Central Germany's Devastating Freak Flood of 1965...Back When CO2 Was Only 320 ppm.

Central Germany’s Devastating Freak Flood of 1965…Back When CO2 Was Only 320 ppm.

Online weather site here today writes about the devastating Heinrichflut (Heinrich Flood) of 1965, back when CO2 was only 320 ppm, well below the often claimed “safe” level of 350 ppm that some alarmists like to have us think would bring us much less extreme weather. Worst flood in the region’s collective memory In […]

DWD Weather Service Confirms No Verifiable Rise In German Tornado Activity Or Link To Global Warming!

Tornadoes are normally associated with the famous Tornado Alley of the US Midwest. But they also occur from time to time in Germany. Nowadays the drama-seeking media are quick to report on any tornado event that gets recorded, and so often there’s the mistaken perception that their frequency is rising (of course due to man-made weather […]

German DWD Weather Service Data Shows Tornado Activity Trending Downwards, Becoming Less Frequent

German DWD Weather Service Data Shows Tornado Activity Trending Downwards, Becoming Less Frequent

The Deutsche Wetterdienst (German Weather Service), DWD, released a bulletin providing background information on a cold front that passed through the country last Tuesday and unleashed some severe storm activity. In the East German town of Bützow a tornado even touched down and caused severe damage and dozens of injuries. To give an idea of how intense […]

Die Zeit Interview With Hans von Storch: “No Intensification In Storm Activity”…All “Within Range Of Natural Variability”

The online center-left Die Zeit features an interview with Prof Hans von Storch, Professor at the Meteorological Institute of the University of Hamburg and Director of the Institute for Coastal Research at the Helmholtz Research Centre in Geesthacht, Germany. Hans von Storch photo credit: European People’s Party, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic […]

World’s Second Largest Reinsurer Swiss Re Sees Huge Drop In Losses From Natural/Manmade Catastrophes In 2014!

The online Swiss Handelszeitung (Trade News) reports on the world’s second largest reinsurer Swiss Re, and on the losses from natural catastrophes for 2014. Let’s recall that natural catastrophes are supposedly becoming more and more frequent due to the alleged man-made climate worsening from manmade CO2 emissions. Hat-tip: Kurt However the Handelszeitung writes that preliminary […]

60-Hour Blizzard Paralyzes Northern China, Russian Orient: 90 cm Snow, 105 km/hr Winds, Minus 20°C!

The main media often avoid reporting catastrophes involving bitter cold winter conditions, as it may cause the public to doubt global warming. So it’s little wonder that they have opted not to report on an ongoing massive blizzard pounding the Russian Orient, northern parts of China and extending to northern Japan. However, the smaller media […]

Natural Catastrophes Drop To 10-Year Low! Weather-Related Losses Mostly Due To “Cold Events”

German skeptic site “Die kalte Sonne” brings up an article at the online Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) that reports natural catastrophes worldwide have reached a 10-year low. Anthony Watts also wrote on this earlier at WUWT. The Süddeutsche Zeitung (South German Newspaper) writes: Number of natural catastrophes in 2013 drops to a ten-year low Over the […]

Bastardi Rips GISS Claims Of "Warmest September Ever" And NWS Forecast Of A "Blowtorch Winter"

Bastardi Rips GISS Claims Of “Warmest September Ever” And NWS Forecast Of A “Blowtorch Winter”

It’s bad enough when the media indulge in sensationalism, but it is totally unprofessional when weather and climate institutes do the same. In his latest Saturday Summary, veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi at Weatherbell Analytics goes after, rips US weather and climate agencies for poor, and often hyped forecasts. At the 2:54 mark Joe says: And […]

World’s Largest Re-Insurer “Munich Re” $ponsors 2014 “Extreme Weather Congress” In Hamburg!

Today parts of the German mainstream media have begun reporting on the 9th Extreme Weather Conference in Hamburg, which began today and is slated to end on Friday. The direct link to the program-pdf here. Of course the focus of the Congress will be on the claimed “increasing frequency of extreme weather events”. In all […]

Leading German Private Commercial Meteorologist: "No Statistical Basis" Showing Winters Are Getting Warmer

Leading German Private Commercial Meteorologist: “No Statistical Basis” Showing Winters Are Getting Warmer

Private commercial meteorologist are always under pressure to produce reasonably accurate forecasts for their clients and to stick to the best available science. If their models and work consistently produce false results, then it is not long before they find themselves looking for a new line of work. There’s no room for politics in their […]

Munich Re Report: Top 2014 Weather Catastrophe Losses Due To Cold-Related Events, “Record Harsh Winter”!

