Deconstruction Of The Critical YouTube Response To Our 400+ 'Skeptical' Papers Compilation

Deconstruction Of The Critical YouTube Response To Our 400+ ‘Skeptical’ Papers Compilation

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email Below is a commentary addressing the YouTube response to the late October Breitbart headline that claimed the 400 papers (now 485) compiled here at NoTricksZone say that “Global Warming Is A Myth“. While the headline at Breitbart was presumably assembled for the expressed purpose of attracting readership (mission accomplished, if so), it will […]

New NoTricksZone Site!

New NoTricksZone Site!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWell, here it is! This is where I’ll be posting from now on. I started blogging on the 1st of April this year, thinking I’d maybe get a few dozen visitors per day. But these expectations have been far surpassed. Since April 1st I’ve gotten over 96,000 visitors on the old site, averaging almost 1000 […]

A White Washer

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailTaking it easy today. Thought this was kind of funny. I’m surprised the thing ran as long as it did. See man throw brick in the machine when on high-spin. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16AFYmZxIGw&hl=de_DE&fs=1] Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email

Projections for September sea ice minimum, made 2 days ago.

Arctic Sea Ice Level Projections Adjusted Upwards

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe July Arctic sea ice outlook for September is out. Click here. Here’s a graphic of the prediction made by 16 different institutes this month, now that they are all 30 days wiser. Now compare this to the projections made 30 days ago, late June. Then again, some are incapable of learning anything. Anyway, at […]

Duisburg Love Parade Disaster: Sceptics’ Warnings Were Dismissed

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email19 dead and up to 400 injured, many seriously.These are the latest gruesome numbers from yesterday’s Duisburg Love Parade, crowd-control disaster. It’s a classic case of what can go wrong when warnings are ignored or played down. City officials were warned that the location was seriously inadequate, but nobody wanted to be a party-pooper. Germany’s techno-music […]

Wanted: Readers As Guest Writers!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailReaders often provide good leads and write interesting comments. I’m sure some out there have interesting things to write. If you’re a reader at this blog and would like to post something here as a guest writer, then please send it in to me by e-mail. If it’s interesting enough I’ll post it here, with […]

Climatic Indicators – New Feature At This Website

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailCheck in every day to see what the planet is doing. I’ve permanently added a list of links which I call Climatic Indicators,  just under “Categories”, to the right, on this homepage. These are links to charts or graphs that give a snapshot of the earth’s conditions. They can allow you to put together your […]

Gate-Update – Next One On September 3

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailMany of you are aware that I compiled a list of climate scandals on May 20 (Gate Blowup) and an updated version on June 6 here.Rarely does a science give us so many scandals to write about. Indeed there’s quite an impressive cast of unseemly scientists and public figures out there who just keep the gate pipeline flowing. Thanks for […]

Robbed! Referee Hallucinates And Sees Infraction That Didn't Exist!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailhttp://newsfeed.time.com/2010/06/18/how-the-u-s-robbed-in-the-world-cup/ Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email

Obama's Green Dream Will Be America's Next Nightmare

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailEIKE has a piece today called Super Expensive Energy. It perhaps could serve as a reminder for President Obama, who thinks passing cap & trade and stopping reliance on fossil fuels will somehow plug the hole. My feeling is that Obama is using the oil disaster as a political instrument to drive through a […]

2 Months Of Blogging

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailI started this blog on April 1st. In April I got just over 8000 visits, and in May almost 28,000. Thanks readers!  I think I can allow myself a little indulgence of some sherry wood finish Glenmorangie to celebrate. I got a lot of help from Big Blog, i.e.  climatedepot, WUWT  and Bishop Hill. When these boys drop your name, you […]

Dennis, Born To Be Wild (1936 -2010)

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailStar in Easy Rider Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email

Pachauri And The Chicago Climate Exchange

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email Pachauri CCX advisory board member EIKE, the European Institute for Climate and Energy, a sponsor of the 4th ICCC in Chicago, has dug up a some information on the Chicago Climate Exchange CCX, where Maurice Strong and a host of other influential leftists are among its board members. When it comes to cap & […]

Ivar Giaever – On Winning The Big Prize

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailLast week I featured Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis: http://pgosselin.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/the-clergy-says/ Though not as eccentric as Mullis, Norwegian mechanical engineer Ivar Giaever describes how he won the Nobel Prize in physics. In the following video link, he tells what he feels is important to win a Nobel Prize. His tips: 1. Give talks, don’t be […]

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