD national weather service now presents the preliminary weather results for October 2015 in Germany, a region that finds itself in the middle of Europe. Like September, also October is coming in cooler than normal, i.e. no sign of climate change. The real fact of the matter is that if it weren’t for all the […]

Satellite Datasets Show 2015 Not At All Record Year. Are El Nino Years Getting Cooler?

Nonsense…With Gravy On Top! By [translated, edited by P. Gosselin] Only the repeatedly and retroactively falsified datasets of the NOAA/NCDC, NASA/GISS and MetOffice/Hadley/CRU tell us that the global warming continues on. The global warming “pause”has been simply calculated away…. The unaltered (unfalsified) satellite measurements of the lower global troposphere (LT) by RSS and UAH […]

Autumn Halftime: Central Europe “Record Cold” Shatters DWD Prediction Of “Warm Fall” …Cologne Breaks Cold Record!

German website wobleibtdieglobaleerwaermung (WBDGE) here reports some autumn halftime statistics for Central Europe. It turns out that earlier predictions by Germany’s Deutsche Wetterdienst DWD for a warm fall have been shattered so far, just the latest in a string of blunders we’ve been witnessing from the DWD. The WBDGE site tells us: After an already cool […]

Early Winter: Deep Frost Rolls Over Central Europe ...Heavy Snow Falls Over Poland, Romania, Slovakia!

Early Winter: Deep Frost Rolls Over Central Europe …Heavy Snow Falls Over Poland, Romania, Slovakia!

A high centered over the Baltic states is pumping frigid air over central and eastern Europe, leading to widespread frost and snow this morning. Here’s a list of the lowest readings recorded in Germany this morning: Source: You can also look at this map showing the cold centered over Germany. Right now warming is on […]

Early Cold And Frost Grip Europe...Snow Blankets Romania!

Early Cold And Frost Grip Europe…Snow Blankets Romania!

Seems like summer just ended. But already ground frost and wintry snow are gripping large parts of Europe. The following chart shows the situation right now at 8 p.m. CET. Across much of Central and Eastern Europe temperatures are down in the single digits Centigrade. Source: At Facebook Severe Weather Europe posted photos taken […]

The Swiss September Mean Almost 1 Degree Cooler Than Normal …Holland Sees Coolest in 15 Years!

I’m a bit hampered today by a head cold, and so today’s post will be a short one. The preliminary report for September weather in Switzerland is out. Hat-tip: Kurt in Switzerland. According to the Swiss Meteorological and Climatological Office, September was 0.8 deg. Celsius colder than the norm for the month, based on the […]

Scientists Can’t Figure Out Why Leaf Unfolding In Europe Not Happening Earlier …(Pssst, It’s Not Getting Warmer)

In a recently published study on spring leaf unfolding appearing in Nature a team of scientists led by Fu et al found that spring leaves on trees in Europe are in fact not unfolding much earlier – as we should expect in these times of “global warming”. Hat-tip: Der Standard The abstract excerpt of the […]

September 2015 In Austria Comes In Cooler Than Normal…”Snow In Many Valleys”

Yesterday we posted here how Germany’s DWD national weather service reported that September 2015 was cooler than normal. The United Kingdom saw one of its coolest Septembers in decades. The Austrian ZAMG national meteorological services released the temperature results for September 2015 here. Looks like the country is getting an early start to the ski […]

Central Europe Sees Cool September…Germany Mean Temperature 0.5°C Colder Than Normal

Snowfall …in September! A webcam recorded this image on September 23 at 2:41 p.m. in Austria in Bad Gastein (1000 meter elevation). Source: here. Listening to the media, I kept getting the impression that September 2015 in Germany had been a warm one (though my heating costs tell a different story). Yes, I kept hearing […]

This Morning's Temperature Readings From Berlin's 7 Stations Profoundly Illustrate Urban Heat Island Effect!

This Morning’s Temperature Readings From Berlin’s 7 Stations Profoundly Illustrate Urban Heat Island Effect!

Berlin is Germany’s largest city, and in and around it there are 7 weather stations reporting to the Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD), Germany’s national weather service. Earlier today Germans and Berliners woke up to one of it’s coolest nights so far this fall with temperatures around the freezing point. If you asked people in Berlin what the temperature was […]

Joe Bastardi Sees Possible "Nasty Winter Shaping Up" In Europe As North Atlantic Cold Expands!

Joe Bastardi Sees Possible “Nasty Winter Shaping Up” In Europe As North Atlantic Cold Expands!

Veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi has another excellent Saturday Summary up at his Weatherbell Analytics site. At first he makes some philosophical points on why free markets are so crucial and why so many Catholics disagree with the latest Pope on climate change policy. That aside, Joe takes a peek at the upcoming European winter. The […]

Warming? 171,000 Alpacas, 15 Children Died Due To “Unusually Harsh Winter” This Year In Peru!

In South America winter is coming to an end, and in some parts with great relief because of its “unusual” harshness. The Peru Reports site here wrote that extreme cold killed 21 people, among them 15 children in Peru (emphasis added): Peru’s government is rushing to provide relief in the southern state of Puno, where a […]

Ireland Sees Coldest Summer In 30 Years! ...North Atlantic, Scandinavia, Northern Russia Endure Frigid Summer

Ireland Sees Coldest Summer In 30 Years! …North Atlantic, Scandinavia, Northern Russia Endure Frigid Summer

The data on this year’s meteorological summer (June-July-August) are coming in and they tell us trouble is brewing at the high latitudes. I reported here on this earlier. The Irish warming famine First, fresh data from Ireland show that the country had one of the coldest summers in living memory, despite near average sunshine. The Irish News […]

2015: The Year Europe’s Winter That Never Left …Snow And Frost Grip Continent Yet Again This Summer!

European cold update… German weather site writes that parts of Germany, Switzerland and Austria will see frosty nights in the days ahead, heralding an early start to autumn. Temperatures in southern Germany dipped to -5°C early this morning, with frost gripping also parts of eastern Germany and the Black Forest region, where in Bernau the […]

NOAA Data Show Outgoing Long Wave Infrared Radiation Higher This Decade – Planet Cools Slightly!

Global Energy Emissions (during the climate bet) By Robin Pittwood of the Kiwi Thinker Having just updated the climate bet, which confirms the lack of recent warming (ie: the ‘pause’ or ‘hiatus’ as some call it), I thought next we should take a look at global energy emissions on the same time comparative basis. For […]

Veteran New England Energy Physicist: “Who Should We Believe? Reality Or The NOAA?” …”Severe Cold Is Coming”!

What follows is a commentary on the NOAA by energy physicist Mike Brakey, also see here, here, here, and here. ================================== Severe cold is coming By Mike Brakey On August 21, the Sun Journal printed NOAA’s “Earth’s Heat broke records in July” claiming the world has gotten hotter each and every year over the last century, […]

Gross Suppression Of Science ...Former NOAA Meteorologist Says Employees "Were Cautioned Not To Talk About Natural Cycles"

Gross Suppression Of Science …Former NOAA Meteorologist Says Employees “Were Cautioned Not To Talk About Natural Cycles”

Note: This has been updated to a sticky post (hence the dark background). New posts are below. Former NOAA meteorologist David Dilley has submitted an essay below that has 2 parts: 1) How the government has been starving researchers who hold alternative opinions of funding, and 2) climate cycles show we are starting a cooling period. […]