We keep hearing from alarmists that storms are becoming more violent and more frequent, and thus storm damage and deaths are rising – all because of man-made global WARMING. Unless we stop driving SUV’s, mankind in the future will be wiped out by global warming-precipitated bad weather. Hat-tip: DirkH. However, the world’s largest re-insurer (and […]

WeatherBell "Saturday Summary" Debunks 6 Climate Alarmism Falsehoods In Less Than 10 Minutes!

WeatherBell “Saturday Summary” Debunks 6 Climate Alarmism Falsehoods In Less Than 10 Minutes!

If you don’t have the truth, then some folks rely on lies and hope others will be fooled and stay so. Such is the case with global warming climate science. Almost every measure of global warming has stopped cooperating with the alarmists over the last 10 years. Now they have to make things up. At Weatherbell […]

Richard Lindzen In Mannheim, Germany Portrays IPCC Climate Models As Fudged…Extreme Weather Claims “Pure Propaganda”

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) has posted a video of Richard Lindzen’s presentation delivered at the 7th International Climate and Energy Conference in Mannheim, Germany in April. Overall Lindzen slams the IPCC models, claiming they act like they have everything all figured out, when in reality they do not. On ocean cycles […]

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: "Not Going To Have To Worry About The Arctic Ice"...Arctic Scare Melting Away!

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: “Not Going To Have To Worry About The Arctic Ice”…Arctic Scare Melting Away!

UPDATED: Joe has contacted me and I’ve added a correction concerning the AMO-hurricane connection, which I misinterpreted from the video. See his comment below after my post. ===================================== Veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi presents lots of interesting background information on hurricanes in his newest Saturday Summary, reminding viewers that they were much worse back in the […]

Models Wrong Again...Sea Ice Break-Up Caused In Large Part By Storm-Generated Oceanic Wave And Wind Dynamics!

Models Wrong Again…Sea Ice Break-Up Caused In Large Part By Storm-Generated Oceanic Wave And Wind Dynamics!

Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski has a fascinating piece on what likely causes most of the sea ice to break up. The Spiegel introduction: Sea ice is disappearing in the Arctic, around the Antarctic it is growing – today’s conventional climate models are unable to explain this contradiction. One effect has just been measured by […]

Rash Of Weather Extremes In 1936 …Before 15 Billion “Hiroshima Bombs Worth Of Heat” Were Added To Our Climate!

We keep hearing from alarmists that if we sacrifice by giving up carbon based fuels and bring atmospheric CO2 concentrations below 350 ppm, then we will get nice weather with far fewer extremes – like in the 1930s. Reader Jimbo however shows that this is all bogus. Now he has compiled a list of extreme […]

Wild And Lethal Weather Extremes Gripped The Planet…80 Years Ago When Atmospheric CO2 Was Well Under 350 ppm!

Wild and crazy weather extremes really are nothing new. I got the following compilation from reader Jimbo: ================================ Hi Pierre, Please consider putting up the following as a post. It concerns 1935 bad weather events. It’s intended to put things into perspective for younger folks. Below is a small selection of newspaper headlines from 1935 […]

Climate Superstition: Professor Robert Devoy Defies IPCC's Findings, Attributes Severe Weather To Humans!

Climate Superstition: Professor Robert Devoy Defies IPCC’s Findings, Attributes Severe Weather To Humans!

The Irish Examiner here reports that Robert Devoy, professor of physical geography at UCC, says the greater wind speeds and flooding in Ireland of the last few days are “what we would expect from a warming climate caused by the impact of humans”. However, he cites no substantial data to support that. In fact global data on […]

German Scientists: NOAA 2013 Hurricane Prediction Completely Missed The Barn…Not A Single Major Hurricane!

News of the NOAA’s miserable, failed 2013 hurricane prediction performance has spread to Europe. Dr. Sebastian Lüning’s and Prof Fritz Vahrenholt’s Die kalte Sonne site took a look at the results. They compare the official NOAA prognoses from May 23, 2013: NOAA predicts active 2013 Atlantic hurricane season – Era of high activity for Atlantic […]

Also Spiegel: Higher Storm Frequency Only In Models...Observations Show "No Increase In Storms In Last 150 Years"!

Also Spiegel: Higher Storm Frequency Only In Models…Observations Show “No Increase In Storms In Last 150 Years”!

Science journalist Axel Bojanowski of Spiegel comments on winter storm “Xaver” that pounded the north German coast yesterday, and on North Sea storms in general. No frequency increase in North Sea storms in 150 years. Photo by a U.S. Army helicopter, Netherlands flood 1953. Public domain photo. So are North Sea storms getting worse? Bojanowski […]