Arctic Sea Ice Level Projections Adjusted Upwards

The July Arctic sea ice outlook for September is out. Click here.

Here’s a graphic of the prediction made by 16 different institutes this month, now that they are all 30 days wiser.

Now compare this to the projections made 30 days ago, late June.

Then again, some are incapable of learning anything. Anyway, at least five now concede that we may not even reach last year’s low. Strangely, after July’s slow melt, some have grown even more pessimistic.

Then again, optimism has never been a trait one finds in climate “science”. Who do you think will grab the headlines?

4 responses to “Arctic Sea Ice Level Projections Adjusted Upwards”

  1. Brian H

    Title error: It’s “Sea Ice Levels”, not “Sea Levels”.

  2. Brian H

    typo: I meant: ” “Sea Ice Level” not “Sea Level” “. Instead of “Levels”. Sorry!
    Reply: Thanks! That was a real blooper. I should have waited until this morning to have posted it.-PG

  3. DirkH

    One has to admire Wilson, whoever that is, for his/her doggedness.

  4. John Blake

    Constantly re-adjusting monthly “projections” mean that they are not projections at all. What we need is a baseline forecast from (say) end-March through end-September, with subsequent monthly data depicted in relation.

    Also, a multi-year historical reprise, aggregating April – September divergences from anomalies’ long-term average, would put the exercise in context and perspective. As retailers remark of seasonal sales, volume always rises over Christmas– the question in any given year is, by how much?

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